Celebrities You Never Knew Served in the Military! Some Could Be Recognized as National Heroes

Sam Elliott – Served as a National Guard

Sam Elliott is widely known for his stern reputation and excellent performances in many Western shows. Even today, his performances in various movies is beloved by many, earning him his own Hollywood stood. Before becoming a full-time actor, he was enlisted the army where he became a National Guard in California. While he was not close to filing bankruptcy, this position certainly helped a younger Elliott find a lucrative source of income while also serving his country. After getting discharged, he later starred in Kid and Butch Cassidy. His film accolades include The Hulk, Tombstone, We Were Soldiers and Gettysburg among other big titles.

Clint Eastwood – Acted as a Lifeguard

Everyone knows the iconic Clint Eastwood. Best recognized for his input and appearances in the most prominent Western films, Eastwood also served in the Korean War. No different from a lot of other young man in his generation, the actor was drafted and tasked to provide service to the country, which included acting as a lifeguard. After he was discharged, Clint Eastwood went on to star in a number of other blockbusters—even going on to directing some of the most iconic films during our time. An absolute legend in entertainment. He has certainly created incredible investments in Hollywood.

Tom Selleck – Joined the Infantry

Tom Selleck better known as Magnum PI served in the army for an impressive 6 years. From 1967 to 1973 he became part of the California National Guard in the 160th infantry regiment. Quite a fitting career for the actor! His service didn’t stop after he got honorably discharged from the army, however. Much like a few other veterans on our list, Tom Selleck has taken his investments, as well as many of his experiences to speak out for the Veterans for Vietnam Memorial Fund. He also regularly gives to charities. Needless to say, heroism really runs in the actor’s veins.

Sean Connery – Was in the Royal Navy

Sean Connery is, arguably, the most memorable James Bond to ever grace our screens. With his incredible accent and suave appearance, he commands respect and attention in every role he assumes. But, did you know that this legendary actor was in the Royal Navy at the young age of 16 years old? He served for 3 years but owing to poor health, had to leave the navy and pursue another career path. Working on his health and body, Sean soon became a model and actor. Fortunately, he did not have to start his career with outstanding student loans, a benefit of being in the military.

Bob Barker – Served in the US Navy

CBS’s Bob Barker is the beloved face and host of the popular game show, The Price is Right. Who wouldn’t recognize his voice? Before establishing his career, the presenter and actor was enlisted in the Navy before he pursued entertainment. This was after completing his Economics degree. It was 1943 that saw him become a Naval Aviation Cadet as he continued further studies at Drury College. His time in the military trained him in discipline and enabled him to travel extensively. After his service, Bob found his niche in hosting. His broadcasting and combined military career have contributed to an impressive $70 million net worth.

Pat Sajak – Radio DJ for the Armed Forces

Pat Sajak is a name with associate with broadcast entertainment. His decades long career is not only proof of his talent, but also of how well loved he is by his audience. He might be living a quieter life now, but did you know that he was once enlisted too? He joined the US Armed Forces where he worked as a DJ for the military radio station. He spent a brief period in Vietnam after which he came back home to focus on his entertainment career. Popular as a host on the Wheel of Fortune, he has developed a lucrative career and exceptional credit.

Alan Alda – Was Part of the US Army Reserve

Before establishing his career as an actor, director, and a comedian, Alan Alda graduated with a degree from college and then left for Fort Bening to join the army. It was here that he would spend a few months in training, learning all of the necessary skills needed for the military. After, he continued serving six more months for the US Army Reserve. Once he left the army, Alan pursued his artistic passions and continued to act. To his credit, the actor even won a prestigious award for his performance in the film The Aviator in 2004—proof that hard work really pays off.

Morgan Freeman – Became a Pilot for Fighter Planes

Morgan Freeman is one of those actors who always comes across as “the voice of reason,” and having been chosen to play God in Bruce Almighty, we are certainly not surprised. The actor has never been in the headlines for bankruptcy or celebrity scandals but was a qualified fighter pilot for the U.S. military. It was in 1955 that he joined the U.S Air Force. He became a radar tracking technician. He eventually left the military in 1959 feeling the pressures of sitting in planes that were major targets and went onto follow his dream and passion of becoming an actor.

Robert Fuller – Infantry Management

It was during the Korean War that Robert Fuller joined the US army. This was back in 1953 and Robert was required to serve in the army for 15 months. The actor was part of the 19th infantry and even received recognition for being the top Guard Mounts Soldier, three times in a row! When his army days came to an end, Robert began working on various Western inspired shows on television. His career wasn’t limited to the small screen, however. Fuller would further advance his investments with his big screen debuts including Teenage Thunder and Wagon Train—all quite successful during their run.

Chuck Norris – U.S. Air Force

Chuck Norris is best known for his action moves and his films. While most are familiar with Chuck Norris Memes and his impressive martial arts background, many don’t know that he was in the Military Air Force in 1958 in Korea. It was here that he developed his combat sport skills and earned a prestigious black belt before going home. One of his investments back in 1966 was the Tang Soo Do club in Korea, of which he became a grandmaster. Chuck still plays a major part in giving back to the military community through charitable donations and appearances among vets who have been hospitalized.

Kirk Douglas – Joined the US Navy

Kirk Douglas reached the milestone age of 100 in the year 2016. His career spans across more than 60 years and includes a military background. Kirk became a Navy lieutenant where he served in World War II. He also became a communications officer in Submarine Warfare. It was in 1944 that Kirk said goodbye to his Navy career and welcomed one in acting and entertainment. Kirk’s son and grandson continue his legacy with incredible talent, investments and industry recognition.

Arnold Schwarzenegger – Served in the Austrian Army

Arnold Schwarzenegger joined the military as this was legally required by the country for all men of a specific age group. While he was in the army, he continued to work out and entered a bodybuilding show without the permission of his commander. He did get punished for that and had to spend one week in prison, but it did spark a new passion for the sport and he soon became recognized for his high rankings in shows such as Mr. Universe. He must have a great financial advisor as he has managed to accumulate a net worth of $400 million.

Anthony Hopkins – Joined the British Army

Anthony Hopkins pursued his degree by studying at the Welsh College of Music and Drama in Cardiff. Some might think that it was straight to the stage for him, but at 15 years of age he joined the military and served there for two whole year! After being discharged, he then moved to London to follow his dream of becoming an actor. With a longstanding career, Anthony Hopkins continues to impress his audiences with his academy nominated performances. We’re sure, his time in the military taught him discipline when it comes to money management, ensuring he will never need personal loans in his life.

Tony Bennett – Served in the Infantry

Tony Bennett, just like a number of other actors on our list, was quite young when he enlisted. He was a mere18 years of age when he joined the US army. It was in 1944 that he joined the 63rd infantry division and spent time in France and Germany. He served his time on the front line in 1945 toward the end of the war. Although Bennett’s entertainment career only took off later in his life, he could still afford his insurance and similar payments. Bennett is best known for his hits: I left My Heart in San Francisco and Because of You.

Jeff Bridges – Joined the US Coast Guard Reserve

Whenever we hear his name, the image of a stoic yet sophisticated actor comes to mind. After all, he has portrayed many such characters during his time in the industry. Having built some incredible investments towards his work in movies, he has also received an academy award in 2009. With an incredible net worth of $70 million, he appeared in popular firms Iron Man and the last Picture Show. Before establishing his Hollywood reputation, however, the actor has had quite the colorful military history. Jeff Bridges comes from a prominent family and served in the US army for 7 years Coast Guard Reserve.

Willie Nelson – Joined the US Air Force

When we think of country music legends, Willie Nelson will always have a spot on the last. Not only has he created some of the most beloved songs from the genre, he is also an icon for many in music—regardless of the style. A man such as him doesn’t come without a colorful history, of course. Did you know that aside from working multiple jobs in his youth, Willie was also enlisted in the military at one point? In 1950, he was enlisted with the US Air Force. Despite a lucrative music career, his finances suffered again, and he had to seek credit advice.

Owen Wilson – New Mexico Military Institute

Owen Wilson is best known for his hilarious comedic roles—his films have been certified as blockbusters as well. From Wedding Crashers and Night at the Museum to his appearance in Meet the Fockers, who would have guessed he possesses a military background. Owen made it his mission to earn a degree and attended the University of Texas, Military Institute. Later he and his brothers decided to pursue their acting careers. Although Wilson is known to have a few lead ladies on his arm, he has become the father of three beautiful children. Owen Wilson is also worth an incredible $40 million.

Drew Carey – Reserve Corp

Who could have imagined that comedian Drew Carrey from Who’s Line is It Anyway would has actually served in the military? His military career started in 1981 and continued for 6 years where he served as a U.S. Marine Corps Reserve. It was at this time that he found a passion for making people laugh. He would perform impromptu stand-up shows while in the military and later visited U.S. military bases in Iraq to lighten up the atmosphere and boost morale. Today, Carrey is laughing all the way to the bank with all the investments created through his celebrity career.

Rachel Washburn – Joined the United States Army

We’ve seen a gun-toting Gal Gadot and know that women are just as capable as men when it comes to the military. But, can you imagine a cheerleader turning away from her glamorous life to serve the country? Rachel Washburn was a popular cheerleader for the Philadelphia Eagles and decided to do her part for her country by pursuing a military career. She spent two tours serving in Afghanistan and achieved a rank of Army Intelligence Officer. Rachel also worked hard to achieve gain her rank as the first lieutenant. Fortunately, Rachel has managed to look after her credit and has maintained much success.

Sunny Anderson – Was a Broadcaster for the Air Force and a Qualified Journalist

Sunny Anderson served as a broadcaster and a journalist for the US Air Force. A job that certainly fit the funny yet insightful hostess. We’re sure she brought a bit of humor into the workplace. It was after she graduated from high school when Sunny decided to join the military and this choice was the beginning of her adventures. During her army days, Sunny would travel across the globe and even earned the title of Senior Airman. In 1997 she was honorably discharged, eventually going on to host her own show. These days, she protects her investments by creating delicious meals on the Food Network.

Gal Gadot – Became a Combat Trainer

Best known for her roles as Superwoman and for her appearances in The Fast and the Furious Franchise, Gal Gadot is the epitome of an action hero. However, few people are aware that this isn’t just in films. Gal has served in real life too! The beautiful actress dedicated two years of her life to the Israeli Defense Force as a combat trainer. She took her fitness to new heights when she participated in an intense boot camp for 3 months. From her military background to her lucrative acting career, Gal Gadot best invests in a good financial advisor to protect her wealth.

Gene Hackman – Became a Marine

Legendary actor Gene Hackman was only 16 years of age when he enlisted with the marines. He lied about his age in order to do so and eventually, even managed to join the United States Marine Corps and served as a radio operator. He served in this duty for more than four years. Gene did not remain in the States during his service. He was based in China, Hawaii and then Japan. In the year 1951, he was honorably discharged from the Marines. His time following rules with strict discipline in the Marines must have taught him some impeccable money management skills.

Elvis Presley – Joined the Marines

Unbelievably, Elvis was first a musician before he joined the Marines. He had released to tracks that became instant hits and then was assigned to the U.S Army in 1958. Elvis first served at Fort Hood after which he was stationed in Germany, Friedberg. While working in the 3rd Armored Division, he met his beautiful wife, Priscilla Presley. In 1960, he received an honorable discharge. Elvis certainly needed a great financial advisor after moving from the military to becoming an international rock star!

James Earl Jones – Joined the Infantry

It was in 1953 that James Earl Jones earned the title of second in command Lieutenant during the height of the Korean War. Prior to this, the actor had pursued an education in the military and followed this up with the necessary training to become an army ranger for the U.S. Military. However, he was never able to complete the course. After  hos service, James Earl Jones did fulfill his potential by becoming a globally recognized actor with roles in Cry the Beloved Country, Star Wars and the Lion King. Today, he probably has multiple investments and a relaxed lifestyle.

Ice T – Joined the Infantry

You may recognize Ice T from his TV appearances in various shows, as well as his big screen projects. Some might even know that before being an actor, he was also a popular musician. Prior to giving fire rap performances, the actor and musician also served in the 25 Division Infantry in the U.S. military. He even went on to become the leader of his squad when was deployed to Hawaii. After learning some serious money management from his military training, he purchased turntables and music equipment. From here, he pursued his hip hop career and the rest is history.

Leonard Nimoy – Partook in the Army Reserves

Leonard Nimoy is best known for his role as Spock in the popular Star Trek franchise. Before his acting days, he was represented in the Army Reserves in the United States. He served for 18 months in the 1950s. Most of his military records were destroyed in a fire. Although he may have lost these documents with no recourse back then, we are sure he had invested in some good insurance to protect his assets during his time.

Montel Williams – Served as a Marine

Motivational speaker and host of his very own show, Montel Williams enlisted with the Marines in the US in 1974. It was in Guam that he became a cryptologic officer for naval intelligence. With the stresses that many members faced in the navy, Montel discovered his passion for counseling others. This is an important talent, one that he was able to put to good use during his time in service and outside of it as well. He became motivated to start his own talk show exploring various issues. Apart from his motivational talks, Montel would also serve as a great financial advisor!

Jimi Hendrix – Was in the Infantry

While you may not picture Jimi Hendrix as the quiet type who would stay at home working on his credit reports, many would not believe he would have joined the army either. Deemed quite the ‘bad boy’ Hendricks was caught in criminal activity and was forced to join the US army. It was in Kentucky where he completed his parachute training and joined the infantry. He injured his ankle in a parachute accident but his love for music is what he pursued after being discharged.

Bill Cosby – Served in the Navy

Bill Cosby was one of the greatest African American comedians from the United States. With his own TV series, The Cosby Show, his popularity skyrocketed. Many are unaware that Cosby also served in the US Navy. He was a hospital corpsman in 1956. His duties included assisting soldiers with physical therapy and dedicated four years of his life for his country. Unfortunately, Cosby’s recent scandals have tarnished his reputation. Even the best lawyer was not able to cover up his misgivings.

George Carlin – The US Airforce

Comedian George Carlin was a radar technician in Louisiana. The pursuit of a military career helps pay for his degree and education at a broadcasting college. Although he dedicated his time and experience in the military to his country, his heart was in entertainment. He left the army to become a famous comedian.

Robert Duvall – Served in the US Infantry

It was in 1953 that Robert Duvall joined the US infantry. Robert has enjoyed a lucrative career having earned his degree and theatre performances alongside Dustin Hoffman and Gene Hackman. During his military years, he became a private first class. Much like a few other actors on our list, he was enlisted during the Korean War as well. After getting discharged, however, Robert continued to pursue acting. As you might already know, he went on to appear in various films. He participated in the movie, The Judge with Robert Downey Jr. and was the oldest actor to be nominated for an Academy Award.

Dennis Franz – Served in the Infantry

It was through NYPD Blue, the popular television series, where actor Dennis Franz shot to fame. Did you know that he isn’t just a crime fighter and justice seeker on television? Prior to appearing in the cult favorite, Dennis also served during the Vietnam War for the 82nd and the 101st divisions in the airborne military infantry. Although Dennis has been reported as saying that his time in the military changed him quite negatively, continuing that he lost his youth as consequence of enlisting, his time there combined with his acting career has certainly helped his finances to prevent bankruptcy.

Harvey Keitel – Served in the Marines

Harvey Keitel enlisted with the US Marines at the tender age of 16 years. During the operation Blue Bat, he was transferred to Lebanon. He believes that his army days took him on a spiritual path providing him the means to protect those who could not save themselves. Quite a different perspective from others and one that has certainly served him well personally, as well as during his lengthy career. In Hollywood, discipline and passion are considered important assets. Since his discharge, Harvey has appeared on many shows and films and must have had many investments since his time in the army.

Adam Driver – Enlisted with the Marines

These days, we know him best as a versatile young actor who could be cast in just about genre one can think of. He has done comedy, serious drama, and even fantasy adventure. But, who could have imagined that Adam Driver would have enlisted with the Marines just after 9/11? He came out of the Marines with a sense of dedication and responsibility. He went as far as wanting to redo his audition for Julliard after his military career. Today, he is best known Kylo Ren—among other memorable roles. We wish him every success to pursue his future degree in his field of study.

Mickey Rooney – Joined the Troops

Mickey Rooney was in show business for an impressive 9 decades. He is one of the few popular actors who already achieved fame before he was enlisted in the army. Rooney served for two years in the military in the early 1940s. His entertainment qualities did not go unnoticed as he earned a bronze star for keeping up the spirits of his troops. Rooney may not have earned a degree but certainly made his mark in the film industry.

Jimmy Stewart – The Air Corps

It was in the year 1940 that Jimmy Stewart joined the Air Corps. It was in 1941 that he achieved a successful assignment as he was considered too underweight for the position. After gaining weight, he remained in the Air Corps until 1968. Stewart suffered from post-traumatic stress upon the loss of 130 soldiers including friends and the killing of civilians. These feelings were expressed in his movie, It’s a Wonderful Life. We are sure this actor also invested in great insurance to protect his wealth.

Sidney Poitier – Became a Military Medical Attendant

Lilies of the Field is the iconic movie in which Sidney Poitier’s career shot to fame. However, few people are privy to the fact that this incredible he actor once joined the US army. He was only 16 years old at the time and even had to lie about his age to gain entry into the military. He was a medical attendant for a hospital but soon became fed up at being controlled. He branched out by faking insanity to leave the military and sought an acting career. At least his career in the military may have helped his money management responsibilities.

Jerry Garcia – Joined the Infantry

Jerry Garcia joined the army during his later teen years before he became popularly known for his band, The Grateful Dead. The military was not something that Garcia particularly excelled in as he only served a 9-month period. It was a ruling of poor conduct that resulted in Garcia leaving the military. We hope he managed to save some money during that time he could use toward investments.

Paul Newman – Joined the Navy US

Paul Newman became an incredibly popular actor and a winner of the coveted Oscar. Although he started his career wishing to be an Airforce Pilot for the army, he soon discovered that he was colorblind and this venture was not meant to be. He did, however, serve two years as a radioman and a gunner for the United States Navy. Paul Newman certainly did not have to worry about bankruptcy or financial matters with his success in the army and his film career.

Rob Riggle – Served in the US Marines

Rob Riggle is best known for leaving his audiences in stitches. His comedic roles in 21 and 22 Jumpstreet gave the shows fans some memorable and rather questionable moments—all in good fun, of course. However, the funny man we see on TV is certainly far from how things were when he was still back in the Marines. After all, these guys are known for being tough and highly disciplined—the training for which is no joke. Rob served as the lieutenant colonel during his military career. Quite impressive and surely, he has developed significant investments based on his lucrative background.

Johnny Carson – Served in the Navy

John Carson is recognized as a comedian and a TV host however, he also served in the military, specifically the Navy in 1943. He was an apprentice shipman and became a middle Shipman as he progressed. He served in USS Pennsylvania in the Pacific Ocean, While Carson never had the opportunity to pursue his degree, he did entertain felly navy seals while encrypting coded messages.

Mr. T – Served as a Military Policeman

Who can forget BA Baracus or Mr. T from the A-Team! BA was quite an intimidating character in the popular television series, but Mr. T really did serve in the Military Police Corps and was recognized as a top trainee in his cycle. No wonder, he’s certainly got the right attitude for the job! Well—not always. There was a time when he, as a form of military punishment, he had to chop down trees using only his hands. When he was called back, he had cut down approximately 70 trees! Strength and discipline—his main investments when it comes to his craft, after all.

Mel Brookes – Part of the Combat Engineers

Mel Brookes never suffered bankruptcy or hit the tabloids for any scandals and we can, perhaps, attribute this to the discipline he learned while he was in the military. Did you know that the comedian and actor were highly trained in defusing the German mines? These are skills he put to good use during the Second World War and the Battle of Baluge. In 1944 he had hoped to pursue an academic degree while attending college but got drafted into the army instead. Once he completed his training, he became an 1104 Engineer Combat Battalion Corporal. He later became an actor, with a 70-year career.

Don Rickles – Joined the Navy

Don Rickles is a popular comedian but also served his time in the US Navy. Once he completed high school in 1941, he went onto serve as a professional seaman for the torpedo boat tender USS Cyrene for 5 years. In 1946 he was honorably discharged. Despite Rickles having passed in 2017 owing to kidney failure, by the age of 90 years, he had the chance to continue his studies in entertainment and became a famous comedian. His investments are to the value of $30 million as determined by his will and testament.

Kris Kristofferson – Was in the Air Force

The multi-talented singer and actor Kris Kristofferson joined the US army in 1960. This particular entry isn’t that surprising, after all, he does come from a military family. Fortunately for Kris he managed to complete his English Literature Degree and was able to obtain this before beginning his time in the military. He trained at ranger school and gained experience as a pilot, eventually becoming a captain. His time with the army didn’t last long, however. Kris later left to follow his music dreams. Kris has had a very lucrative career despite his parents disowning him upon leaving the military.

John Coltrane – Served in the Navy

John Coltrane was an exceptional Jazz saxophonist for his time. Upon joining the Navy, the US had dropped an atomic bomb on Hiroshima in 1945. He served at Pearl Harbor upon completion of his training. While his naval duties involved security or duties in the kitchen, he also served in a band to entertain the local military. In 1967 he continued to build his career but passed from liver cancer and left his investments to his family.

Johnny Cash – Represented the Airforce

Johnny Cash passed more than 15 years ago but his music and his investments remain alive today. The popularity of Cash’s music help him avoid bankruptcy and financial difficulties but in 1950 he became part of the US Airforce where he received standard training in San Antonio. At the same time, cash decided to start his own band. In 1954 he received an honorable discharge but never forgot about his love for music. He recorded his first song in 1954.

Ernest Hemmingway – Was an Ambulance Driver

Ernest Hemmingway is known as a Nobel peace prize winner and an incredible author. In World War I, he became part of the Red Cross Ambulance when he turned 18 years of age. Hemmingway would often serve the soldiers sweets or sell cigarettes but suffered an accident while on duty. Although he only served for 2 months, the accident ended his army career. He spent 6 months recovering in hospital. It was in 1961 that Hemmingway committed suicide. He had suffered depression during his time. His investments totaled $1.4 million upon his passing.

James Stewart – Served in the Air Force

As an astounding Hollywood actor. James Stewart was best known for his acting roles and not for problems such as bankruptcy or any type of poor media appearances. In the infantry, Stewart pursued the goal of becoming a pilot. At the age of 30 years, he received a piloting license that he would later use in the US army. He became a Brigadier General but his career in the military was cut short as he was too underweight. Stewart returned to the army in 1941 and served until the late 1960s.

Henry Fonda – Joined the Navy

Henry Fonda was already an established actor when he decided to do his part for his country by enlisting with the army. The star became part of the US Navy in World War II where he earned a bronze star and the honor of a presidential citation. He had the good fortune of resuming his acting career. Henry Fonda’s life was not without misgivings. He had to rely on his lawyer when going through a difficult divorce and experienced four marriages. He was diagnosed with prostate cancer but died from a heart attack at the age of 82.

Ernest Borgnine – Joined the Navy

Ernest Borgnine was a prominent actor best known for his role in Marty that earned him an academy award. Although he enjoyed a 65-year acting career, he did join the Navy in the US. Borgnine was a seaman apprentice. After dedicating six years of his life to the Navy, he was discharged only to return in 1942 and retire in 1945. Ernest Borgnine served an incredible ten years in the Navy. He passed in 2012 having earned multiple military awards during his time in the Navy. We hope his investments were treated with the care and respect deserved after his significant contributions.

Glen Miller – Was Part of the Air Force

Glen Miller was an exceptional artist who rose to fame in the early 1930s to 1940s. When Miller had achieved a significant fan following and hit an all-time high in his career, he made the decision to enlist with the US army. He wanted to join the Navy, but his age was against him. Later, he managed to join the Air force. Miller also went as far as establishing his own army band that consisted of a 50-piece orchestra. He managed to provide soldiers much-needed entertainment and performed 800 shows. Sadly, Glen Miller lost his life, his career and years of dedicated investments when his plane crashed on his way to a performance in 1944.

Clark Gable – Represented in the Air Force

Clark Gable became a lead Hollywood actor owing to his great looks and stage training that contributed to a successful career. He is most well-known for his role in Gone with the Wind. His personal life was not without drama and included constant visits to his lawyer to manage his two divorces. Carole Lombard was his last wife who died tragically in a plane crash when on her way to visit a war rally. It was this that motivated Clark to join the army. His enlisting with the air force saw him cover many battled before retiring in 1944.

Bea Arthur – Was a Typist for the US Army and a Truck Driver

Actress Bea Arthur was often the voice of reason in the popular sitcom The Golden Girls with an all-female cast. Many would be surprised to discover that Bea Arthur enlisted with the army at the age of 21. In 1943, she managed to remain with the army for an incredible 30-month period where she dedicated her time to be a typist and a truck driver. Having accumulated considerable investments of up to $8 million, Bea Arthur was honorably discharged and passed away in 2009.

Ted Williams – Became a Fighter Pilot

Prominent baseball players are protected by their financial advisor and publicists. This is owed to the large money and fame involved in the sport. Ted Williams is widely known for his success as a baseball athlete. It was in 1942 that he decided to enlist with the army. At the same time, World War II was initiated. He served in the Reserve Aviation Unit for approximately four years before being discharged. He decided to re-join the army in the early 1950s when the war in Korea was rife. During his army time, Ted Williams was remembered for his awards and an extensive number of military missions he partook in.

Douglas Fairbanks Jnr. – Joined the Navy

As early as 1936, Douglas Fairbanks had developed incredible investments and wealth owing to his acting career. In the year 1941, he was assigned to become part of the special envoy as issued by President Roosevelt. It was at this time that the US was entering World War II. Fairbanks became an integral figure during his military career as he learned important combat skills during his observations of British soldier training. He contributed to exceptional psychological warfare and retired as a captain.

Kurt Vonnegut – Was a Part of the Infantry

Kurt Vonnegut is a world-famous author who developed the novel, The Slaughterhouse Five according to his own experiences in the army. He attended Cornwell University where he managed to complete his degree before he was enlisted in the army. In 1943, the novelist was active in the Battle of Bulge. Unfortunately, he became imprisoned in 1944. After around a year, he managed to return to the US and resume his duties.

Steve McQueen – Drove Tanks for the Marine Corps

Steve McQueen was a prominent actor, but he had to always have a good lawyer on his side as he divorced twice and suffered many legal issues. To curb his troublesome ways, he enlisted with the military in 1947. The King of Cool served in the Marine Corps where he earned a Private First Class title. Unfortunately, his devious ways caught up with him and he lost his military title. He passed away in 1980 but was remembered for his fast response having rescued fellow soldiers from a tank.

Rock Hudson – Entered the US Navy

Once Rock Hudson had completed his high school education, he made the decision to join the US Navy. In 1943 his military career began and he was enlisted during World War II. He was trained as an airplane mechanic and managed to build his investments with his military income and his occasional acting job. It was his appearance on Pillow Talk and similar features that contributed to his fame in the 1950s to 1960s. He died at age 59 owing to the complications of HIV in 1985.

James Garner – US Infantry

James Garner was well recognized for his acting, producing and voice-over capabilities. He became a Merchant Marine in the US at 16 years of age. His chronic sea sickness led to his enlisting with the Army National Guard in California. He fought in the Korean war for one year and two months during which he suffered injuries. He obtained a Purple Heart award for his first injury and more than 30 years later his second award. While Garner enjoyed much of his entertainment career; having the best insurance and building his empire, he passed in July 2014 due to a heart attack.

Yogi Berra – Joined the US Navy

Yogi Berra is a name people remember for his exceptional baseball skills. Recognized as the best catcher there ever was, he had also spent some time in the Army. It was during World War II that he became part of the US Navy. He served as a gunners mate when approaching the D-Day invasion that happened in France. In 1946 he joined the Yankees and his military career was long behind him. He passed from natural causes at the astonishing age of 90 years. In 2015, former president Barack Obama issued a Presidential Medal of Freedom that we sure hope his family is respecting along with his investments.

Marvin Gaye – US Air Force

It was during the 1960s that Marvin Gaye was most commonly recognized. He decided to leave high school at only 17 years of age and joined the army instead. He was assigned as a basic airman and this involved some tedious work. The musician strongly disliked this and pretended to suffer mental illness to be discharged and pursue his music career. Marvin Gaye may have been disappointed he never completed high school and the chance to secure a degree.

Clifton James – Joined the US Army

The veteran actor Clifton James became part of the infantry platoon during World War II. He dedicated more than 40 months of his life to the US army. In 1945 he left the army but not without his medals including Purple Hearts, a Silver and a bronze star. He is best known for his roles in Golden Gun and Silver Streak He must have spoken to a financial advisor to ensure his assets remained protected. He passed around his 96th birthday owing to diabetes complications.

Josephine Baker – Part of the French Resistance

Born in the States, Josephine Baker became part of the French Resistance. She served during World War II and became an honorable consultant.  She proceeded to adopt 12 children during her lifetime, so she had to have a good lawyer. At the age of 68, she passed at age 75 years.

Charleton Heston – US Air Force

With a career spanning across 60 years, Charleton Heston played significant roles in classic films. From Moses in the Ten Commandments to Ben Hur, he paved the way for many prominent actors today. The year 1944 was the start of his military career. He served as an aerial gunner and broadcaster, working his way up to the rank of sergeant. Charleton married his sweetheart, Lydia who was studying for her degree at the Northern University. He remained with her till his passing in 2008. It was ten years after his death that Lydia would pass in September.

Henry Kissinger – Part of the US Army

Henry Kissinger became an American statesman and fled from Germany to seek refuge in the United States. After his move in 1938, he managed to pursue his degree at the City College of New York. In 1943, he was drafted into the US army. While he was meant to study engineering, his path would change yet again, and he was sent to the 84th infantry. He worked his way up to become a CIC agent where he managed his very own team in Hanover. Henry became a teacher at the Command Intelligence School in Europe. He possesses an incredible net worth of $20 million and only two years ago in 2017, he had the chance to meet Donald Trump.

Alec Guinness – Was Part of the Royal Navy

Alec Guinness is an English actor who has won a multitude of awards during his career. His military career started during World War II where he was drafted as a seaman and then as a sub-lieutenant. While serving for the Navy, he received a pass to partake in a play, Flare Path. Alec is best known for his appearances in films such as Oliver Twist and Great Expectations. He certainly had to invest in the best insurance after his experiences in the war. It was only four years after retiring that he passed in the year 2000.

Sammy Davis Jnr. – Represented in the US Infantry

A man of many talents, Sammy Davis Jr. is known for his musical talents, acting and comedic abilities. Davis had joined the US army in the hopes of curbing racist attitudes. He was part of Special Services and joined during World War II. Once he had completed his army time, he joined Frank Sinatra and a few other members to become the Rat Pack. With all his entertainment ventures, he managed to avoid bankruptcy and enjoy his time on stage. He did develop throat cancer in the late 1980s and was considered a chronic smoker. Only 2 months after having surgery he passed in the year 1990 and left all his assets to his wife Altovise Davis.

Humphrey Bogart – Joined the US Navy

As early as 1918, Bogart was enlisted to the United States Navy. Having been kicked out of school, he thought the military was his next best bet. He always donned a scar on the top of his lip that was rumored to have occurred in war but was described as a childhood accident by the actor. Bogart learned that his family fell on tough times when his father had pursued bad investment planning. He acted in movies such as The Big Sleep and Casablanca. Bogart passed in 1957 owing to cancer of the throat.

Carl Reiner – Joined the US Air Force

Carl Reiner first shot to fame when he appeared on the Dick Van Dyke Show and had appearances in the Oceans film series. While his acting career took off in the 1960s, it was the early 1940s that saw him drafted into the army. He managed to achieve a high corporal rank before he left. He developed his investments by entertaining the local troops and performing at theaters. Carl is still active and ensuring he makes his mark in the entertainment business. He even served as a voice-over artist for a kid’s film, Duck, Duck Goose and released his autobiography at 96 years of age.

Burt Lancaster – Served in the US Army

Burt Lancaster decided to leave university to become part of the kay Brothers Circus. In 1942, he joined the US Army where he was required to follow the troops. He also decided to entertain many soldiers while on base. He was ranked in the 21st Special Services Division. Fortunately, he accumulated immense wealth and success with his acting career. He earned an Oscar for Elmer Gantry in the 1960s despite being nominated four times. At least he got to pursue his dreams and financial success. He could definitely afford those student loans! He passed from a heart attack in 1990.

Prince Harry – Joined the Air Army Corps and Household Cavalry

Prince Harry and Prince William both decided to honor their country by joining the British Army. His training for the military was completed at the Royal Military Academy and went onto serve at the Household Cavalry. He wanted to pursue his goal of being deployed to serve in Iraq but owing to his status would become a very valuable target and be prevented from doing so. He did, however, go to Afghanistan and in 2015 left the army. Harry and Megan Markle wed to become the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. The beautiful couple is sure to build their future investments together.

Prince William – Air Army Corps and the Royal Navy

Prince William is the oldest brother of the Royal family and with that comes many different responsibilities, including those for the country. In 2006, he first began studying and training at the Military Academy in Sandhurst. This is where he also received about 44 weeks of training—all of which is necessary for his time with the corps. During his time, William also successfully became a pilot after studying at the Royal Air Force College. He eventually wed Kate Middleton to become the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. With incredible investments, we are sure the couple possesses an incredible net worth.

Prince Charles – Joined the Royal Navy and Air Army Corps

Prince Charles is the father of Prince Harry and Prince William. He has also served as the Prince of Wales for an exceptionally long period. Prince Charles maintained the family tradition by serving the Royal Navy and the Air Army Corps. He started his career by enlisting with the Royal Navy Academy. He also trained as a fighter jet pilot. In 1994, he crashed one of his planes, the Bae 146 and decided to give up on his pilot days. Having created incredible wealth and investments, he has since remarried and is celebrating a new life with bride Camilla and his grandchildren.

Tony Curtis – US NAVY

Once the attack on Pearl Harbor had occurred, Tony Curtis decided to fight for his country and became part of the US Navy. He represented the Pacific Submarine Force and then pursued his degree at the City College of New York where he also pursued acting. The 1950s and the 1960s were the most popular years where his roles in movies such as Defiant Ones and Sweet Smell of Success. He sadly contracted pneumonia which left him wheelchair bound and suffered cardiac arrest in 2010.

JD Salinger – Joined the United States Army

JD Salinger was a prominent author who is best known for his production, Catcher in the Rye. Unfortunately, he turned down multiple film rights deals for his book despite suffering a lack of credit. He did have a career in the army as the US entered the Second World War. He played a significant role at the Battle of Bulge and the Battle of Hurtgen Forest.

Gene Wilder – Presented the United States Army

The original Willy Wonka in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory was assigned to the US army in 1956. He had been partaking in classes at HB Studio and served as a paramedic during his military time. Gene Wilder left the army after which he continued to study and had to live on cash loans for some time before he made it big in Hollywood. Gene Wilder is an iconic comedian who writes many popular books. He passed in 2016 leaving a legacy behind him.

Oliver Stone – Joined the US Infantry

We know and love him best for some of the most iconic films, as well as stories, that he has penned. After all, Oliver Stone is the brains behind the classic films, Scarface and Platoon. Before he became a major Hollywood director, however, he was enlisted in the military and was serving his country. Oliver was assigned to the US infantry in 1967 and was discharged a year later. During his time with the infantry, he did manage to earn a bronze medal and a Purple Heart for his services. Today, he developed plenty of investments based on the success of his entertainment career.

George W Bush – Became a National Guard US ARMY

George W. Bush became a national guard for the US Army in 1968. The 43rd president dedicated a few years to the army and finished up in 1972. While he did achieve certification as a pilot, he was prevented against flying because he did not arrive for a mandatory physical examination. George Bush possesses many investments including the Texas Ranger Baseball franchise. He has also been caught in many questionable interactions over the years.

Audie Murphy – Joined the United States Army

Audie Murphy served his country well and became a prominent combat soldier upon joining the US army. He altered the information on his identity documentation so he could become part of the force after the Pearl Harbor attack. When he was denied by the Marines and the Navy, he joined the army. He developed a rewarding acting career after serving in the army and achieving many medals. He did not suffer in his credit, but he did suffer some post-traumatic stress after his military career.

Robin Quivers – Joined the United States Air Force

At 67 years old, most people associate with Robin with her work in radio, as an actress, and even her published books. Of course, she is best known as the co-host of the long running Howard Stern Show. Before stepping into these roles, however, Robin Quivers first pursued her academic success— earning a nursing degree. She later left to join the United States Air Force. Quivers, during her time in service, achieved her rank as the second lieutenant and left the air force in 1990. Despite suffering from a tumor, the mighty Robin Quivers received surgery and continued on presenting up until today.

James Blunt – Army Lifeguards

Who can forget James Blunt’s heartbreakingly beautiful songs? The singer-songwriter rose to fame after his debut, making the world fall in love with his soulful yet quirky personality in the process. It is no secret that he served in the military prior to becoming a chart-topper. He received a military scholarship where he served at least four years in the army. He was registered at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst and decided to act as a lifeguard. He also gained experience through volunteering as he deployed with NATO. James is still making music today and we’re sure, he’s also enjoying the fruits of his investments.

Shaggy – Served in the US Marines

Jamaican born DJ Shaggy joined the US Marines in 1988. He may not look like it, given his laidback attitude, but he was certainly active during his time in service. Shaggy played his part in the Persian Gulf War where he was part of the Field Artillery Battery. While Shaggy had worked up to lance corporal, he was demoted on two occasions. The Bombastic singer decided to develop his musical talents and abilities while in the marines. In 1993, the hit track Oh Carolina was released. While Shaggy is not too predominant on the music scene today, he has accumulated multiple investments.

Charles Bronson – Was Part of the US Air Force

Tough guy Charles Bronson began his acting career in the early 1950s. He is mostly remembered for his role in Once Upon a Time in the West. He joined the US Air Force where he partook in combat activity during World War II. He acted like a trained combat pilot and was awarded the Purple Heart for his services. Bronson died at age 83 years however, developed multiple investments and an acting legacy along the way.

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