These Celebrity Couples With Huge Age Gaps Have Proven That Age Is Just A Number


Any time someone mentions age differences, the story of Hugh Jackman readily comes to mind. He is 13 years younger than his wife, Deborra. Both of them hooked up with each other on the set of a TV show, and they found themselves irresistible. Eventually, these lovebirds consummated their marriage in 1996, and since then, they have lived together happily.

No doubt, this couple does not require marriage counseling as they have never experienced any hitch in their relationship. Despite the fact that Deborra had miscarriages on two occasions, Jackman has always stood by her. Today, they have two adopted kids who have always been a source of joy to them. This is a lovely couple who has weathered the storm of all manner of stereotypes! They are well-to-do, and on no occasion have they had any need to obtain payday loans!


This is a couple that is destined to be together for the rest of their lives. The lovebirds met while filming the movie titled, The Light Between Oceans. These spouses of Hollywood A-listers are in a more serious relationship than the majority of Hollywood actors, and it is important to note that Michael has acted in some of the movies that are globally adjudged the best.

When they met, they discovered that there existed a spark between them, and without wasting time, they got hitched to each other. When these spouses tied the knot, the internet was a wash with the news of their wedlock and ever since this couple has been enjoying marital bliss. We pray that they sustain the tempo and sincerely hope that they never see any need to hire a divorce lawyer. They are well-to-do and will have nothing to do with a bankruptcy attorney.


Willem Dafoe is famous for The Florida Project, and also for his latest movie At Eternity’s Gate, which earned him an Oscar nomination. While his fans applaud him, it is essential to note that he has been leading a remarkable life, and his credit cards have always been well-loaded. Dafoe found his better half in the Italian actress and director Giada Colagrande, and it is apparent that the couple is in marital bliss.

In the said interview, Willem first knew Gia because he kept on seeing her in some films, and then, later on, they met on the streets of Rome. One thing led to another, and they ended up getting married on March 25, 2005. Notwithstanding the age difference of 19 years, the lovebirds have a fantastic relationship, and we sincerely hope that they sustain the tempo and always solve their differences without having the need to involve an attorney in the future.


In the 1960s, the career of Dick Van Dyke witnessed a series of activities. Perhaps he became famous for the role he played in the sitcom The Dick Van Dyke Show. It might interest you to know that the woman she is currently married to, Arlene Silver, was yet to be born at that time when he came to the limelight, and when his first marriage hit the rock in 1984, the woman was just a toddler!

The age difference of 46 years has never been a cog in the wheel of the relationship of these lovebirds. Arlene, who happens to be a makeup artist, met Van Dyke in the course of the SAG Award ceremony, and they got attracted to each other. The couple tied the knot in 2012 and has since been leading a life that is worthy of emulation. The couple has been the toast of insurance companies. The 95-year-old Van Dyke is ever looking fit and fine, and we always wonder whether his healthy lifestyle or the inner peace and happiness that he has is responsible for his youthfulness year in and year out.


A live wire of One Direction Liam Payne took many by surprise when they got wind of him dating singer-cum-musician Cheryl Cole. This couple met in 2009, at the time they were active participants in X-Factor. The age difference of 10 years was by no means a stumbling block to their relationship. They had their first child a few years ago, and they are going on well in the absence of the obligations involved in marriage. Despite this peculiar relationship, there has never been any occasion when they had to call an attorney to have any issue resolved.

As they are entitled to their own personal preferences, we are of the opinion that they should carry on with this lifestyle if they find it suitable! Clearly, this couple dearly loves each other without the need of a validation from marriage. A strong bond and love between Cheryl and Liam as well as their one and only child is enough of a testament to their relationship.


Nowadays, where relationships easily hit the rock, and couples often pass messages across to each other through their personal attorneys, stable relationships are not easy to come by. The age difference of 10 years notwithstanding, actress Nikki Reed and Ian Somerhalder have had marital bliss for four good years already and joyfully blessed with a daughter. While Nikki came to the limelight through the agency of the Twilight saga, Ian got his popularity from starring in The Vampire Diaries.

It is very apparent that luck smiled onto both of them in their professional careers, and they have a lot of achievements to their credit. Thanks to those supernatural shows for thrusting them into the same Hollywood circle! The couple first confirmed their engagement in February 2015 and then tied a knot on April 26, 2015. Today, it is safe to assume that they are happily living a comfortable life and are working on their little family.


Holland Taylor and Sarah Paulson are an inseparable pair. While Holland is 77, Sarah is 45, so they have an age difference of 32 years. They decided to make their relationship public in 2015 and, since then, their relationship has been stronger than ever. The couple has been dating for almost five years, but are you wondering how they came to be? Just a fun fact: they both met each other at a party until they find their way to love. You have probably heard of Holland for starring in the TV shows, The Practice as well as Two and A Half Men, and movies such as Legally Blonde, George of The Jungle, and One Fine Day.

Sarah, meanwhile, became famous through the TV film, Path To War and the ever-popular TV series, American Horror Story. With their combined earnings, both actresses probably get by enough to make them happy for the rest of their lives. It goes without saying that they will probably never worry about money in the future even if they spend it lavishly on different wants or even investments.


Being the cast member of Saturday Night Live and movies such as The Nutty Professor, Beverly Hills Cop Series, 48 Hours, and lots more, has made Eddie Murphy very famous. Notwithstanding his brilliant career in Hollywood, his personal life appears to be unstable. He has ten children to his name, and his long-time partner model, Paige Butcher, gave birth to a second child for him in 2018.

He has been going out with Paige since 2012. Although the lovebirds are yet to get hitched, they have both enjoy a wonderful relationship together, not minding the wide age gap existing between them. Although Murphy has garnered a lot of wealth through hard work, it may not be easy to provide for all ten children. We are not sure whether Murphy has other forms of investment that will make him very comfortable in the future.


It is undeniable that the ace actor Harrison Ford has sufficient wealth and an astonishing career he can be proud of. To say the least, he has insurance for everything. Something very important, however, was lacking in his life before— and that was a sweetheart, who eventually landed before him in the person of Calista Flockhart.

At present, the Ally McBeal star is 56, whereas her better half is 78. Before they tied the knot, they had dated each other for eight good years. That courtship was long enough to put their union on a solid footing! The attractive pictures that they display on social media indicate the great love they have for each other through the years, and it is our prayer that they sustain the pace forever. Despite voicing out their relationship in public, they still know how to handle each other’s strengths and weaknesses with or without the limelight.


Ronnie Wood, who happened to be the singer for the Rolling Stones and Faces as well as the Jeff Beck Group, has had a very successful solo career. In case you’re wondering, Now Look, I Now Have My Own Album and I Feel Like Playing are some of his renowned albums. This star had been married on three occasions, but he had to hire lawyers for the separation over the first two marriages.

Over time, the rock star has found love once again through Sally Humphreys. After years of being in a relationship, this couple can definitely that they’ve found not only a partner, but a soulmate, in each other. Even though they have a 31-year gap, Ronnie and Sally still believe in the power of their love. We just hope for the male rock star’s sake that he gets it right this time! Sally seems to exert a positive influence on the music icon, who has generated a lot of controversies in recent years.


As a veteran actor and highly respected director of Hollywood, Mel Gibson has very attractive looks and an excellent physique. The aforementioned qualities explain why at 64 years old, the 29-year-old Rosalind Ross, a stunner and writer, considered him the best fit for her! Gibson is already a proud father of nine children, and we wonder if he has it in mind to have more. Although there has been no news regarding Gibson’s leading Ross to the altar, they seem to be very happy!

Whether they do decide on a big wedding or a small wedding, what’s more important is the unconditional love that this lovely couple share. Regarding their knowledge in handling financial matters, we doubt that the pair would need cash loans even if they want to spend an excessive amount on their dates, future house, wedding festivities, or anything they want to do for the rest of their shared lives.


Actor and musician Jamie Foxx and actress Katie Holmes are both ready to catapult their relationship to greater heights. At last, they have publicized their relationship. This occurred six years after they were seen together in 2013. Never have they allowed their age gap to be an obstacle to a blissful relationship, and no doubt they are head over heels in love with each other. Authoritative sources have hinted that following a botched relationship, which she had with actor Tom Cruise, she was in search of a man she could trust, and she eventually found Jamie.

The lovebirds were sighted last year, playing baseball in Calabasason Valentine’s Day. Although they have their individual lives, they have unalloyed faith in each other! We wonder how soon they will tie the knot. Also, we are not sure whether there will be a prenuptial agreement between them. At present, it is very apparent they are perfect matches for each other. The couple is well-to-do, and their credit score is enviable.


Comedian Dane Cook and actress Kelsi Taylor have been a happy couple for the past two decades. Their age gap of 26 years is apparent, but more so is their love for each other. Down the road, Dane decided to make it public that he is head over heels in love with Kelsi, and he also added that he wants to do everything within his power to marry her. People have raised their curiosity and, we can’t wait to see Kelsi wearing her wedding dress as they plan out their dream wedding!

Even though Dane looks much older than Kelsi, we have the impression that he uses a portion of his riches to make investments in rejuvenating himself so that if eventually, their relationship leads to the altar someday, he will look as radiant as Kelsi herself. We can’t help but hope for happy things to continue to happen for the loved-up couple.


Randy Jackson is a very popular musician who doubles as one of the judges of American Idol. Besides these, he is a popular TV personality as well as an entrepreneur. He has a Grammy to his credit as a producer. He has great talent and uncommon versatility! He is a guru at investment planning. At a recent time, he was sighted moving around with a woman that is much younger than him.

Unauthoritative sources have revealed that the lady is three decades and five years younger than him, and her name is Simone. Her last name is yet to be made public, but the information we heard has revealed that she is a promising musician. Inadvertently, Jackson recently had an estranged relationship with his wife, and both gave directives to their personal attorneys to terminate their marriage. We are very glad that the love life of Jackson has finally taken a turn for the better.


Rami Malek is now a household name, courtesy of his outstanding performance in the biographical film Bohemian Rhapsody, which was predicated on the life of Freddie Mercury, the lead singer of the legendary band Queen. Malek and Lucy Boynton met each other on the set of the aforementioned movie. There, Boynton played Malek’s love interest, and probably, the spark they had on-screen could not be ignored— so much so that it ended up in a real-life whirlwind romance.

It is very obvious that the lovebirds look very fantastic! Rami Malek is 13 years older than the 26-year-old Lucy. Malek, however, does not look old by any means, courtesy of his healthy lifestyle. At present, the feeling they have for each other is palpable; it is undeniable they are head over heels in love! The couple is well-to-do, and their credit reports are nothing but good, so we hope it stays that way for them.


Despite his salt and pepper hair, George Clooney still has a vast female fan base. Over time, he found his way to the heart of the very beautiful and highly successful lawyer Amal, which left many fans swooning over their picture-perfect love story. The age gap of 17 years between the couple is not a barrier to a blissful relationship. In fact, they have been blessed with twins, and their beautiful appearances are a sight to behold, thanks to great genes from both parents!

It goes without saying that this couple is very affluent, and there have been no instances when they had to obtain title loans or other forms of financial lending to help them establish a family. Of course, with a multi-million net worth combined, George and Amal are set for life! These lovebirds have a long way to go, and as fans, we can’t help but cheer for them, as they are one of Hollywood’s most beloved pairings.


The name Ariel Winter often reminds us of the nerdy child from Modern Family! Since she started acting at a very tender age, she is too young to be considered an adult to fall in love with someone. It is even very difficult to think she can be dating a man who is 11 years older than her. Ariel Winter is in love with Levi Meaden, a Canadian actor who is famous for featuring in shows, Breaking In, Almost Human, and Aftermath.

They have lived together happily for two years now. And they have all it takes to live a normal life. They have nothing to do with mortgage and mortgage rates as they are wealthy enough to build their choice houses. We doubt whether they would sign a prenuptial agreement if they desire that their relationship should lead to the altar!


Baywatch star David Hasselhoff is likely to get married for the third time. At 68, he still remains a star, very cool and extremely handsome. Conversely, Hayley Roberts was a shop-girl that got attracted to Hasselhoff. We do hope that one day, Roberts is going to narrate an amazing love story to her grandchildren. Roberts tied the knot with the actor Hasselhoff in August 2018 when she was only 38-year-old.

We sincerely pray that the age gap of 28 years is not going to pose a problem for the love-struck couple. After their wedding, Hasselhoff took her to Disneyland to celebrate her birthday in a grand style. Hayley, who formerly earned a meager £6 per hour, was married into affluence! They can conveniently undertake any form of investment without resorting to borrowing the investment money. When it comes to money management, David Hasselhoff can never be found wanting.


Whenever an older man dates a much younger woman, the world does not find anything wrong with it. However, when a woman is dating a relatively younger guy, the world unjustly considers it awkward! For a while now, Kate Beckinsale has been head over heels in love with Matt Rife, who is 25-years-old. Many people have pointed accusing fingers at her, complaining that her eldest daughter is just three years younger than her new lover.

Perhaps this is the reason behind the instability of their relationship; that is, their relationship has been on and off. Whatever relationship that may exist between them, we are of the opinion that Kate is at liberty to date any guy she loves who, in turn, loves her! She has come of age to make the appropriate decisions regarding investments in relationships. After all, she has an excellent credit report. She does not need her lover to foot the bill for electricity, home security system, plumbing services, as well as other utility bills.


Stephen Moyer and Anna Paquin met each other on the set of True Blood. The fact that Paquin acted as the lover of Moyer probably contributed to the two falling in love with each other. Without wasting time, they began to date each other and took their marital vows on the 21st of August in 2010 on their private resort in Malibu, together with their selected loved ones. The age gap existing between them has not been allowed to act as an obstacle to a blissful marriage, and they are now proud parents of twins.

In fact, the pair have been in wedded bliss for over ten years now and continue to prosper as time goes by, whether it be in financial matters or in their career. With a joint net worth of about $25 million, the doting parents have surely made enough to spoil their twins— even going as far as setting up investments for their future!


Rod Stewart is a famous rock singer who shook the entire world with his music, following the sale of more than 100 million copies globally. He tied the knot with TV personality Penny Lancaster, and the couple has been in marital bliss since. They are blessed with a son, and their 26-year age gap has never been a problem for them. Regarding their professional career, Lancaster recently made it known that she wanted to become a cop.

Going by the couple’s huge wealth, they have all it takes to engage in any profession of their choice. If you are well-to-do and you have the support of your spouse, there is nothing good you cannot achieve. The couple holds out many insurance policies, such as homeowners insurance, life assurance, among others. They have nothing to do with small business loans and other forms of loans.


Although Emma Heming is 23 years younger than Bruce Willis, she is, no doubt, a very mature woman. The couple has true love, trust, and respect for each other and has been enjoying marital bliss for nine good years. They are blessed with two daughters, both of whom they love very much. Because of their huge wealth, they have no worry about money and are capable of living a luxury lifestyle. They can undertake home finance with ease. Therefore, they have no business with a mortgage, home loans, refinance loans, and other forms of loans.

It is not surprising that Willis, who has starred in big movies, including Pulp Fiction, Armageddon, The Sixth Sense and Die Hard is doing very great! Their love for each other is as flourishing as their financial stability can be and we are sure that they will have no problem supporting each other and their family.


Rosie Huntington-Whitely is 20 years younger than Jason Statham. The couple can set a roof on fire with the palpable love that exists between them. When there is true love between two individuals, age should not be a barrier. The couple began their love journey in 2010 and finally did their engagement in 2016. The entire world is anxiously waiting for them to get hitched.

Although the couple had made it known that they might tie the knot on a New Year’s Eve, we are yet to have the news of the wedding. Jason is a perfect example of an anti-hero who carries out his own stunts, whereas Rosie happens to be a very attractive model who is said to be a relation of the Queen. The two lovebirds have a wonderful relationship, and on no occasion have they seen any need to ask their attorneys to settle a dispute between them.


Sir Elton John and filmmaker David Furnish started their love journey 20 years ago! Obviously, their relationship is premised on trust, love, and respect. It had nothing to do with outer appearances, age differences, and bank accounts. They have been role models for a number of people in the LGBTQ community. The two lovebirds started dating in 1993, and Sir Elton John eventually proposed to Furnish in 2005. However, they had to delay their wedding until 2014 owing to legal issues concerning same-sex marriage.

The couple has two sons through surrogacy. It is obvious they are head-over-heels in love with each other, and we hope they remain so forever. They are well-to-do and have all the love to give to their children. Through the years, they have worked on and fought for their love, which eventually led to their long-lasting relationship. They can undertake home finance of any kind on their own without resorting to a mortgage, home loans, or refinance loans!


This is a highly understanding couple that does not require the services of a marriage counselor. They had dated for five good years before deciding they were perfect matches, and ever since, they’ve enjoyed marital bliss. Despite their age difference, their love journey has been very smooth. The Star Trek and X-Men actor truly found gold when he came across Sunny Ozell, and there has been an exponential improvement in his life since then.

Patrick is 79 years old now, while Sunny is 41. They have been getting along pretty well, as evidenced by the fact that there has never been any rumor regarding them going their different ways. We sincerely pray that these lovebirds stay together blissfully forever. We’ll always cheer for them! This couple has enough wealth that will make them happy for the rest of their lives. They have got nothing to do with a mortgage, mortgage rate, or home mortgage refinance rate!


Although wide age differences might be considered unorthodox, many people are well-grounded in making them work. For a very long time, Warren Beatty did not have a successful love life. He has had a love relationship with a number of women within his age bracket. However, none of the relationships of those women with Warren could stand the test of time! However, when he stumbled on Annette, he knew for sure that he had found his better half.

Not minding the age difference of 21 years, the lovebirds have been playing their love game since 1992, a period that is long enough to guarantee that they would never request the services of divorce lawyers! It’s very unusual for celebrity couples to last this long. This is the Lord’s doing, and it is marvelous in our eyes! The couple is by no means struggling; they have riches that will ever make it unnecessary for them to obtain business loans, personal loans, and other forms of loans!


William happens to be among the best actors of our time, and he is truly the best fit for a woman like Felicity. The age gap existing between them is not as wide as what obtains between other celebrity couples of today, and they have succeeded in making their relationship blissful. Assuredly, these lovebirds can never seek dissolution of their marriage. They’ve lived together happily for fifteen good years without any signs of problems in their relationship.

And if they had, since it is inevitable, they chose to solve their problems privately and opted to act gracefully in public. The couple has gone through a lot of things, which have helped make their love stronger. They are proud parents of two children whom they love very much. They have an insurance policy for every facet of their lives, and their home security system is superlative! We expect them to cling onto each other forever!


These lovebirds happen to be one of the newest couples in the world of celebrities. Here is a guy who’s much younger than his woman! Nick Jonas is a man that has always found its way into the hearts of women, yet he found his better half in Priyanka Chopra, who’s been an actor for a very long time. Although Nick dated Olivia Culpo and Demi Lovato in the past, we sincerely hope that he sticks with Priyanka from now onwards.

Although Priyanka is much richer than Jonas, the two lovebirds have not allowed this to get in the way of their relationship. They’ve also clung onto each other, not minding a 10-year age difference. The inseparable couple has a very bright future lying ahead of them. This couple needs no financial advisor to plan their finances as they are well-grounded in money management.


Sadly, not every relationship can stand the test of time. Although both Olsen twins appear to have a common interest in guys who are much older than they, the relationship between Ashley Olsen and Richard Sachs turned sour, and it became extremely difficult for them to sustain their relationship. Eventually, they broke up through a mutual agreement. This happens to be among the latest separations in the world of celebrities, and it occurred in 2017. What Ashley will do next remains unknown.

However, this estrangement gives her ample time to concentrate on her fashion designing business, which she enjoys so much. We cannot say categorically whether the 34-year age difference played a considerable role in forcing the couple to request the services of attorneys. These might be unfortunate circumstances for the two of them, but we do hope they learned from them. Hopefully, they use these as lessons for their future relationships.


This couple has been together for more than six years, and we’re finding it difficult to understand how they achieved this feat. The majority of celebrities usually engage in relationships that crumble within a very short period of time. However, these two love-struck celebrities have carried on with their relationship very gracefully, and we guess that a couple’s counselor might have assisted them to have marital bliss.

Whatever factor is responsible for the marital bliss that they enjoy, we’re very happy that the actress and the comedian have found a better half in each other, and they even have a one beautiful daughter. In spite of misunderstandings and the rumors that arose on the Internet, we hope that they are living their best life now and that they always choose to trust each other. By so doing, they’ll redeem the image of Hollywood that is known for having couples whose relationships cannot stand the test of time.


Perhaps, this couple is one of the best we have seen in the history of Hollywood! They’re an unrepentant gay couple having a swell time with each other. Despite the fact that they have not shown any signs of wanting to live under the same roof, we are expecting that it will happen in the near future. With the huge amount of money that they have, they are not likely to have problems if they decide to live with each other.

However, what we are not certain about is whether they are ready to live together or not. We’re very sure that living together or not has no connection with the 12-year age gap that exists between them. They have always had a happy moment together. They are very wealthy, and things like business loans, title loans, home loans, and mortgages cannot be found in their record. However, since they are very comfortable, it is the wish of their numerous fans that they live together permanently!


Kourtney has not seen anything wrong with dating a man who is 14 years younger than her. This age difference is not apparent as she has a look that suggests she is the same age as he. We are at a loss regarding what makes her look ever youthful as an age difference of more than a decade does not manifest on her. It is very obvious that Younes is happy that the relationship between Kourtney and her former boyfriend, Scott, turned sour, as this has afforded him the opportunity to have Kourtney to himself.

As a 27-year-old man, he considers himself the luckiest man on earth to be going out with someone of Kourtney caliber. We are not sure whether these lovebirds want their relationship to lead to the altar. What is certain is that they always have a swell time together! They are well-to-do; they need not obtain loans to undertake any project and have a series of insurance policies to their names.


At a very recent time, the relationship between Scott and Kourtney Kardashian went sour, and it eventually led to a breakup. He is now head over heels in love with Sofia. Although Scott and Kourtney appear like a fantastic couple, it has been established that Kourtney now dates a man who is 15 years younger than her. Although Scott has fallen in love with Sofia by mere coincidence, he might also consider getting back to Kourtney as the age between Sofia and him is almost the same as that existing between Kourtney and her latest boyfriend.

Nonetheless, Scott is likely to go into a serious relationship with Sofia as he has been having a swell time with Sofia presently! So far, there have been no rumors of couples therapy or quarreling. Therefore, they are getting along with each other very well, and the relationship is likely to lead to the altar. We look forward to a long-lasting relationship that will be devoid of requesting the services of divorce attorneys.


The fact that Josh looks younger than his age is probably one of the major reasons he is dating a girl that is 17 years younger than he. He has a look that suggests that he is half of his real age. This explains why the very beautiful Eiza Gonzalez is going out with him at present. Formerly, he was with the famous singer Fergie whom he had an estranged relationship with recently.

As the news came as a rude shock to fans throughout the world, we do hope that this couple is not just having a swell time temporarily, we want the spouses to cling onto each other forever. It is too early for you to hold your breath as rumors are already making the rounds that these lovebirds are going their separate ways after having a relationship for five months. We pray that they will not see any need to engage the services of divorce attorneys. However, a breakup is possible!


German musician Tom Kaulitz has been going out with supermodel Heidi Klum for almost one year now. The couple made it public in December 2018 that they were already engaged. Klum had once been in love with singer Seal, and the relationship produced a son. However, they fell apart after some time, the incident that led to the termination of their marriage. We are glad to know that love has come the way of Klum again, and he is swimming in it.

The new spouses were sighted dressed as Shrek and Princess Fiona at the 2018 edition of the Halloween bash held annually by Klum. And regardless of what costume they choose to wear in the future, no matter how expensive those might be, it will be all right as long as their bond as a couple remains unbreakable. The couple is well to do and needs not to obtain loans to have any project executed. We do hope that the couple lives happily together forever!


Brian should count himself very lucky to have started going out with Megan Fox as far back as 2004. This was the time the popularity of the young actress was rising by the day. During this same period, she was also acting in the new Transformers movie. Brian himself had recorded several years of success in Hollywood by then and began to date, Megan.

They even tied the knot in 2010. Although rumors have made the rounds that this couple engaged the services of divorce attorneys in 2015, the rumors did not turn into a reality. The love these lovebirds have for each other is getting stronger and stronger, and they have remained ever loyal to each other! The age gap of 13 years appears not to have any negative effect on their relationship, and we pray that they live happily together forever.


Leonardo DiCaprio is no doubt among the most famous and illustrious Hollywood actors. He is not only a brilliant actor but also a handsome and charming guy. These qualities endear him to his female fans all over the world. Nonetheless, he is still single, notwithstanding the fact that he is already in his mid-40’s, and it sounds unbelievable that his fans are not bothered by his lack of a spouse. The cheering news is that he is currently going out with Camila Morrone.

The latter is a 23-year-old model Argentine extraction. While Morrone desires to make a huge success in the modeling world, her relationship with Leo has already turned her into the favorite of the media! Conversely, Leo is not aging and can be likened to a bottle of wine, which gets better with age. He has enormous wealth! Therefore, having no worries about finances and being several miles away from bankruptcy help release stress, which, in turn, makes him look ever youthful.


Nicolas Cage had already recorded several years of fame and enviable success in Hollywood when he met Alice. Going by the fact that he acted in such movies as The Ghost Rider, Nicolas would never have worries about money. However, he was in search of a stable love life. His love life was nothing to write home about as he had been in marriage twice, and both ended up in a failure. Afterward, he met Alice, who happened to be a young waitress at that time, and he started dating her. A romance developed between the two.

Unfortunately, this relationship could not stand the test of time as the couple eventually engaged the services of attorneys to formalize the split. The spouses went their separate ways in 2016. We do hope Nicholas finds a permanent better half soon, as well as Alice. Separately or together, we are sure they both know how to figure things out since this experience must have helped them a lot.


This couple will not be forgotten in a jiffy. While several couples in Hollywood with wide age gaps appear to do everything possible to make their relationships work out fine, this one took steps that made their relationship get worse. It all began in an atmosphere that was scandalous to some degree as Johnny unjustly abandoned his spouse Vanessa Paradis, for his new lover Amber Heard. Vanessa had been with him for several years now.

Therefore, this move took many people by surprise, and they expressed their outrage at the move. His relationship with Amber lasted for just fifteen months, and thereafter, the services of a divorce lawyer were requested. The marriage ended with bitter tales to tell, and Johnny was made to pay a huge amount of money for settlement. We hope his next love affair be a permanent and blissful one.


Brad and Angelina are among the most famous and illustrious couples in Hollywood who have been having a blissful relationship! Brad began his love game with Angelina as an extra-marital affair, which eventually led to Jennifer Aniston’s controversial estrangement from him. Since then, Brad and Angelina had lived together blissfully with no prospect of a breakup until recently, when the devil came between them, and they decided to hire an attorney in order to go their separate ways. However, the next line of action of this couple remains simply unknown.

The last we heard of them was that they were having a brouhaha regarding who should take custody of their only child. It is safe to assume that not all happily married couples will be happy together. Indeed, some of them become happy separately. We genuinely wish that their breakup would not deeply affect their child’s growth and happiness.


Catherine has been actualizing her own love movie, thanks to her marriage to Michael Douglas. The couple met a long time ago and got hitched in 2000, not minding a 25-year age gap that exists between them. The gap would have discouraged the majority of people from forging ahead with the relationship. However, these lovebirds considered the relationship as perfect for them, and they carried on with it.

Catherine, who’s well known for movies, such as The Mask of Zorro, has no cause to regret her relationship with Michael as she has been enjoying marital bliss for the past 18 years. They witnessed each other’s weaknesses and strengths and learned from each other. Honestly, there is no prospect of them engaging the services of an attorney. Things are nothing but perfect for these lovebirds, whose love is clearly getting stronger. It will come as no surprise, but we know that they’ll certainly be together forever if they both chose to.


No doubt, Kris Jenner has been taking advantage of some anti-aging treatments as it’s not probable for someone of her age to look so beautiful and youthful. She’s started going out with Corey Gamble, a guy who’s two decades and five years younger than her. Although there are couples who do not mind such wide age gaps, we wonder if these lovebirds can do the same. They have not been in touch for too long, which implies that sooner than later, we are likely to hear of a couples therapy or worse still, hiring a lawyer for legal separation, which is often the case with celeb couples.

Nevertheless, we’re still optimistic that Corey is the better half for Kris. We bet everyone knew about their trial-and-error relationship. But now, since they have both grown through the years, we hope that they will stand the test of time and that Corey doesn’t follow the series of lovers who found it difficult to cling onto her for the reasons best known to them.


Although Katy Perry and Russell Brand were a beautiful couple notwithstanding a 9-year age difference existing between them, their relationship could not stand the test of time. Their relationship was very turbulent, and it eventually led to the couple availing the services of attorneys. Unfortunately, the breakup occurred too soon, and we are left with no option but to wonder if they passed through couples counseling with a view of making things perfect.

However, their age difference has nothing to do with their separation. Surviving in the entertainment industry is a Herculean task. However, if two people love, trust, and are faithful to each other, they’d certainly survive come rain, come shine. The aforementioned three factors are certainly more important than appearances, age gap, or money. But since the damage has already been done, we just hope that they will find happiness in their different ways and find their own partners.


Although they are yet to marry, Hilarie and Jeffrey have been having a swell time with each other. They’ve lived together with loyalty under all circumstances, and we’re hopeful that they will be among those couples whose relationships can stand the test of time. They have shared earnings from different sources, and we know for sure that money will never be their problem. As a matter of fact, Jeffrey once even referred to Hilarie as his better half, so they have probably tied the knot!

We deeply hope so since they already have two kids between them. They are well-to-do and have been getting along happily. Therefore, hiring an attorney will ever remain a mirage because the spouses are perfect matches. We can never imagine them going their separate ways and settling down with different lovers. Their kids, their differences, and their experiences in this voyage keep them stronger.


Bradley happened to be among the most famous actors in Hollywood at the time he was shooting films for Wedding Crashers, and it was during this period that many ladies desired that he be their better half. He decided to cling onto Suki, the decision that must have left many ladies disappointed. However, these spouses were not getting along well, and they both had a mutual agreement to call it quits, without engaging the services of a divorce attorney.

The 17-year age gap might have played a significant role in the breakup, despite the fact that they were head over heels in love with each other the first time they met. Couples’ therapy failed to save this relationship, and it was left to go down the drain. We do hope both of them will move on gracefully and eventually find perfect matches for themselves.


Alec has been a successful actor and comedian for years, and it is apparent that he’s recorded a huge success with his relationship as well! No doubt, he is not likely to have any issues with his earnings. Also, he will never have any need for a lawyer as the relationship between him, and Hilaria is going very smoothly. Alec had already had a separation at the time he met Hilaria, and things have been very rosy for him since the commencement of this new relationship, and there is no prospect of them breaking up.

Despite having a huge age gap between them, it has not prevented them from being real soulmates to each other. In fact, Alec and Hilaria are blessed with three kids who would certainly help them manage the stability of their relationship. This has to be one of the reasons why they are keep deeply satisfied with their life.


When Jeff Goldblum was 30 years old, he had already recorded great success with his career and had a lot of wealth. It might interest you to note that by the time he clocked 30, his current wife was not yet born! However, because God had ordained it, an age difference of 31 years could not prevent the star-crossed lovers from pressing forward with their relationship. Jeff Goldblum has had a lifetime of huge wealth following his performance in the extremely famous Jurrasic Park movies, and money has never been a source of worry to him since then.

These lovebirds are living together comfortably and are perfect matches in all facets of their lives. Emilie happened to be a gymnast in the Olympics and tied the knot with Jeff in 2014. Since then, they’ve been enjoying marital bliss. They have enough money to build any house of their choice. Therefore, they have nothing to do with any mortgage or home loan. They also have many insurance policies in their names.


Simon and Matt are yet another same-sex couple who are deeply in love and are doing everything possible to make their relationship last for a lifetime, which is quite commendable as celebrities are known for short-lived relationships. This couple has not allowed the 13-year age gap between them to be a stumbling block to their relationship. A number of couples with wide age gaps have not been able to make their relationship work, but these lovebirds have made a success of their relationship irrespective of their age difference.

They have enough wealth to make them as well as their adopted children comfortable for as long as they live. They can undertake home finance without obtaining home loans, refinance loans, or refinance home loans. They have not allowed the age gap between them to be a stumbling block to their relationship whatsoever and are currently living a blissful and comfortable life together.


As the person who sang the song My Heart Will Go On, Celine has succeeded in writing her name in gold because her aforementioned song is one that the entire world can never forget as it was featured in the ever famous movie, Titanic. Her voice is so sweet that everyone will like to be with her, and of all her suitors, Rene was the lucky man to take her hand in marriage. They were very comfortable and could have any house of their choice without recourse to a mortgage, home loans, refinance loans, or other forms of loans.

Although these lovebirds never had problems regarding their earnings, they have a heartbreaking story. They did everything possible to stay together irrespective of the age gap between them. Unfortunately, Rene gave up the ghost owing to cancer. Following the death of her husband, Celine vowed that never again would she fall in love with another man because the pain she went through as a result of her husband’s condition was too much for her to bear.


Jay-Z is among the most famous and illustrious singers of our time. It is very befitting for him to have married Beyonce, who is also a very famous and illustrious singer. This couple is getting along perfectly together and has been together for more than a decade now! This is by far beyond our expectations for celebrities, but these lovebirds have proved us wrong; they have shown to us that blissful and long-lasting relationship is quite possible with celebrities.

Their relationship has even produced three wonderful children. The bank accounts of both spouses are very huge, and no doubt, they are going to be very comfortable throughout their lives. They have nothing to do with business loans, home loans, or mortgages! They have not, for a moment, allowed the 12-year age gap to be a cog in the wheel of their relationship.


Behati Prinsloo happened to be a Victoria’s Secret Angel who came to the limelight in 2009. It is an understatement to say that she had many suitors, but eventually, she gave her heart to Adam, who is the Maroon 5 lead singer. Although there’s a 10-year age difference between them, both of them are very young. Apparently, they were not bothered by the age gap or any circumstances that came along the way. Instead, they forged ahead with their love journey. We’re very sure they have not for a moment regretted their choice as they have been living together happily.

They have every reason to keep separation attorneys at bay! Recently, Prinsloo had a second child with Adam, and certainly, the couple has enough earnings to nurture their children. These spouses are a dazzling example of superlative relationships that stood the test of time regardless of their differences and their separate experiences in their past relationships.


The silver hair of Richard Gere has never sparkled a problem in the circle of his female fans. As a matter of fact, his age at times endears him to his female fans. Therefore, calling him a silver fox is not out of place! It is not by any means surprising that he got hitched to the beautiful Alejandro Silva. The latter is a highly successful Spanish businesswoman, and that makes her a very hot cake. In June 2018, the lovebirds tied the knot after going out with each other for a while.

While we can’t stop admiring them for their gorgeous looks, together, let’s hope their age gap of 34 years will never spark issues in both their professional and personal lives. This couple is one of the perfect examples of spouses who handle their relationships carefully. Despite being in the public eye, they managed to keep everything private, to some degree, by knowing how to compromise.


Mariah and Nick could almost be referred to as a perfect couple. Unfortunately, luck ran out on them, and things could not go smoothly for them anymore. Mariah had already clocked 38 when she gave her heart to Nick Cannon, an upcoming comedian, and said she wanted him to be her better half. Their relationship produced a few children. However, things took a turn for the worse, and their marriage hit the rock. We are not sure whether their separation had to do with the age gap between them.

However, they were perfect examples of what spouses should be when the going was good. We could have done anything to reconcile them, but unfortunately, they made up their mind in 2014 to go their separate ways and hired lawyers. Thus, no matter how we tried to ship them, if they are not for each other, they will not end up together. Clearly, they both respected that.


Pierce Brosnan will forever be remembered as one of the most famous and illustrious actors of James Bond. His performances as the famous character were without any blemish, and it appeared life was going smoothly for him before the untimely passing of his wife in 1991. Afterward, he felt as if he would be unable to find a better half again. Fortunately, he still was able to enjoy marital bliss.

Keely Shaye Smith happened to be a journalist with a story similar to Pierce’s, and this made them have a lot to discuss. Without wasting time, they started a love journey together, which eventually became one of the wisest choices they will both make. The couple will probably never need a legal aid as they’re totally in love and are living perfectly together since they already conquered different degrees of problems. And yet, in spite of all this, they go back to each other’s arms at the end of the day.


At present, Ryan Reynolds is among the most famous and illustrious actors globally, owing to the roles he played in Marvel movies together with blockbusters, such as the recently released The Hitman’s Bodyguard. He’s doing amazingly well for himself as far as his earnings are concerned, ditto for his better half, Blake Lively. This couple has been together for a decade and one year, which coincidentally is their age difference. However, the wide gap in their ages happens to be the last thing they have concerns about because they truly love each other.

We can’t imagine these lovebirds breaking up and starting a new life with another partner, and it is in our prayers that they will never hire a lawyer. With the way they both handle their careers and owing to their financial stability, they know to manage their relationship dearly. Thus, they will surely not need one as they’ve both been through thick and thin together.


When the first marriage of Tom Cruise to Nicole Kidman hit the rock, it came as a rude shock to many fans because the marriage appeared perfect. Having a total worth of $550 million makes him one of the most influential actors in Hollywood. It is apparent that having a lot of money is not the most important thing as far as your family is concerned.

Sadly, his second marriage to the beautiful Katie Holmes also ended with lawyers working out their divorce papers just after six years of marriage, although the beginning of their relationship could not be taken very seriously as Cruise asked for the hand of Holmes in marriage on TV when he was shooting for the show of Oprah Winfrey. The couple is blessed with a beautiful daughter, Suri, who happens to be the favorite of the media.


James McAvoy is famous for the role he played in the X-Men movies, where he did nothing but a perfect job. Nobody has ever replaced him in his role, and he’s performing very well in his career at the moment, particularly with movies like Glass that have no doubt made him rich. Anne-Marie and McAvoy met while both of them were filming for the movie Shameless.

There is a 9-year age gap between them, and for a very long time, this was not a barrier to their relationship. Instead, their differences and their maturity helped them to prepare for the future. Although we are not sure why this beautiful couple had to hire an attorney, we are unhappy that this lovely couple went their separate ways. We’re sure if they had continued to live together, they would have been among the best couples Hollywood could be proud of.


Rupert Murdoch happens to be among the most powerful and illustrious men in the media industry, and at present, he is a multi-billionaire in dollars. Although he is 25 years older than Jerry Hall, he seems to be the mature person that Jerry Hall was looking for when she had to abandon the rock n’ roll star, Mick Jagger, whom she had spent 20 years with. Although it might be difficult to recover from such a loss, Rupert ensured that Jerry could easily carry on with her life.

These new lovers met in 2015 and tied the knot only a year later. Clearly, once you got hit by Cupid, you will never know how further your relationship will go. Given Rupert’s gargantuan wealth, both of them can keep bankruptcy at bay for the rest of their lives, especially since they both respect each other’s decisions. They appear to be the perfect match, also!


Have you ever wondered about the kind of partner a relationship coach will be like? Well, if you cannot answer the above question, then Camila Cabello will bail you out! The beautiful young singer is falling in love with British relationship guru Matthew Hussey. Based on the pictures of their recent vacation, the lovebirds are truly at peace with each other. They are well-to-do and have nothing to do with personal loans, title loans, business loans, and other forms of loans. The age difference is certainly not a barrier to their blissful relationship.

And aside from that, this couple knows their limits when it comes to sharing their information to the public. Maybe because they’ve done several years of couples counseling. Hussey must have mastered the art of “making your spouse feel special.” We sincerely hope their relationship stands the test of time, and the investments they put into it do not go down the drain!


Even if you are hearing of Ellen’s name for the first time, you must have seen her somewhere as she’s a big-time internet personality at present. She hosts a show in her own name, and the degree of popularity of this show cuts across the globe. This show has not only given her a voice but also ensured that she has enough earnings that will keep bankruptcy at bay for the rest of her life. Although she’s 15 years older than Portia, her better half, they have been having a blissful relationship since 2004.

This couple happens to be among the long-lasting celeb couples we’ve seen so far. Through thick or thin, you would see today that they always have each other’s backs. Thus, it’s very clear that they will not have any cause for separation! The spouses are truly cute together, and it is our prayer; they never encounter problems in their relationship.


Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore have, for a very long time, been at the center of celebrity drama. Demi Moore, who has recorded several years of success plus experience in Hollywood, took people by surprise when they received the news that she was having an affair with Ashton Kutcher, who is much younger than her. The 16-year age gap between the two was not an obstacle to their relationship; they forged ahead and tied the knot. They had a chance to be a perfect couple.

However, this was not meant to be as both of them got attorneys to terminate their relationship. They went their separate ways in 2012 and were in the news again amidst rumors. Some relationships are just destined to hit the rock, and it is inevitable. Despite all of that, we genuinely hope that this couple would open their hearts and find their own partners down the road.


Jason Sudeikis is a famous and illustrious actor in Hollywood who had also doubled as a sketch writer for Saturday Night Live. Perhaps you have seen him in movies such as Mother’s Day, Horrible Bosses, Colossal, and Hall Pass, and others. In 2013, he got engaged to another ace Hollywood actress, Olivia Wilde. Although they are yet to tie the knot officially, the couple already has a daughter together.

The couple are not married yet, but they still chose to respect each other’s decisions regarding this. However, it is very easy to guess that they will have insurance policies and a lot of investments for their lovely daughter in the future. Moreover, this gorgeous couple has not seen the age gap between them as an obstacle to their relationship after years of being each other’s strength and support system.


Nothing but talent took Viola to greater heights in her profession. She had a very humble background. However, her on-screen talent is indeed enough to have made her successful. Today, she is a highly talented actress who has to her credit an Emmy, an Oscar, and a Tony! Whenever she is off-screen, she has as well time with her long-time partner and better half Julius Tennon. This couple has proved beyond reasonable doubt that love is all that is required to sustain a relationship.

These spouses have now made great investments in a production firm, and we are sure to say that they will forever keep a bankruptcy attorney at bay. In fact, Viola and Julius decided to name their company JuVee Productions, and its main goal is to provide a voice for voiceless people. Because of that, it comes as no surprise that they have received countless blessings, which are the fruits of their having planted seeds of kindness.


The relationship between Sam and Aaron is a perfect example of what an excellent relationship should be! They met each other when they were total strangers. Sam was a colleague and cameraman for Aaron’s set. After working together for a while, they discovered that they liked each other, and without wasting time, they started a love journey together. A 23-year age gap was not a deterrent to their relationship.

They drew the ire of their female fans who were opposed to their wedlock in 2012; however, they have remained unruffled since they announced to the public in 2009 that they are engaged. This led them to tie their knot on June 12, 2012, at Babington House, Somerset. And now have two daughters together. These are spouses that will never require the services of a separation lawyer as they apparently demonstrate great loyalty and commitment to each other continuously, until they grow old.


This couple has considerable differences in their statures and ages! Wladimir looks extremely big compared to Hayden, who is very tiny; however, these lovebirds have never allowed this to be a cog in the wheel of their relationship. Additionally, the age gap of 13 years between means nothing but a number to them, and they determined to live together forever. They began their love journey together in 2009 and are already blessed with a child, who further strengthens the love they have for each other.

Wladimir, who happens to be a Ukrainian boxer, found his better half when he met Hayden, a professional actress. Both are wealthy enough to keep bankruptcy and bankruptcy attorneys at bay and are not likely to have anything doing with a mortgage, home loans, business loans, refinance loans, and other forms of loans. We know for sure they will never see any need for couple’s therapy as they are nothing but a perfect match!


John Corbett happens to be an American actor. Although his popularity is not as much as that of Hollywood stars, such as Johnny Depp, he has done very well and recorded a huge success for himself in the course of his career. He has even acted as a singer for a greater part of his life. His better half, Bo Derek, has starred in a number of films that were raining in the 70s and 80s and is still among the most influential and illustrious actresses of her time.

The fact that Bo is five years older than John has not in any way been a stumbling block to their relationship, and they’ve lived happily together for about twenty years now. Bo Derek appears very youthful despite her age, and this can probably be attributed to some anti-aging treatment or high-quality plastic surgery. These spouses have enough wealth that will make them live comfortably for the rest of their lives. They have a number of insurance policies in their names.


Without any exaggeration, the marriage of Woody Allen to Soon-Yi Previn was full of scandals. It became the front-page headline for most of the newspapers in 1992 when they started dating each other, not minding the age gap of 35 years that existed between them. Soon-Yi was an adopted son of actress Mia Farrow and musician Andre Previn. Unfortunately, the relationship of Farrow with Andre Previn hit the rock, and she began to date Woody Allen.

As a result of the relationship between Farrow and Allen, the adopted children of Farrow were introduced to Allen, and the whole world was of the opinion that they would all be one big, happy family. However, the world received shockwaves when, after a few years, Allen disclosed that he was in love with Soon-Yi. The claim of these new lovers was that Farrow had already broken up with Allen when they started dating each other. Although the relationship began as a fling, the lovebirds became committed to the relationship, and up till today, they are still happily married and have two adopted children in their credit. A shaky beginning of their marriage notwithstanding, they have made the appropriate investments in their relationship.


Many people are aware of the controversial relationship between Mia Farrow and Woody Allen. It is important to note that before Mia even gave her heart to Allen, she had fallen in love with the then-48-year-old Frank Sinatra at the time she was only 19 years old. They eventually tied the knot even prior to Farrow’s first commercial breakthrough in a movie as a lead. However, in the space of two years, she saw the need to engage the services of an attorney.

However, they were still friends until Sinatra gave up the ghost. But Farrow once hinted that their very ridiculous age gap might have contributed to their separation. However, over time, they still chose to respect each other’s decision. It might be sad, because they have already been through a lot. Since this is a mutual decision made by both parties, we just have to be happy for them and wish them well for their future.


The wedlock of Cary Grant and Dyan Cannon was on the lips of everyone in the 1960s. At that time, Dyan Cannon happened to be a talented and very beautiful actress who was amazed that the biggest star at that time asked for her hand in marriage. Therefore, the age gap of 33 years did not in any way deter them from forging ahead with their relationship. Unfortunately, at the time, the fans were of the opinion that love would forever blossom in their relationship, problems surfaced, and they saw the need to engage the services of a legal aid.

A number of people guessed that their separation might be connected with the tumultuous childhood of Cary. However, the main reasons will remain unknown. The split did not go down well with Cannon, and it led to her emotional breakdown. Although they did not enjoy marital bliss for a long time, they had a daughter together.


Billy Joel and Alexis Roderick became husband and wife in 2015 after a courtship that lasted for six years. In the course of their courtship, Alexis and Billy Joel got pregnant. As this is the fourth marriage of Billy Joel, we sincerely hope that Alexis will eventually be the woman with whom he will live forever. However, we are at a loss regarding what is going to happen, considering the wide age gap existing between them.

Billy has already retired while Alexis is in her prime. No doubt, their thought processes will differ. Thank God there has been no problem so far, and the spouses had their second baby two years ago. It appears that the things they need now are love, trust, and respect for each other, as they are blessed with children who look up to them. This couple is well-to-do and it seems like they are far from Splitsville.


Although the famous painter and singer, Tony Bennett, is 94 years old now, it is apparent that he has some elixir or magic potion, which has kept him ever-youthful and fresh despite the huge number of years he has already spent on earth. We know this magic potion is just a hunch, so it’s best to say that the company of his wife, Susan Crow, has kept him feeling young.

Tony Bennett & Susan Crow’s marriage proves that age is just a quantifiable number in a person’s life and it has nothing to do with love or finding love per se. Tony and Susan have a 40-year age gap. Tony is now a senior citizen, but it does not matter to them one bit. The entire family of Susan was a big fan of Tony Bennett. One day, Bennett and Susan met backstage, and both agreed to go on a date. Love gradually developed, and they’ve happily lived together ever since. We do hope the couple takes good care of their health, particularly Bennett, who’s more susceptible to falls, slips, and injuries owing to his age. Fortunately, the couple has several insurance policies to their name to help cover future medical expenses.


Jimmy Page is an all-time rock star, which explains why age is just a number to him. Therefore, he pays little or no attention to the fact that he is 46 years older than his actress girlfriend. They have often been sighted together on date nights, lovey-dovey, and all cozy, not minding the regular clicks of photographers. While the legend of Led Zeppelin is overdue for retirement, Scarlett is in her twenties.

Scarlett Sabet is a poet and a performer. She is not the stereotypical rock star girlfriend who is daring, alluring, and model-like. However, it is quite obvious that she is a fan of the rock genre as seen in her works. For the couple, love is blind and judges not based on race, age, or color, and their love story is a clear testimony to that. The couple has enough money that will make them happy for the rest of their life. Therefore, they have nothing to do with any bankruptcy attorney, personal loans, title loans, and other forms of loans!


The very beautiful recent woman in the life of Al Pacino is half his age. However, they have very pleasant chemistry going between them. Al Pacino loves women to a very high degree. He had once dated the mother of model Camila Moronne, Lucila Sola, who was an actress of Argentine extraction. At present, he is going out with an Israeli actress Meital Dohan. The latter is often referred to as the Scarlett Johansson of Israel.

The two met at an afterparty of a movie and since then they start dating. Apparently, the two already parted ways last February 2020. It was said that the reason for the breakup is their age gap. Al Pacino is 79 while Meital is 43. As per Meital, although she loved Al Pacino so much, she cannot deny that Al is too old and their age gap is too much for her to handle. Al and Meital dated for 2 years.


These days, the iconic music industry rock star, Mick Jagger, is having a swell time with the beautiful Melanie Hamrick. Melanie is a highly gifted ballerina blessed with a killer shape. Although Melanie’s partner is in his mid-seventies, she doesn’t mind dressing up for him and going all out with him on dates. Mick and Melanie have been tother since 2014. They already have together a 3-year-old son named Devereaux, and they’re head over heels in love with each other. The lovebirds are determined to raise their son together.

Many are asking if Mick will finally tie the knot with Melanie since he never wed again since his separation from his first wife in 1978. He has yet to comment about marriage plans. It will not be out of place to say that their son is not going to have financial problems to contend with and will need not to worry about credit scores for the rest of his life! He also has several insurance policies to his name as beneficiary and owner.


Writer, actor, musician, comedian, and producer Steve Martin requires no introduction. At present, he is 75 years old and has recorded huge success in his career. Alongside his career success is his sound marriage with Anne Stringfield, who is 27 years younger than him. At the age of 67, Steve became a father for the first time. In 2007, he got hitched to Anne Stringfield, who at that time happened to be a writer for The New Yorker. Notwithstanding their huge age difference, the love between the couple could be felt, and they were able to make a success of their relationship.

As this is the second marriage of Steve, it is apparent that everything is going on the way it should. As a matter of fact, Steve had his first child in 2012! It is obvious that they did not allow their age gap to be a cog in the wheel of their relationship, and they both enjoy a fantastic life, taking advantage of the respect and love they have for each other. They have an insurance policy for every facet of their lives!


French actor Vincent Cassel came to the limelight in the 1990s. At the early stages of his career, he was mostly involved in French films until he made it into Hollywood. Among his popular movies are Trance, Ocean’s Twelve, and Ocean’s Thirteen. He tied the knot with the charming actress Monica Bellucci for a while. However, the relationship between them went sour, which saw them going their separate ways. In 2013, they saw the need to call a lawyer, and that marked the end of their marriage. Nevertheless, his love life is not yet over. In 2018, the fifty-two-year-old Vincent married the French model Tina Kunakey. In the following year, the couple was blessed with a daughter.

It is interesting to note that the French actor is 31 years older than Tina. Truly, age is just a number and cannot be an obstacle to the relationship between two people who are truly in love! Vincent, although showing signs of aging, has his way of keeping fit. He practices capoeira and some martial arts, which is why he looks great topless. For that, his appearance sure won’t be the reason for his lovely wife to request for separation. This couple is wealthy enough to have nothing to do with personal loans, house loans, title loans, business loans, and other forms of loans!


It’s always a thing of joy to see the relationship of a couple work out well, particularly in the world of celebrities where good relationships are not easy to come by. Matthew and Camila appear to be doing great with their relationship as they’ve been living with each other happily for a long degree of time now. They did not allow a 14-year age gap to be a stumbling block to their relationship. For Matthew, it was the relationship that he had been waiting for and totally worth the wait. Not only does he have a beautiful wife, they also share three beautiful children together.

The two love birds met in 2006 and tied the knot in 2011. Since then, they have not seen any reason to go their own ways or find another suitable partner. There also have been no rumors of the couple having any problems, which makes us very glad and optimistic that this is likely to be one of the few relationships that last forever.


Phoebe is one of the goddesses of Hollywood in the 80s. She made a name for herself when she joined Fast times at Ridgemont High. Fast forward to today, Phoebe has since voluntarily stepped out of the scene to focus on her family, but we can’t deny how beautiful and youthful Phoebe looks even at her age today. We definitely we would like to know the anti-aging method that she uses and use it for ourselves. We cannot help but notice that her glow is natural and we think it comes from within – genuine happiness. Looking at her records, I think we now know the secret: her solid marriage to Kevin Kline, despite their age difference of 16 years.

Her beauty has attracted a number of people since she sojourned in Hollywood. This explains why she had so many suitors. As God would have it, it was Kevin Kline, a theater actor that eventually won the heart of the gorgeous lady in question. The spouses have lived together happily all this time! The two are often sighted together on the red carpet. However, Cates does not like the life of glamor as she prefers to live a simple and normal life. At present, she has investments in a boutique known as Blue Tree in New York City.

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