Former Celebrities Who Have Normal Jobs Now!


Chuck Norris is well-known as a martial artist throughout the world and has appeared in many action movies. His fighting style gained huge attention and fame across social networking websites, and Chuck is an inspiration to a lot of kids who’ve acquired a passion for martial arts. He’s also penned down several publications on martial arts and is a renowned philanthropist as well. We expect he takes some time to consider creating a few investments and discover out ways to incorporate more to his bank account.

Being one of the most influential personalities in the industry, Norris certainly made a name for himself. Through his popularity, anything he did might have been successful. His books surely were because he wanted to share some of his thoughts to the world too. He also proved to have a heart considering that he set up funds for charities and advocacies as well, thanks to his huge bank account.


Susan Magdalena Boyle was born on 1st April 1961 in West Lothian, Scotland. She is a singer and volunteer in the community church. Susan Boyle’s voice sends chills down everyone’s spine. She first appeared in national television as one of the contestants in Britain’s Got Talent. Boyle later released her first album “I Dreamed A Dream” that broke records and was even featured in the Guinness World Records.

On July 6, 2012, Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh awarded the Scottish singer an honorary doctorate to reward Susan for her contributions to society, culture and art. With her success in the music entertainment scene earlier in her career, she’ll have no problem managing her credit score. She’s not that active in recording nowadays, though. There were even rumors that she’s currently working as a store manager while working on her next album.


Robert Matthew Van Winkle or popularly known as Vanilla Ice is one of the most successful music icons in the industry. He is an American actor, rapper and TV reality show personality. Born in South Dallas, and raised in Texas and South Florida by his mother, Vanilla Ice released his first album “Hooke” in 1989. His style is a mix of newer, rock and techn material and old-school hip hop. Vanilla ice also received many negative comments from critics.

Aside from his career in the music industry, he also used to work as a motocross racer, winning three championships before succumbing to an injury. Little was known if his insurance company covered the medical expenses. However, that incident paved the way to rap music. After a few years, he then went into TV hosting and appeared in shows such as The Vanilla Ice Project, among others.


George Foreman is one of the most decorated athletes of all time. He held the World Heavyweight title twice and brought honor to the United States Boxing Team by winning the gold chip in the 1968 Summer Olympics. Three years after he quit boxing for the first time, and seven years before he returned to the greatest comeback in the history of this sport, George Foreman won the Horatio Alger Award in 1984 for his success in overcoming adversity.

After his retirement from boxing, he later set his mind in doing business and investments. He was the spokesperson and the promoter of the George Foreman Grill that sold 100 million units worldwide. Foreman also sold the naming rights of the grill for a whopping $138 million which is more than enough to completely buyout a mortgage loan. It is estimated that he has earned $200 million from the grill, which greatly exceeds his income as a boxer.


The former child actor that played the role of Charlie Bucket in the 1971 film, Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory, is now a certified vet. He started out playing a few roles in children’s theater before talent agents discovered his talents. When Peter was a teenager, his family bought a horse, and it was the veterinarian of this animal that inspired his interest in medicine. After venturing into the entertainment scene, he later decided to pursue a more stable profession with animals.

Ostrum studied and received a degree in veterinary medicine and continued his doctorate studies at Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine. He has participated in the filming of Pfizer’s video series “Veterinarians on Call”. This video series focuses on the work veterinarians whose patients are large animals. It is nice to hear Hollywood isn’t for everybody sometimes, as much as everyone glamours it up.


Mary Cathleen Collins or most popularly known as Bo Derek is a popular television and a great movie actress who was previously a model and film producer. She gained fame through a film role in the Sex Comedy 10, a 1979 movie. She was seen in films like Ghosts Can’t Do It,The Ape Man, Tarzan, and Bolero.

However, she couldn’t reap much admiration and recognition for her work. Bo Derek’s love for animals is well known, and that’s what led her to install Bo Derek Pet Care, her lineup of pet shampoo, dog conditioner, and puppy face wash. It might be a fantastic manner to use her investment cash! Expectedly, her bank account will grow every passing day, and we hope that her entrepreneurship abilities will lead her to the peak of success. At 64, she is in her semi-retirement mode, where she accepts occasional films, documentaries, and TV shows.


The Malcolm in the Middle star Frankie Muniz received praises and recognition for his role in the show. He also appeared in other movies such as Big Fat Liar and Agent Cody Banks where he mostly did the stunts and was not afraid of any injuries which was probably because of his medical insurance. At the peak of his career, he was considered one of the most popular child stars in Hollywood.

He’s also an active racer that participates regularly in minor and major circuits. Aside from racing and a few acting gigs, he also plays in a band as a drummer. He expressed his desire to abandon traditional Hollywood movie roles, and said: “Growing up didn’t make me scared until last year. I started thinking about getting older and becoming an adult, which made me feel scared. I hope things will work out in my career. If it doesn’t, it will never be.”


Born on August 27, 1970 in Los Angeles, Leanna Creel is an American actress, producer, director, screenwriter and photographer. Creel is an identical triplet, and she began her television career in the late 1980s with her sisters Joy Creel and Monica Lacy. They appeared together in two TV movies, which were broadcast on The Wonderful World Of Disney: Parent Trap III and Parent Trap: Hawaiian Honeymoon. In 1992, Creel and Monica played guest roles in the Beverly Hills, 90210.

The American actress, also known as Tori in the hit television series Saved by the Bell, now owns a studio under her name. Her production company is called Creel Studio which features travel, food and lifestyle. Creel finished her study with a degree in history as well as a master’s degree in film and television which she now applies in her own studio.


Gemma Merna is an award-winning English actress who is famous for her portrayal of Carmel McQueen in Hollyoaks. She won “Best Comedy Performance” at the British Soap Awards and was also nominated for “Best Female Soap Actress” at the National Television Awards in 2007. Merna appeared on the TV show “All Star Family Fortunes” in a Hollyoaks v Emmerdale special and played against the gardener, garden designer and TV personality Diarmuid Gavin. In 2017, Merna appeared in an episode in the TV show Doctors.

She became teammates with former TV mum Nicole Barber-Lane and participated in the soap opera “Pointless Celebrities” on October 28, 2017. Besides acting, Gemma also had a modeling career. Today, she moved on to a less stressful job and became a yoga instructor in Liverpool Yoga Studios. Not only will she have great health but her new profession will help her age well. With such healthy lifestyle, insurance companies must love having her as a client.


Fabio Lanzoni featured in a number of calendars and gained prominence as Claudio in Acapulco H.E.A.T. He also endorsed Mediterraneum, a perfume that was launched by the extravagant fashion house from Italy, Versace. He also became prominent because he became the romance novel cover model throughout the 1980s to 1990s. Indeed, he is a crowd favorite! Fabio also appeared in Big Time Rush and Ned’s Declassified, a popular series on Nickelodeon. In 2010, he played Captain Hook in one of the episodes of The Suite Life on Deck.

Fabio is a big-time physical fitness enthusiast and started Healthy Ground Vitamins that specializes in whey protein, glutamine, and colostrum products. Fabio is also famous for starting his own clothing line, a gym and also released a workout video of his own. An amazing entrepreneur man he is, collecting big dollars in his bank account and planning out rewarding investments appears to be a cinch for him.


Macaulay Culkin started out as a child star and was well received by fans with his portrayal of Kevin McCallister in the hit movie franchise “Home Alone”. He also starred in other 90s children movies such as “Richie Rich”, “The Nutcracker” and more. His performance as a child actor gave him multiple awards and nominations which is a great deal especially for someone who was just starting off.

Now, with investments on hand, he now works as the CEO and publisher of a comedy website called Bunny Ears. He was spotted jamming with rock bands in one of his videos as well. You can say that he did not regret his decision to step out of the spotlight. Though he had the talent for that kind of career, he decided to quit, and we cannot do anything about that but to be happy for him since we can see that he is enjoying it.


Jack Gleeson played the role of the legendary villain during the first few seasons of the hit television series Game of Thrones. He’s known for his portrayal of Prince, then later, King Joffrey Baratheon that brought unspeakable drama within the show’s plot. His performances were loved by critics and hated by fans because of his convincing portrayal of a wicked, twisted, and spoiled king. Even the non-avid fan of the TV series hated him for the character he played!

Contrary to many popular beliefs, Jack is a great young man and shows above average marks in academics. With his grades, there isn’t any need for him to acquire student loans. If he finishes his studies and enhances his skill set, he will get a big break for himself in the entertainment industry or even outside the industry any time soon. Thanks for his dedication to his work or whatever endeavor he has.


Angelina Pivarnick was called the Kim Kardashian of Staten Island while starring in two successive sessions of Jersey Shore. As a television character, Pivarnick is having a hectic lifestyle, but she’s put her hands on each and every chance to maintain her stardom complete. She actually worked hard to keep her bank account. After retiring from a career in television, she made her way back into bartending and works as an emergency medical technician, too. Expectantly, Angelina’s life insurance programs are well achieved.

Because she has more than enough knowledge in the medical field, she has learned the hard way importance of insurance. Her bartending might be something she missed doing when she was still an actress, so she went straight back when she had the chance. Obviously, a career gal, she never stopped working on and off Hollywood, and she always grew her bank account no matter what she did.


If you’ve seen the classic horror movie “The Shining”, these actresses are probably the reason why you’re afraid of seeing two little girls holding hands in the hallway. With their spine-tingling acting, it’s no surprise why Louise and Lisa Burns a.k.a The Grady Twins haunt people’s nightmares forever. After this film and a TV show, these sisters decided to cut their acting career short and disappeared from the entertainment industry.

Nowadays, they bounced back quite well because Louise is a microbiologist while Lisa became a lawyer. Both are doing quite well in their chosen careers happily landed perfectly on their respective jobs. Hopefully, they have financial advisors to help them manage all the money they make from their high-paying jobs. Even if the twins have long been gone from the industry and are totally unrecognizable already, the public still notices them as the Grady Twins. They occasionally give interviews.


Ever wondered who’s the person in the viral meme “McKayla is Not Impressed”? Former Olympian McKayla Maroney was an American gymnast who bagged several gold medals in her professional athletic career. Among her awards, the one that made her famous wasn’t her gold medal but a silver one. Because she only got second place in the 2012 Olympics, she was photographed looking unimpressed, producing a viral meme. Maroney thought that the meme photograph was fun.

She used the same photo in her appearances like on the Late Night Show with David Letterman and others. She even has a picture with the President of the United States, Barack Obama, both of their unimpressed and funny faces when the US Gymnastics team visited the President. She eventually retired from gymnastics and became an aspiring musician. Hopefully, she has investment money to turn to until she becomes more popular for being a singer than a meme. With all this popularity and wealth, she probably hired a financial advisor to assist and manage her finances properly.


Nikki is known for her roles such as Maggie Baker in the 2008 film Queen Sized and Tracy Turnblad in Hairspray. Even though she had a successful career in acting and had numerous awards and nominations, she left the mainstream entertainment business and made investments in her true passion – working in the cosmetic scene. In 2011, Blonsky received her license and took the job as a part-time hair and makeup artist in New York.

She was so inclined to acting since her middle school days where she daily attended the after-school theater. Later, she participated in the productions of Les Miserables, Sweeny Todd, etc. However, there is something in a passion. Her choice to settle for being a makeup artist is more than her inclination in acting. We hope that she was wise enough to use the investment money she amassed from her acting.


Jessica Simpson is an American singer and actress. After she signed a contract with Columbia Records, her first ever studio album with them, Sweet Kisses, sold more than four million copies. She also appeared in several movies and television shows such as Blonde Ambition and That ’70s Show. When she was in the entertainment industry, she became a style icon and successfully launched her own collection. No wonder she pursued a career in this ever-changing industry. Currently, she is a fashion designer and is also pregnant. With a new child joining her family, it’s time to revisit her investment planning.

Though she left music a long time ago, she is still thriving in her fashion career. Because she had a lot of fans before, they still support her current endeavors up to date. It’s a good thing that she established herself as a style icon before she focused on fashion. This way, she gained the trust of the public when she launched her brand.


Dylan is one-half of the Sprouse brothers that led the show called The Suite Life on Deck which aired on Disney Channel from 2008 until 2011. He and his twin brother Cole also appeared in some direct-to-video films in the early to late 2000s and were featured as guests on various shows. It was only in 2017 that Dylan started to star in films without his twin brother. He did several projects from thriller, short, and comedy films, showing off his versatility as an actor.

In 2011, Dylan decided to pursue a degree in video game design in New York University’s Gallatin School of Individualized Study. In 2018, he opened his very own meadery named All-Wise Meadery in Brooklyn which he manages today. He also wrote a comic book called Sun Eater. We hope that his earnings are kept safe in secured investments for his future.


Kevin Jonas is a singer, songwriter and an actor that appeared in several movies and television shows. He’s best known for being a member of the pop band The Jonas Brothers alongside his siblings Joe and Nick. He became a prominent figure in the Disney Channel in the late 2000s where he racked up large net worth, thereby increasing investment money for him.

Aside from his successful music career, he is also the owner of the food app called Yood, founder of the construction company Jonas Werner, as well as becoming the co-CEO of the Blu Market, an influencer marketing company. There are no signs of slowing down for this young entrepreneur. We’re sure he’ll not have any problems in the future because of his carefully planned investments. In 2019, the Jonas Brothers reunited. The reunion produced plenty of records in a short period. Kevin Jonas may be big in entrepreneurship but his heart still belongs to the family.


Jon is the father of a twin and a sextuplet that appeared in a reality TV show called “Jon and Kate Plus 8”. Unfortunately, he and his former wife, Kate Gosselin had to hire a divorce lawyer and called it quits. There have been several legal issues and struggles after the divorce Gosselin faced alone with his attorney. All the money that he and his wife enjoyed before stopped flowing in when the divorce finalized.

After the separation, he started working in a construction firm as a solar panel installer then he later switched jobs as a DJ. He was also spotted working in a kitchen as a prep cook in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. We don’t really know if he had set aside some investment money for the future to support his eight children. Jon Gosselin should work as much as he can to avoid bankruptcy and fall into money loans.


He famously appeared in movies and television shows in the 90s and his biggest role was as Jeff McCallister in “The Home Alone” movie franchise and Big Pete in the tv show “The Adventures of Pete and Pete”. He did well in his roles and somehow got some recognition. He also earned a sizable net worth, enough to put in some investments for the future. After experiencing life in front of the cameras, he somehow realizes that acting was not his thing. He later switched gears and headed back into the back seat as an electrician in Hollywood sets.

He did well in his roles and somehow got some recognition. He also earned a sizable net worth, enough to put in some investments for the future. Maronna did what he likes to do. He ascertains that he is doing the right thing, the one thing that entices him. In any case, you see some electrical wiring on the flooring of a set, you may probably see Michael at the other end of the cable liking each moment of it.


Kirk first appeared on television in a commercial at the age of nine and he had his first major role back when he was thirteen. He reached the pinnacle of his fame after he played the role of Mike Seaver in the hit sitcom “Growing Pains” in which he gained recognition and received various awards. After living with Hollywood fame, he later learned to credit all the good things that happened to his life to God and decided to work as a minister, where he found his true calling.

Along with Ray Comfort, he founded “The Way of the Master” which made its way to television and helped establish The Firefly Foundation. Although it may seem that he may not need investments because he is serving God, he has his and his family’s needs also. We hope that what he earned from show business gave him the chance to put his investment money to good use.


Jonathan Bennett is an American model, actor, and producer that became famous after playing the role of Aaron Samuels in Mean Girls back in 2004. During the early days of his career, he was mostly working in front of the camera. However, he later learned all the bits and pieces behind the scenes and decided to not only play as an actor but to also be part of the production team as a producer.

He even met his partner, Celebrity Page host Jaymes Vaughan, who is supportive of him in whatever he will decide for himself. Recently, there are reports saying that he’s now a spin class instructor, and by the looks of it, he will no longer need any of his medical insurance. He probably has prepared for his future, putting his investment money to good use with profitable returns. He may not need the spotlight already since Bennett already has a thriving career outside the entertainment industry.


Danniella proceeded to become a famous face, due to her portrayal of the protagonist at “East Enders”, a favorite soap opera on BBC. The series helped her catch the limelight and continuously establish her bank account. She has probably made several investments through the help of her financial advisor. She was also featured in “Big Brother”. However, her battle with substance abuse at the age of 14 took a toll on her health and her livelihood.

Luckily, she was able to overcome the nightmare that might put her in huge credit or bankruptcy if not resolved. At present, she’s working as a bartender at a bar, and we expect she does not have to refinance her livelihood anytime soon. On the other hand, she expects to live within the limits of her meager salary. We hope that she will find another means of living to augment her income for her not to fall prey into personal loans or any money loans.


Steven Seagal is known for his hard-hitting, action-packed movies that involved martial arts and other cool-looking action scenes. He received a lot of awards and nominations, Seagal remained humble. His net worth is over the roof that it will be lightyears before he declares bankruptcy. He probably has an excellent financial advisor to put his income and investments in proper places.

Seagal is also a respected musician, director, and producer for various projects around Hollywood. He did projects in his time as director and producer. Hats off to him because most of his films garnered appreciation. His talent is not all talk, he has proof of his hard work and skills. Although he had a busy schedule in production sets, he also earned the privilege as a sworn deputy sheriff in various states such as Louisiana and New Mexico. Thanks to his high degree of knowledge and techniques from using various martial arts.


Before playing professionally for the New York Giants, Tiki Barber was a rising football superstar from the University of Virginia. After showcasing his excellent performance during his college days, he was drafted in the NFL and was able to join the big boys in the professional football league. He was the favorite of football fans during his time and hoped that he would pursue further.

Fast forward to his tenth season, Tiki retired and pursued a career as a field reporter for “The Today Show”. Years later, he shifted to his third career as a CBS Sports radio host. After multiple careers and with great money management and investments, he might be able to retire at a young age. However, Tiki started at a young age to earn fame and money, so it was difficult for him to stop working. He will find ways to make himself busy at the same time earning his fair share of success.


Lucy Liu first rose to stardom in the hit TV series “Ally McBeal” then later jumped to the movie scene portraying the role of one of the protagonists in the hit movie franchise “Charlie’s Angels”. She is definitely one of the favorites of the Charlie’s Angels fans in the movie franchise. She received nominations, if not awards, from the films that she made. Somehow her net worth increases as she continuously makes more projects. She has somehow managed to put in investments to a few ventures and enjoy their profits.

She didn’t stop working in the entertainment industry because she somehow loves it. Aside from doing work on and off the camera, she’s also an advocate of art and a certified artist as well. She’s now had multiple exhibits under her name and credits to her talent, she just recently had her first national museum exhibition that was held in Singapore’s National Museum.


Kurt Busch is a professional racer with numerous gold chips on his plate and he is famous for his 2004 NASCAR Nextel Cup Championship. He is not only a successful racer but a professional Pharmacist as well. He came from a family of successful car racers, which gave him his celebrity status and stable confidence. He started racing when he was still an underage teenager, where he raced in a Dwarf competition-winning second place.

Most of the competitions that he took part in resulted in him bringing home a huge sum of prize money. His net worth amassed to $50 million. With his earnings, he’ll have no problem dealing with his credit reports. Not only credit reports, but he also will not be thinking of the possibility of bankruptcy. His financial advisor might find a hard time to manage his wealth since Busch does not plan to retire yet, so his net worth will double or triple overnight.


Maria Jose de Pablo Fernandez, more widely known as Cote De Pablo, became famous in her role in the hit television drama series NCIS. She received multiple nominations for her performance in the police drama and naval investigations and even won an ALMA Award. She started her television career when she was barely 15 years old on a television talk show Control. She realized she has a deep passion for acting and singing after studying at Carnegie Mellon University, graduating with a degree in Musical Theater. She has also appeared in several plays.

As she continued to flourish in her role, she was also given the credit for exhibiting her passion for music. She gave the viewers a quick look at her talent in one of the NCIS episodes, which earned her recognition from fans. She has accumulated a net worth of $6 million, enough to secure a large investment for herself in the future.


Many fans don’t know that before Michael ventured in Hollywood, he was a successful amateur wrestler with lots of gold chips on his shoulder. There are even rumors that he was part of the US Junior Wrestling Team back in the late 80s. After his wrestling career, he then switched his path and decided to pursue a career in acting. To his credit, he landed the role of Jake Ryan in Sixteen Candles in 1984 which opened the gates to other projects.

The degree of his international prominence was enhanced when he earned the spot as #22 “Biggest Hunks of the 1980s”. After a few years, he thought of a more stable source of income than acting and expressed his interest in woodworking and carpentry. Although in his acting career, he amassed a net worth of $500,000. He probably used the money to make new investments in handicraft furniture, which we hoped was successful and profitable.


Famous singer Barbara Mandrell was a pop country music icon during the 70s and 80s. She received a lot of accolades and citations for her work. When she retired in 1997, she was inducted into two prestigious Hall of Fame and became a member and still a member of the Grand Ole Opry. All these endeavors and dedication paid off in her staggering $45 million net worth, she wouldn’t worry about falling into money loans.

She was at the peak of her singing career when an unfortunate event happened. She and one of her children got involved in a vehicular accident and up until now, there are little to no reports that her insurance company properly managed their expenses. After the incident, she then decided to be part of a group that promotes safe driving and proper use of seatbelts. She also appeared in several TV shows during the 90s until her retirement.


Mackenzie Rosman rose to stardom by playing one of the leading roles in the hit television series 7th Heaven. After the show went off air, Rosman got a few gigs from several movies and TV shows but it was just a flicker of success compared to what she got from her breakout show. Her net worth sky-rocketed to $2 million at an early age. She could’ve asked her parents or a financial advisor how to manage her money.

Nowadays, Mackenzie has been focusing on her personal passions. This led her to step back a little bit from the entertainment scene and focus more on her advocacy that supports patients with cystic fibrosis. She already raised some significant figures that helped other foundations sustain their operational needs. She also uses her acting credits to encourage other celebrities to do the same. To this day, the degree of her passion for making these foundations widespread is astounding.


Before her journalism career, Rebecca Ritters was an actress. The Australian actress is known for her role as Hannah Martin in the soap opera “Neighbors”. She was part of the show for almost seven years and brought a lot of income to her bank account. She probably put in a few investments in different ventures that she wanted. She also has appearances in some Australian productions. She also took part in some shows and musicals in the early 2000s, mostly in an open-air production but ultimately went back to schooling.

She studied hard and got her degree in Politics and International Relations at the University of Melbourne. Ritters then received an offer to work in the news and current affairs department for Australian Broadcasting Company. In 2015, she started as a journalist for Deutsche Welle in Berlin. There is no stopping Rebecca Ritters. She will play the role of a good journalist as she goes on with her new career.


Jason Zimbler starred alongside Melissa Joan Hart in the hit sitcom “Clarissa Explains It All” that ran from 1991 until 1994. After the show went off the air, Jason took it slow in the acting business and decided to finish his studies. With this kind of determination, Zimbler managed to get a degree in Business Administration and in Theatre Directing. He may not be seen often in front of the screen, but he’s actually working behind the scenes as a software designer for HBO.

To his credit, HBO must have liked his work because he is still with them until now. He must have been fond of working with them. It must be because he is paid well. Kidding aside, we hope that he is happy with this decision and would come back to the spotlight anytime soon. If that were to happen, we know that there would be tons of his fans that would pay to see him again.


Hank Aaron is a retired Major League right fielder that played baseball for more than two decades. The teams he played with greatly recognized his contributions and even went to the extent of retiring his number as a sign of respect for the ‘Hammer.’ His number 44 jersey was retired by the Milwaukee Brewers in 1976 and the Atlanta Braves did the same thing one year later.

After retiring from baseball, he decided to make an investment in a car dealership in Georgia and even went the extra mile, giving a signed baseball for each car sold from his new found business. So, if you need a new car that is affordable and worth it, don’t forget to visit Hank Aaron. You would not only get an amazingly low-cost vehicle. You would also receive a signed baseball for each purchase that you will make. So, gas up and head to Aaron’s business!


Blake and Dylan were part of the main cast of a show called Full House as Nicky and Alex Katsopolis. After doing over seventy episodes from seasons 6 to 8 of the show, the twins went their separate ways. Blake, the one who played the role of Nicky, decided to be a firefighter, while his other twin Dylan decided that the best investment he could make was to become a sound technician on Hollywood sets.

Recently, Full House decided to do another run and created a new show called The Fuller House. Though they might not be part of the main cast of the second run of Full House, we know that there will be one twin that would still be helping from behind the scenes as a sound technician. It would nevertheless be a great success for both of them. There are no new updates regarding the twins now, but we know that they are satisfied.


Danny Lloyd made an impact in the Hollywood scene back when he was young. He played the role of Danny Torrance in the 1980 classic horror film “The Shining”, which was based on a Stephen King novel with the same name. Unlike many people, Danny is a reserved person that doesn’t like fame and attention brought about by the Hollywood lifestyle. After the show ended, he and his family decided not to continue his acting career. Instead, he focused on his studies and he ended up with a degree.

He’s now part of the Elizabethtown Community and Technical College in Kentucky as a professor. With recent updates regarding him and all the photos, we can see that he has been happy and satisfied with his lifestyle and would not want to go back into the spotlight again. Because of this attitude, he has been an inspiration for all of his fans.


Maia appeared in movies such as “Adventures in Babysitting” as Sara Anderson and as Shelly Ann Lewis in the hit teen sitcom series “Parker Lewis Can’t Lose”. She also appeared as Sally Baines, the younger sister of Marty McFly’s mother Lorraine in “The Back to the Future” franchise. Her career in show business blossomed in the late 80s and early 90s.

However, she decided to look for a more stable source of income and went to get a job as a bartender. She was not bad at doing it but she wasn’t that great of a bartender also. That is why she later expressed her interest in law that led her to get a degree at Yale University in 1998. Maia Brewton now has a stable job. She made sure to secure a promising future for all of her children and the later generations to come.


Do you remember one of Blind Melon’s music videos back in the early 90s? Well, if you’ve thought of the tap dancing ‘Bee Girl’, you might be pertaining to Heather DeLoach. Aside from being the popular girl in a bee costume, she also appeared in two episodes of the medical drama series ER. After the dust settled, DeLoach decided to invest her time and some of her income in businesses such as candy stations and an agency that handles corporate event planning.

This little bee girl is now a grown-up and we are pretty confident about her credit score due to her many smart investments. Due to all those smart investments, there are no doubts that she would not need the help of a financial advisor. All her children and grandchildren should be guaranteed a great inheritance. We hope that she keeps that up and would not fall into deep personal loans.


Al Franken is a known comedian and media personality that first rose to stardom during the late 70s. Originally, he’s one of the best writers in the show called “Saturday Night Live” which won him multiple awards. Franken then teamed up with his fellow writer Tom Davis and came up with scripts used in various films from the ’70s until the ’80s. Franken, to his credit, succeeded in writing, so much so that his four books were even included in The New York Times Best Seller list.

You can say that this was the career meant for the comedian. Yes, he was great at being a comedian, and this was his stepping stone in finding the profession of his dreams, but he stated that it did not compare to the joy and the happiness that his other career is bringing him. We are glad that he found the one for him.


Mercedes Lander is the drummer of Canadian metal band called “Kittie”. Their band was formed in 1996 and from there, they released multiple albums and singles. With almost twenty years in the industry, the band already had numerous overhauls and multiple replacements of members over that span of time. However, compared to other bands out there, they seem to have become a solid group having two of their four members still being the originals.

Aside from her regular band duties, Mercedes decided to pursue a career as a real estate agent as well. And she’s not so bad, considering that this was just a part-time job for her to spend some of those free times when they are not practicing as a band. So if you’re around Canada and looking for any mortgages, you might stumble across one of the best drummers in the world as one of your realtor agents.


Amanda Bynes is an American actress and comedian who also made a huge wave in the fashion industry. She rose to stardom as a child star in the late 90s until the early 2000’s. She appeared in various romantic comedy films such as What a Girl Wants, Hairspray, and Easy A. During the time she was at the top of her career, many people didn’t know that she was struggling with personal issues. This later led to her short hiatus in acting, where she eventually found what she was looking for.

In 2013, Bynes enrolled in fashion school. She just recently got an associate’s degree in Merchandise Product Development and announced her plan to get a Bachelor’s degree. Since she has shown a keen interest in education, we know that she still has much to learn. However, once she gets the hang of what she wants to do, there are no doubts that she would do great.


Danica McKellar is an American actress, writer and education advocate, focusing on academic importance. She started her acting career when she was young and was featured in various television series until she found her big break as Winnie Cooper in the 1988 hit drama series “The Wonder Years”. Her success in front of the camera continued for many years. However, she realized that her acting gigs were not enough to get her a stable income for the future. With that in mind, McKellar pursued her studies and received a degree at UCLA.

With her sharp mind, she managed to publish several mathematical books from 2008 until 2012. Three of her books were listed in the children’s best seller lists in the New York Times. Because of this, she has made enough money to invest, and there are no doubts that she will not need the help of a financial advisor to help her with her finances. Her success in front of the camera continued for many years.


Award-winning actress Helen Hunt is famous for working both in front and behind the camera. She started making a significant push in her acting career when she landed the role of Jamie Buchman in the critically-acclaimed sitcom “Mad About You”. After gathering awards after awards from different prestigious bodies, she continued to appear in various films until she decided to push her boundaries and ventured to become a director. She made her debut as a director in the film “Then She Found Me”, which was then followed by “Ride”.

Hunt also directed several episodes of famous television series such as “House of Lies”, and “American Housewife”. With all the projects and the fame she received, there’s no doubt she’ll have no issues in dealing with her credit score. We’re glad that she decided to switch careers earlier than she should. Because of that, she had an ample amount of time in perfecting the art of directing.


Barbi Benton was one of the most beautiful faces in the industry back in the early 70s until her retirement in the 80s. She’s a model-actress and a singer that brought fresh new music in the 70s. Many people didn’t know that she was supposed to have a degree in veterinary in UCLA but decided to pursue another career because of her alleged fear of blood.

In the later part of her career, she decided to marry George Gradow, a known real estate developer. There were reports saying that Benton is working together with her husband as an interior decorator. If ever you need any home improvements or home security, you might stumble across Barbi and her husband since they have already made a name of their own in this line of work. She could have made her name even more popular if she had not retired from her previous career early.


Have you heard the song My Sharona? If yes, you should have known that it held the number one spot of Billboard’s Top 100 singles chart for almost 6 weeks. It also held the number one slot for Top Pop Singles year-end chart in 1979. The reason behind that success points out to the inspiration behind the song, Sharona Alperin. Alperin was the girlfriend of one of the band members and t he inspiration behind the successful track.

Their relationship went as far as engagement but didn’t push past marriage. After the dust settled, Alperin decided to become a realtor. She’s now a successful realtor, dealing with mortgages and real estates in Los Angeles. She has not been the reason for that fame but just a mere inspiration. Even though that is the case, she still could take some credits because she helped in her little way to make this song a hit.


Jennifer Love Hewitt is an actress, singer-songwriter and one of the loveliest faces in Hollywood. She began her journey in the entertainment scene as a child star and an endorser before joining Disney’s Kids Incorporated. Her first major breakout came in 1995 when she landed the role as Sarah Reeves Merrin in “Party Number Five”. She later paired up with Jackie Chan in the movie “Tuxedo” and starred in shows such as the “Ghost Whisperer”.

After her success in front of the camera, she decided to work behind the scenes as a writer and a producer, and surprisingly, she is doing well with this line of work. You would not expect her to do so since she was so good in her other career and would think that she would not let that one go. You don’t need to have a financial degree to know her worth with all the success and projects she handled in the years of her career.


Stanley Kirk Burrell, also known as MC Hammer, was one of the pillars of hip-hop music in the late 80s and early 90s. He’s one of the most successful artists and entrepreneurs at that time. With all the media success he had, it seemed like there was no stopping his financial roar. However, in a quick twist of events, he needed big help from a financial advisor to properly handle his finances. He went down hard with a large amount of debt under his name.

You can say that the rockstar kind of life did get the best of him. But over time, he did push through and made everything better than before. There are recent updates regarding him stating that he is now working as a lecturer in a school near the Ivy League area. Though the artist is not making the same as he did when he was a star, we can still see in his face that he is happy.


Richard Corey Harrison became famous when he became part of Pawn Stars, a popular series on History channel. He first worked at the pawnshop and later on became a supervisor until he became the co-owner of the store, maintaining 10 percent of the business for himself. His income from this will depend entirely on the earning from his investment money.

He put his hands over the Beauty Bar on the popular Fremont Street. Some of the offers that it highlights include manicures and other spa treatments throughout the day as well as musical acts at night. He should have the best-polished floor to give life and vitality to his spa. Among the wittiest investments we’ve seen for quite a while, Harrison will not find it hard to garner a big amount in his bank account. He would need the professional guidance of a financial advisor to oversee his expenses and investment.


Hayden Christensen became famous in his role as Anakin Skywalker in the 2002 film “Star Wars: Episode II – The Attack of the Clones”. This movie brought him multiple nominations from various award-giving bodies. He then continued to be part of successful films in the following years such as “The Shattered Glass” and “umper”. Following his success, he decided to place some of his earnings into investments. In the mid-2000s he opted to buy a piece of land where he can devote some of his time learning about crops and livestock.

Now Hayden Christensen is living happily with the land he bought, and because of this, we believe that he will not be returning to the spotlight in the next few years. However, if he does, that would be a great thing, and there is no doubt that many of his fans will be delighted and happy to see him again.


Virginia Elizabeth “Geena” Davis is a well-known artist and activist that promotes gender equality. With her fame and status, she passionately aims to spread awareness on gender equality among men and women in all facets of life. She graduated with a degree in drama from Boston University and made her acting debut in the movie Tootsie. She later earned popularity after starring in the sci-fi movie The Fly, where she got a nomination for Best Actress in the Saturn Awards. From then on, she kept receiving nominations from various award-winning bodies year after year.

Her drama movie Tourist in 1988 brought her to even more prominence, and she even won the Academy Award for Best Actress. In that same year, she also appeared in the movie Beetlejuice. Another popular character that she portrays best was Dr. Nicole in Grey’s Anatomy in 2014, 2015, and 2018. Geena is now 64 years old and still has no plans to retire from acting.


Carrie is the daughter of a military officer of the U.S Airforce. She started as a child artist and is best known for playing Rebecca ‘Newt’ Jorden who was lonely and terrified by the presence of aliens around her in the science fiction film Aliens. Carrie was spotted by Sarah Ferguson, the casting director of the movie, and within no time, Henn was contacted for an audition and later selected for the role. It was also the only one credited to her name because she wanted to prioritize her teaching career.

She never went back to acting and chose to pursue higher education. In 2000, she graduated from liberal studies and child development, and now, she’s a happy mom, and as a spouse. Currently, she is an elementary teacher at Shaffer Elementary school in Atwater, California. We never heard of Carrie applying for a student loan or payday loans in order to survive.


Julia obtained a breakthrough portraying the role of Erica Dansby in Ghostwriter, a popular TV series. She also featured in several blockbuster films like “Mona Lisa Smile” in 2003, and the horror movie “The Omen” in 2006. Her acting career has helped her collect a fortune of $20 million into her bank account, along with her recent appearances including the internet series Blue and movie entitled Trouble. Her first film role in “I Love You, I Love You Not” gained many audiences because of her outstanding acting skills.

She even got another shot from the thriller movie Wicked, in which she was awarded the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival Award for Best Actress. Countless projects came her way, and many directors handpicked her for their movies. On the personal front, she’s happily married and blessed to have a son with her husband Preston J. Cook. We think that the kid’s life insurance programs have been achieved.


Tiffany is considered to be a powerful singer, celebrity, song composer, and former teen idol who made waves with her cover version of “I Think We’re Alone Now” in 1987 and “I Saw Him Standing There,” a Beatles classic, who made her at the no. 1 spot on the Hot 100 list. Tiffany found commercial success after the mall tour “The Beautiful You: Celebrating The Good Life Shopping Mall Tour 87.” Aside from singing, she also has an active career in acting.

She appeared in several movies like “The Isolationist” in 2008, a psychological thriller “Necrosis” in 2009, “Mega Shark versus Giant Octopus” in the same year, and “Mega Piranha” in 2010. She also appeared in several television shows such as Celebrity Fit Club and Hulk Hogan’s Celebrity Championship Wrestling. Tiffany had nationwide music tours that are sufficient to rake in a thousand dollars in her bank accounts. Tiffany has secured herself from financial problems such as mortgage and bankruptcy loans all of her life.


Kevin Patrick Williams a.k.a. Kevin Kennedy is a celebrity and musician who conquered the stage for playing the character of Curly Watts for 20 years in Coronation Street, a popular opera. In 2019, he appeared in the stage play Cinderella at Cambridge Art Theater. In the same year, in December, he appeared in Mr. Brown’s Boys’ Christmas episode and played an angel role.

Although many chances came his way then, Kevin could not really make it to stay in the limelight and ended up as a tour guide by profession, taking people on tour across the archaic collections of the prominent television series. Kevin’s better half is Claire, who happens to be the CEO of Kennedy St. & Co. Recovery Services where he is the director. We aren’t too certain if Kennedy has made a few more investments in the pipeline, but he probably has his life insurance policies settled.


Marisa Tomei has proven herself as an actress in the ABC sitcom A Different World in 1987 and My Cousin Vinny in 1992. She is also a recipient of an Academy Award in the Best Supporting Actress category for the latter. Aside from TV shows, Marisa featured in films, too, like What Women Want, In the Bedroom, Anger Management and the recent one in Spider-Man: Far from Home.

Aside from doing film shows, she also has an active career in Theatre. She was part of The Naked Angels Theater Company, which gave her the chance to appear in several plays like Wait Until Dark, Daughters, and Top Girls which she received a nomination for the Drama Desk Award for Outstanding Featured Actress in a Play. Now,she leads a healthy way of life, doing workout sessions and has published many of her workout videos. Marisa’s financial advisor is probably having difficulty handling banking and other financial matters.


Philip Michael Thomas is one of the best actors in Hollywood. Known for his role as detective Ricardo Tubbs on the famous hit 1980s TV series, Miami Vice. As for films, his notable roles were in the 1975 movie Coonskin, and playing the opposite of Irene Cara in the 1976 film Sparkle. Following his success in Miami Vice, Thomas appeared in numerous films and advertisements. He then jumps into voice acting as Lance Vance in the famous video games Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories.

In 1994, Thomas signed an agreement and became a spokesperson for Philip Michael Thomas International Psychic Network. He appeared in TV commercials and claimed to have met the premier psychics on earth through his “world travel”. Now, we can only imagine what are his investments following his retirement as he is quite successful with his career. He also shared that he keeps himself healthy.


Playing the character of Darla in the “The Little Rascals” made Brittany Ashton Holmes popular during her child acting career days. She was just five years old when she got chosen for the role of Darla. Please take note that Brittany is a personal pick of the directors for her character. Nobody thought that this is the first and last TV appearance, though she’s a good actress, she still ended her acting career. After the said movie, Brittany went completely unseen and was believed to have taken up the work of a barista, indicating that she had put her acting career on hold and moved on.

Brittany is now living with her husband in Los Angeles and studying at a University to continue her political science degree. Besides being a barista, she wanted to add another career, so she wanted to finish her studies and have a much better future. Hopefully, she will refinance her life soon.


Debby Ryan is a famed actress and singer. She started acting in professional theater at the age of seven and came into the limelight with her appearance in Barney & Friends. She was featured as Bailey Pickett, which aired from 2008 to 20011 in the Disney sitcom, The Suite Life on Deck, and appeared in the original Disney television movie 16 Wishes as Abby Jensen. Now, she’s an actress with a good reputation and gained prominence and admirations from all quarters. Debbie is making waves with The Never Ending , a band which she formed five years back.

Her recent film in the Netflix series Insatiable where she portrays Patty Bladell’s role also gave her a shot to prove her acting skills. However, she still has a lot to offer, not just in acting but also in the business. Debby posted her paid partnership on Instagram with L’Oreal and Clean and Clear. Having a fantastic credit rating to showcase, Ryan has never been seen on procuring payday loans.


Hillary Duff started her career at a young age and soon became considered as a teen idol with her performance in Lizzie McGuire, a very well-known series on Disney. The show gave her more breaks and she took hold of lead roles in movies such as Agent Cody Banks, A Cinderella Story, Cheaper by the Dozen, According To Greta, War, Inc., and Bloodworth. There are still more acting credits on the list, yet she still managed to continue her singing career at the same time. She is still working her way to release more albums and gain more awards.

Aside from achieving gold and platinum-certified albums in her career, Hilary also authored a trilogy of novels – Elixir, Devoted and True. She’s accumulated a net worth of $25 million in her bank account by now, along with a credit rating that is honestly desirable. Surely, every fan of her is pleased with all her achievements.


Jennifer Ever Garth has been a remarkable actress when she played Kelly Taylor in the hit Beverly Hills 90210 series, in which she won a Young Artist Award and nominated for a Teen Choice Award. She also appeared as Valerie Tyler in What I Like About You, a TV sitcom on which she stayed for four seasons. Recently she announced that she is part of the movie April Flowers as Kathy Meyer.

Jennie seemed to be dissatisfied with her acting career hence launched, her own business that deals with online products to treat and pamper mothers. The special desirability of this venture is that some money received from each purchase is driven to charity. That is what we call an ideal means to generate the use of your investment cash. We hope Jennie all the luck ahead and wish she would come up with more investments as time goes by.


Andrea Elson started her professional career as a child actress and model. She was well-remembered because of her character as Alice Tyler in Whiz Kids, a sci-fi show on CBS and Lynn Tyler at ALF, a comedy series on NBC. These two famous shows earned her two nominations in the Youth in Film Awards in 1986 and 1989. Does Andrea appear in a variety of TV shows like the popular series Who’s The boss? ABC Afterschool Special, The Young and The Restless, Class cruise, and Mad About You, which gained a wide range of audience

However she decided to switch to being a wellness expert and practiced yoga on the shore. Her fitness and lifestyle blog became a motivation for many yoga devotees. Fitness is a business today, and she’s certainly charted her own route and gathered quite an appealing net value in her bank account, aside from an excellent credit rating.


Ariana Richards is an American painter and actress. She has previously worked on stage, TV and other features, including “I’m Gonna Git You Sucka” (1988), “Prancer” (1989) and “Tremors “(1990). On TV, Richards has appeared in more than 20 commercials and done guest spots on “Sister Sam”, “The Golden Girls” and “Empty Nest”. Ariana Richards has been in the industry since 1988 but got her biggest break when she accepted the role of Lex Murphy in the 1994 hit-movie Jurassic Park.

After the big break, Ariana focused on her studies and stepped back a little bit from acting. This was when she decided to pursue her education and eventually got herself a degree in Fine Arts and Drama at Skidmore College in 2001. All of her hard work in her newfound passion gave her first place in the National Professional Oil Painting Competition in 2005.


Peter Billingsley is an actor and a producer. He portrayed Ralphie in A Christmas Story, a 1983 film, and Messy Marvin in the famous Hershey’s Chocolate Syrup ad in the 70s which made him rise to fame. He also starred in the movie The Dirt Bike Kid as Jack Simmons, in which he earned The Young Artist Award and Death Valley as Billy. He started his career as a kid where he somewhat made a significant name for himself.

In the early 1990s, he began accepting older roles to prove that he can play mature characters that can package his versatility in acting. Although Peter isn’t so much busy facing the camera in later times, many identified him because of his job behind the scenes. He produced films such as Four Christmases, Couples Retreat and Iron Man. Positively, he will find more opportunities to concentrate on his banking and keep a tab on his credit card.


Hallie is a former American child actress who became a famous face being the favorite Pepsi girl from the Pepsi advertisements. Hallie also played as Erika Tansy in How to Eat Fried Worms, a children’s comedy and Paulie as Marie Alweather.At the age of four,1990s iconic movies Bicentennial Man as Young “Little Miss” Amanda Martin and The Insider as Barbara Wigand helped her for a rapid path to fame.

She also starred in the film Beautiful, the Miracle Worker Remake as Hellen Keller, and the Independent film PJ as Pauline. Her movie projects started to slow down because she is undecided if she is still going to continue pursuing her career. Later on, she has taken a brief pause from acting in order to go to university and pursue her higher education. Hallie wouldn’t have required a student loan as her short but renowned career has helped her to accumulate a nice net worth in her bank accounts.


The child boy who played J.T. Lambert in a popular show of the 90s is none other than Brandon Call. He made a career out of that show and built strong bank accounts all along. Like an average person, Brandon also has some bad days in his life. After his taping for an episode of Step by Step on September 3, 1996, he got into a traffic argument while driving home and got shot in both arms by Tommy Eugene Lewis. It was one of the memorable events during his acting career.

He decided to retire from his acting career in the late ’90s and used to have a life that’s extremely different from the spotlight where he was before. According to sources and eyewitnesses, Brandon has been spotted working as an attendant at a gas station owned by his parents. We are not sure if he worries about his credit score at all, but it’s sad to see someone with so much talent, fading away into oblivion within such a short span of time.


At the age of 4, Tamberelli got his first regular television role, and it was Sean Novak on the ABC daytime soap opera Ryan’s hope. Afterward, he also played Jackie Rodowsky on the television series The Baby-Sitters Club. He also played Little Pete in The Adventures of Pete and Pete, a popular Nickelodeon series. During the Pete & Pete show, he met two musicians named Iggy Pop and Mark Mulcahy, who inspired him to become a musician too someday.

When he was eleven, he learned to play bass in between breaks. He became the bassist and vocalist for the rock band Jounce, formed in Northern New Jersey. Danny Tamberelli tied the knot with Katelyn Detweiker, who is an author. The wedding ceremony happened at a distinctive place in Danny’s heart at Steel Stacks in the city of Bethlehem. All the people who love them hope that their joint net worth will pave the way for a few noteworthy investments soon.


If you are familiar with The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, you probably remember Karyn Parsons, who played Hilary Banks. After the said show, Karyn went off-air in 1996. A few breaks came her way that she was even part of the cast in Major Payne (1995) and The Ladies Man (2000). Now, she is a part of Sweet Blackberry, a non-profit entity that’s dedicated to teaching children about unsung heroes through animated movies. The venture undeniably not a money-making one, though. But despite that fact, it was amazing how Karyn bonds with the children.

She also published two books for children: a middle-grade novel entitled How High the Moon, which was published in 2019 that was roughly inspired by stories of her mother’s childhood in the Jim Crow South and published Flying Free in 2020. At times, a smile is more priceless than just collecting millions into one’s bank account. She probably still has a good credit score, especially if she practiced proper money management.


Nick Offerman is an actor, comedian, author, and carpenter who achieved fame with his role in Parks and Recreation, a TV sitcom on NBC. Nick is also renowned for his role as Karl Weathers in Fargo, an FX series. Offerman served as an executive producer for the film The House of Tomorrow, where he also starred. When he lived in Chicago in the mid-1990s, he joined with theater companies such as Goodman, Stephen Wolf, and Wisdom Bridge. He is also a professional boat builder and decided to fortify his bank account by starting up Offerman Woodshop, a carpentry collective. He makes furniture and other wooden structures such as canoes and boats at his woodshop.

Aside from woodworking, Offerman has released three semi-autobiographical publications entitled: Paddle Your Own Canoe: One Man’s Fundamentals for Delicious Living in 2013, Gumption: Relighting the Torch of Freedom with America’s Gutsiest Troublemakers in 2015, and Good Clean Fun: Misadventures in Sawdust at Offerman Woodshop in 2016. He also penned down a foreword for The Tool Book. This guy probably kept away from monetary hassles such as bankruptcy and loans.


If you can still recall, Lisa was the kid actress from movies like Mrs. Doubtfire and Independence Day. When she started acting, her first role was as Katis’ Granddaughter in the 1985 film Eleni. Lisa Jakub debuted with a 1985 movie and starred in Matinee where she played the role of Sandra. She also had a role in The Beautician and the Beast. Lisa did her last movie entitled Double Frame and quit acting to pursue her career as a writer, a yoga teacher, along with being a writing instructor.

After she retired from acting in 2001 at the age of 22, she moved to Virginia and got married, and publicly stated that she has no plans to return to acting. What’s good about Lisa is we can expect that she’s doing great and has amazed a fantastic fortune in her bank account. We hope she can map out a suitable life insurance plan for herself as well.


Erik Sullivan is a former American actor. He began studying piano and the saxophone at a very young age. He also has a first-degree black belt in taekwondo. Who will ever forget the small Dewey which was played by Erik, in the Fox series Malcolm in the Middle? He impressed us all for seven successive seasons, but Erik attained stardom with his character in the movie Armageddon. When Malcolm in the Middle went off-air, he participated in charity works and writing.

Sullivan, together with Malcolm co-star Jane Kaczmarek, wrote the afterword to the children’s book Together. This is about farming and was motivated by the nonprofit organization Heifer International. His last known acting credit was performing in the film Twelve in 2010. Since then, Erik is assumed to be living a life that is far from the media. We hope Erik will reach all his goals in life, free from any debts and continuously establishing a good credit rating.


Before she was adored for her beauty and her acting abilities, she began modeling when she was six years old and consistently cast in television commercials. She grabbed an award for her portrayal in the 1993 movie entitled The Crush. Her performance in Clueless also got her many awards, along with her portrayal as Batgirl from the 1997 film Batman & Robin. She received a Golden Globe nomination for Best Actress in – Television Series Musical or Comedy for her role in the short-lived NBC series Miss Match in 2003.

We can say that Alicia always stole the attention of many in most of the films she’s starred. Later on, Alicia also decided to expand her talent as an author. She wrote a vegan cookbook entitled The Kind Diet. Alicia promotes veganism and animal rights throughout her writing. That is really a wise way of enjoying what she is doing and will probably improve her credit rating.


Fishel is an American actress, director, model, and television personality. She started her career in theatre and made her way up as an actress shortly after. At the age of 10, Fishel was discovered in a public theater where she performed in two productions, The Wizard of Oz and Peter Pan in 1991. Then at the age of 12, she was known for her role as Topanga in the series Boy Meets World which made her quite popular in the circuit. Fishel has always received much love from her audience and fans.

In December 1998, Fishel was on the cover of Seventeen. She took home a 1998 Young Star for Best Performance by a Young Actress in a Comedy TV Series. She was one of “The 21 Hottest Stars Under 21” in 1999. Following some success on TV, she was drawn to journalism and became a host of The Dish, a Sky Network show. Apart from that, Danielle also became a reporter of women’s lifestyle system, PopSugar. She probably still has a good credit rating with her new career.


Roseann Barr is an American actress, producer, writer, and presidential candidate. She has a net worth of $80 million and pursued her calling in stand-up comedy before gaining commendation in the television sitcom Roseanne. She won an Emmy and a Golden Globe Award for Best Actress for her work on the show. She was best known for portraying the iconic guide in Roseanne. She authored a publication Roseanne – My Life as A Woman and printed it in 1989. It was heard that she and her spouse are tending a livestock farm.

She also ran for president but had been placed sixth. We assume it may be a small disappointment but there’s also great news with it. Roseanne had been revived and had eight episodes last year. Doors of a refinance have opened for her. Barr is also known for singing a generally panned version of “The Star-Spangled Banner” right before a baseball game between the San Diego Padres and Cincinnati.


Jeff Cohen is an American attorney and former child actor with a net worth of $4 million. Who will forget the adorable Chunk in the iconic film The Goonies in the year 1985? Like other artists who didn’t make it that long in the camera, Jeff Cohen said goodbye to his acting career and dealt with politics and business in his columns.

When adolescence hit Cohen, he went into early withdrawal from acting and pursued a career in law. Jeff founded his very own law firm too. He is indeed the innovative guy he is. He earns as an entertainment lawyer, and he’s quite proficient at it. To his credit, he created Cohen & Gardner in Beverly Hills and has attained great success. He was entitled one of Hollywood’s “Top 35 Executives 35 and under.” He occasionally writes about business, legal and political matters for CNBC and The Huffington Post as of February 2014.


Josh Saviano is an American lawyer and a former child actor who starred in The Wonder Years, a comedy-drama television show. His first television appearance was a one-line role in a commercial for Aimtoothpaste.The 1980s sitcom worked miracles for Josh in his early career. He then also appeared in an uncredited character part in the 1989 movie The Wizard.

However, soon as the series reached its finale, Josh made a decision to drift away from fame and shifted his gears to another life. He stopped acting and went to Yale to study political science, and he’s presently a corporate lawyer by profession. Being an actor and turned into a lawyer is quite a good switch. But from 2014 to 2015, he appeared on television to play a lawyer in three episodes of; Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. He has a net worth of $500 thousand that will surely make him free from loans in the future.


Andrea Barber is known for playing Kimmy Gibler on Full House. Her first biggest role was as the original Carry Braddy on the American soap opera; Days of Our Lives from 1982 to 1986. After the show Full House ended, Andrea obtained a bachelor’s degree in English from Whittier College and took a Master’s degree in Arts from the University of York. She also got her job at the same University where she graduated – Whittier’s Office of International Programs.

She afterward became the Director of International Programs at Whittier. We can say that her credit score is increasing as well as her financial reports. Barber reenacted her role as Kimmy Gibbler in the Full House spin-off series Fuller House and released on Netflix on February 26, 2016, then settled on June 2, 2020, after five seasons. She has a net worth of $2 million.


Chris Owen is an actor and photographer from the United States who has a net worth of $300 thousand. American Pie fans watched Owens playing the character of a self-declared heartthrob. He is well-known for playing the role of Chuck Sherman. He started his acting career when he was ten years old and went back and forth between film and television work gradually. After the franchise reached its end, Owen’s career went down too far that he could not recover his place in Hollywood anymore.

Now, he works as a server at a sushi socket in Los Angeles. From savoring the fame to serving as a waiter, he probably had some rough times. However, we still hope that the star who once became famous will find his way back. It’d be unfortunate when he faces insolvency in the long run. Let’s hope he continues to live a life free from bankruptcy and survive in his home finance.


Freddie is an American actor with a net worth of $30 million and once one of the most popular stars in the late 90s after appearing in many teen movies. Freddie became a famous face in the 90s with all the movies that he became a part of, such as She’s All That and I Know What You Did Last Summer. Nowadays, we can no longer see him in the Hollywood circuit because he’s active in homemaking and dishes.

He is married to Sarah Michelle Gellar and is looking after the children. Other than that, he’s also, to his credit, authored a couple of cookbooks and appeared to have taken the task of a home husband very badly. He now enjoys a quiet, calm life away from the hullabaloo of tinsel town. We’ll see how long he’ll stay as a house husband. Who knows? He might have a comeback soon.


Tony Danza is a famous TV personality of shows Who’s The Boss and Taxi. In addition to that, he also garnered a Golden Globe Award and a nomination for an Emmy. It was in 2009 to 2010, though, that Tony decided to quit acting in order to teach. Although it was all part of a reality series, he taught tenth-grade English at Northeast Philadelphia High School. Having a fantastic credit score and investment money, we can say that it was quite a smart move for him.

Despite the media involvement in his teaching life, we can say that he is still in love with the vocation. He must feel very passionate about molding young minds and making sure they grow up to be contributing members of society. Being a teacher might’ve come from the desire of wanting to give back or to give more to others after his many blessings from Hollywood.


Alex James created a name for himself as a dominant bassist of the British band, Blur. Although he attained a great deal of success in his music career, he continuously boosted his net worth through different sources of income. Alex boasts of his very own farm situated in Cotswold, which rakes him quite a sum as a cheese manufacturer. Apart from that, James also works as a journalist and is slowly getting his name marked. We conclude that availing a refinance or cash loans will never be listed in his needs.

In fact, if he becomes as successful as a journalist as he was as a musician, he might double his current whopping net worth in the long run. He might have found another niche, but James already knows how to deal with the public. All his years performing taught him how to speak the people’s language and cut a message across as well. He can very well use this in marketing his goods too!


After Sean Wilson realized that his dream of making it big as a point artist along with his own performance in Coronation Street, a popular British soap opera, didn’t really please him, he dedicated himself to cheese making! Wilson is in actuality a gifted chef who has plied his trade in many Michelin-awarded restaurants! He used his investments in the right management and setup the Saddleworth Cheese Company. Wilson makes a number of appearances on TV concentrating on his cheese success.

Who knew the direction of his life would eventually lead to cheese? Cooking might have been around ever since Wilson was young, but he never thought it would take shape into a career. He is doing great so far, so he may not need the show business to be his primary source of income anymore. His fans still love seeing him on screen, so guests here and there are nevertheless welcome.


David Wells is very renowned as one of those fifteen pitchers to boast of a great match in the history of baseball. After retiring from the sport, David has hosted The Cheap Seats, a show on FOX Sports. After satiating himself together with all that he wanted, Wells made his way back to his alma mater to coach baseball and then held on to his position as a head coach. The school’s most important area was named in his honor. He boasts of a remarkable credit rating in his profession, and we expect his life insurance policies have been taken care of.

Nothing is more inspiring than to see an accomplished superstar come home and give back to his hometown. Through sharing what he has learned from his professional career with the younger generation who also want to be like him eventually, he is paying it forward. Looking after his family, Wells is going to touch a lot of lives in his new profession.


Steven Anthony Lawrence appeared on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, E.R., and a couple of films too. Steven is still keeping himself occupied in the education industry, which itself suits him on a fantastic extent. He’s engaged in running seminars in high schools, Berkeley, the Pepperdine, USC, and a lot of other educational institutions. He’s raked in a large amount in his bank account and would most likely have to employ a financial advisor to handle his fortunes soon.

From his acting career alone, he has already amassed a fortune. Because of his extensive experience in his field of expertise, he was also able to get paid for his seminars. Being a motivational speaker and an educator at the same time has been a different experience but also a fulfilling one. On top of this, he can also earn a decent amount from all of his engagements.


Taran Noah Smith was born on April 8, 1984 in San Francisco, California. When he was 17 years old, he married a vegan lady named Heidi VanPelt who was 16 years his senior. At the same time, he fell in love with his Mrs. Robinson. At the age of 18, he gained control of a $1.5 million trust fund, and he accused his parents of squandering the purchase of a luxury house.

Taran held the role of Mark Taylor in one of the longest-running sitcoms of the 90s, Home Improvement. Few months after the show ended, he thought that acting might not always be his cup of tea so he pursued an investment in the food industry. Later, he established Playfood, a restaurant specializing in vegan and organic food selections. Unfortunately, the couple did not succeed. Next, Taran and his wife opened a restaurant on Ventura Boulevard in Studio City, they planned to provide comfort vegan food coated with cheese made of cashew nuts.


Markus Michael Patrick Feehily, popularly called Mark Feehily, gained fame as a member of Westlife, a boy group that climbed the ladder of fame in the 90s. In 2015, after Westlife decided to split, Mark went with his solo career and established a crepe van onto the side to improve his bank accounts and increase his credit rating. Mark used his investment cash to get a van at which he can promote crepes and coffee for audiences during festivals.

He obviously had something else going for him, and his food adventure proved to be another kind of fun. He might have had the time of his life as a boy group member, but he now has found another way to satisfy fans in music festivals. Either way, Feehily will still be patronized by the public no matter what he does. It was a smart move, after all, not to veer away from the same crowd too much so that he could still use his reputation in marketing his snacks.


Jessica was not able to handle fame. She fought a lot due to her drug dependence and lots of run-ins with the legislation, assisted by several lawyers that helped make her way back into normalcy. After looking into American Idol, Jessica carved a role for herself in the music business and proceeded to record her own songs before touring all around the world for many occasions.

She was spokesperson of the United States Department of Justice’s National Stalking Resource Center and worked with the Director of the Office on Violence Against Women after she was stalked by a certain 59-year-old Daniel Young. She sought the services of her lawyer on this case. Post-treatment, she acquired enormous mental strength but wasn’t overly keen about continuing her singing career. We’re just not sure if she needed to take care of financial hassles like repaying payday or charge personal card loans, though.


After accomplishing enough recognition and fame during their established professions, many celebrities have found serenity through spiritualism. Andrew Keegan was well-loved by many when he starred in several movies and TV series. However, he finally realized that acting wasn’t his calling and consequently, he proceeded to set a religious community center in Los Angeles that focused on meditation and various artistic engagements. With that, Andrew had also mapped out his life insurance coverages quite well.

Ever since he was in the limelight, these plans were probably handed to him without notice and used well during his retirement. His meditation is probably preparing himself for the personal aspect of his retirement too. He has been through a lot in his life, so whatever brought him to get in touch with himself and his spirituality might be the foundation of leading a better life. His decision to put up a center is also helpful to many people, so it is another way to give back.


Erik Estrada achieved fame with his portrayal of a policeman in the popular police drama entitled CHIPS. But it was in the year 2009 when his portrayed character went into reality. He was chosen as a full-time deputy sheriff in Virginia and has been carrying out his duties of watching over the youth. Many believed that Erik gained inspiration from his character in Finding Faith, a film which relates the story of a teenager who gets kidnapped after an online date and went on to establish himself in his new career.

Well, at least he stayed away from bankruptcy, refinance, or payday loans all throughout. He is not the only actor who got inspired by the roles that they have played in movies or TV shows, but he is one of the few who decided to leave their acting career to pursue their characters’ professions. He is surely happily living out his TV life


The young achiever and fabulous Blake Mciver Ewing has accomplished success in all the things he has tried his hand at. He was a natural before the camera and acting isn’t the only profession he gets his income from. Blake obtained fame as a dancer, model, songwriter, and a virtuoso pianist. Though he’s a talented multi-tasker, he still hires a financial advisor to manage his bank account.

As a very adventurous guy, he loves shifting from one field to another. It is not a problem, though he does great in all of them! He probably needs a lot of variety in his life to keep his daily undertakings interesting. He doesn’t want to get bored easily, so he gives a lot of things a try. Not many people can pull off a career like Blake’s, so what he is doing is a gift. All the very best for your future jobs, Blake!


As an actress, Ali MacGraw is most popular for her leading role in Love Story and continued on to put her hands onto a Golden Globe. Ali is also one of the celebrities who discovered inner peace through spiritualism. After she retired from modeling and acting, she developed a keen interest in yoga. In her 50’s, she’s become a yoga instructor devoted to Hatha Yoga. Ali also produced a DVD that is known among the influential ones associated with American Indian practices.

Her bank balances have increased in time, along with her credit rating which is quite impressive. Her reputation as an actress transcended, and when her devoted fans found out that she found a newfound interest in yoga, they did not think twice about supporting her. As a yogi, she has reached new heights in her career as a mentor. At the same time, she stayed healthy and fit because of her expertise.


Kurtis Blow is a rapper who continuously makes money out of Hip Hop music. However, his audience has changed with time since he came up with The Hip Hop Church in Harlem where he now happily raps God’s word. He became a minister in 2009, when he experienced a spiritual rebirth. Although the description of his occupation has not changed through time, he appears to be completely satisfied with whatever he’s been doing of late.

We are not aware if this had any impact on his bank account, but Kurtis so far did not need to worry about repaying payday loans. Though his image to the public is now different, he still wants to cut a message across to his viewers. Just like his music, he wants not only to entertain them but also to tell a story or something worth hearing. He became closer to his spiritual self in the process of pursuing this new career.


Green was famous for his soulful music and had become a legend. “Let Stay Together” will always be his best known signature song. Green also earned the 14th place in The Rolling Stones magazine’s list of 100 Greatest Singers of All Time. When Green reached his 70’s, he changed his occupation and became a preacher at Memphis! Well, so far as we understand, he never appointed a fund advisor to handle his banking/investments.

He got the hang of dealing with his finances himself. It is probably the way that he finds more comfortable and doable for his needs. He tended to get more personal when he changed careers. From being a public figure in entertainment to being one on the spiritual side, Green has changed many aspects of his life. Nevertheless, he continued to inspire people with what he was doing and help them seek purpose in their lives.


Lauren Conrad was one of the most prominent characters in the reality TV circuit before the Kardashian clan took the world of reality television like storm. She was one of the cast members of Laguna Beach and The Hills where she became famous. Like other celebrities, Lauren decided to finish her career as a reality star. She has pursued several other ventures, focusing on establishing her career as a fashion blogger and handling her own site. Lauren made a name as an author too.

This woman certainly knows how to maintain her bank account and is miles apart from availing a mortgage loan. With all the things that have happened in her professional life, her finances keep growing. Conrad maintains her fan base from her acting career down to her days as an author. Because of these endeavors, she has spread herself across many fields and won the respect of many people.


Lisa became popular and loved by many with her iconic role as Phoebe Buffay in Friends. Her time with the sitcom was quite long, and that surely helped her accumulate money in her savings account. As the years passed by, Lisa began to fade away in the entertainment industry. She tied the knot with Michael Stern in 1995 and became very busy being a stay-at-home mother to her son, Julian. We think Lisa will take extreme care in picking out the very best life insurance programs for her child.

She may have accepted many projects over the years, but she is not as active as the rest of the cast of the iconic sitcom. Being a mother is a full-time job, as we all know. It’s great that Lisa had the luxury to concentrate on that when she wanted to. Every time she was open to acting, any casting director would welcome her with open arms because of her reputation.


Alfonso Ribeiro is an actor who starred in The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and played the role of Carlton Banks. He achieved a huge fan following and a bulging bank account too. Nowadays, though, he is no longer active in the acting arena. He gathered an impressive sum in his established career as a host. Ribeiro hosted Unwrapped 2.0 and America’s Funniest Home Videos and also won the 19th season of Dancing with the Stars. He maintains a tab on his credit card on a regular basis.

Concentrating on hosting has brought in a lot of money for this very talented guy. He may not take on acting roles anymore, but he is still very much visible – or audible – in the entertainment world. He has found his niche in being the voice of many iconic shows, and because of this, he will surely never be forgotten.


Jared Fryer is a popular wrestler who won a gold medal at the U.S. Olympic Trials. He made himself skilled in competing and defeated his rival, Brent Metcalf. Nowadays, Frayer is sharing his talents and competences in wrestling with individuals that are eager to pursue the game, working as an assistant wrestling coach in the Virginia Tech Hokies. He has strived his way up to gather an enormous net worth in his bank accounts and has a desirable credit score.

Since he excelled in the sport, he decided it was time to not only share his knowledge but also pass the torch to the new generation. Using his firsthand experiences, he can effectively teach the skills and concepts needed to be great at wrestling. Lucky for his students, they are getting lessons from no less than an Olympian! It is nothing to be shy of seriously impressive to their opponents!


Deuce McAllister is a former NFL star who plied his trade in the New Orleans Saints. Due to salary cap problems, his soccer career met an unexpected end. Presently, we can see him at the American soccer scene, acting as the Saints’ analyst on WVUE-TV and as a color commentator on the WWL. In addition, he functions as an athletic adviser at the famous St. Martin’s Episcopal School and is happy gathering a fortune in his bank account. Hopefully, he’s got the best desirable life insurance plans.

His finances may not be the same as when he was a professional athlete, but he still receives a decent amount because of all his past experience. Who wouldn’t want to take lessons from an actual NFL player? The school wanted him in their roster of staff, so they could have better players and better feedback from their students. It’s also a great way to pay it forward for McAllister.


It was in the 70’s when Connie Booth came into fame due to her portrayal of Polly Sherman at Fawlty Towers. Aside from displaying her acting abilities in front of the camera, Booth made money as a writer and also as co-creator of this popular series. She decided to end her acting career in the mid-90s, though, and pursued higher education at the prestigious London University. Connie tied the knot with John Lahr, a theatre critic, and works as a psychotherapist.

A bulging bank accounts and an amazing credit rating appear to function as priority.Coming from earning from Hollywood, it does not come as a surprise that Booth still wants to maintain her lifestyle. If it means being mindful of how she spends her money, then we fully respect it. As a psychotherapist, she is now in the helping profession and is in a very different world from acting. She pursued a degree after her fame, so she must love psychology.


Known for being a former member of the Olympic Curling Team, Jessica Schultz was an American athlete who won the gold in the Women’s National Curling Championship and fourth place in the World Women’s Curling Championship in 2013. Not only was she an amazing curler, Jessica was also able to balance being a student-athlete, graduating from Lake Superior College with a Physical Therapy degree. Today, she made good use of her bachelor’s by pursuing a career as a Physical Therapy Assistant. We bet her earnings from her current career and past competitions are enough to pay off her student loans.

Not everyone who makes it big in professional sports decides to return to their studies and pursue a professional career after they retire in the arena, but Schultz took the road less taken and proved herself to be not only someone productive but also someone who is very disciplined in her life choices.


Adrian Dantley is a retired NBA basketball player who played 15 seasons for different teams such as Buffalo Braves, Indiana Pacers, Los Angeles Lakers, Utah Jazz, and Detroit Pistons. After retirement, he still showed his love for the sport by becoming a basketball coach. But since 2013, he went on to a different path and worked as a part-time crossing guard for Montgomery County Public School (MCPS).

It may be different from being an all-star legend, but he likes the health benefits that come with his current job. Hopefully, he has investments and insurance to make sure he is protected financially. He surely earned a lot from his days in NBA, but having enough savings to sustain you will make all the difference. It’s great that Dantley is still active today and sharing his knowledge to newbies is a wonderful way to share his blessings and all the things that he has learned.


Jamie Walters was a professional actor known for his role in The Heights and Beverly Hills, 90210. But before his face appeared in television, this American singer and musician released the hit single How Do You Talk To An Angel? and three solo records. Today, he shifted from entertaining people to saving people. Jaime, to his credit, now works as a full-time paramedic and firefighter in Los Angeles.

If you see him running into a building on fire or treating an injured person, remember it’s not acting and there are no stunts behind those; he is a man just doing his job. Suddenly, we are more curious about how he looks when he does these jobs. They sound like they come straight off a drama series, but Walters living the stories we find on TV is astonishing. Because of his passion for saving others, he is thriving in his new professions.


Beauty and brains, Lauren “Lo” Bosworth is an actress turned entrepreneur. She was best known for her role in Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County and in the popular television series, The Hills. Years after, she left the Hollywood scene and dropped the “show” in show business to become an entrepreneur. Her first business venture is co-founding Revelry House, a site that sells party essentials for modern hostesses.

She then started her own company, Love Wellness, which is a brand that sells natural and organic personal care products. With her successful acting career, she probably didn’t need business loans for her startups. It was a wise way to use her money, too. Because she didn’t just let her income sit there, they have grown more today, and she is sitting on more than what she had before when she was an actress. She is an inspiration to aspiring businesswomen all over the world!


Amanda Lee Williford a.k.a. Willa Ford had multiple careers in the showbiz industry. You might recognize her from Friday the 13th as one of Jason’s victims. She also premiered in several television shows such as Dancing with the Stars, MTV Cribs, and The Ultimate Fighter. Willa is also a singer and songwriter who debuted her music career with the album, Willa Was Here. Today, she has retired from the entertainment world to work as an interior designer in her own company, WFord Interiors. We wonder if she included this business venture in her investment planning back in the day.

If not, it became a great way to make her income grow. Because she was able to use some of her show business fortune to put up a business, her earnings only grew even more. Her hard work before may have paid off when she started reaping the benefits of being a superstar, but she is getting more out of it now because of her smart moves. It was a wise way to use her money, too. Because she didn’t just let her income sit there, they have grown more today, and she is sitting on more than what she had before when she was an actress. She is an inspiration to aspiring businesswomen all over the world!


Remember Fat Sam from Bugsy Malone? In real life, his name is John Cassisi, an actor in the 1970s. He decided to retire from the entertainment industry and started working in construction. John eventually shifted to a new profession, working his way to becoming the Director of Global Construction of Citigroup. In 2015, his latest career was stopped short when he was arrested for a bribery scandal. John was sentenced to prison for 2 to 6 years and was given a $500,000 forfeiture.

Aside from the lawyer he hired for the case, he might also need a bankruptcy attorney. He grew his money when he turned from acting to a construction business, but we all know good conduct is always needed if you want to keep living a quiet and growing life. It’s a shame that he had to go through the court case because now he has to pay for the damages.


Former actor Lee MacDonald was best known for his role as Zammo in Grange Hill. You also might have seen his other television appearances in The Bill, Birds of a Feather, and A Midsummer Night’s Dream. After his acting career, he was working his way on becoming a boxer when it was cut short by a car accident.

We just hope that he got to contact some insurance companies before he started his boxing career. We’ll never know if he did, but at least we know for sure that he has moved on with his life. Today, he has his own locksmith shop in England. He lives a much more peaceful life, but because of his little business, he kept earning. He and his family might still have a part of his earnings when he was a TV star and a boxer, but his income might not be as glamorous anymore.


Noah Hathaway was a former actor, known for his portrayal of Atreyu in The Never Ending Story. If you’re a fan of the popular television series Battlestar Galactica, he also played Boxey or young Captain Troy. After these successful acting jobs, he probably amassed enough money for retirement. Still, he decided to continue working and became a mortgage broker. Nowadays, he has a new profession involving two different arts: tattoos and martial arts.

Noah owns a tattoo parlor and became a martial arts instructor. With these two jobs and savings from his acting career, I bet his credit report is fantastic. Because of his fame before, he was able to attract many customers and students to his businesses. They are thriving because he is well-known, and he likes his newfound craft as well. As a broker, he secured properties for himself and the people he loves on top of his clients’.


It’s hard to forget actor Kel Mitchell after his appearance in the Nickelodeon comedy show All That and his own sitcom, Kenan and Kel. His comedic talents have also helped him land roles in other films and television series. As a successful entertainer, no wonder he decided to pursue a new but similar profession. Kel is now a stand-up comedian, and he still gets paid a good sum of money for making people laugh.

It’s a great thing his new job won’t affect his credit score; and if ever it did, he always has his earnings from his acting career. Kel was always a good laugh when he was in the popular teen show and movies. He knew his material and he knew how to work the crowd so comedy must have come naturally to him. It’s wonderful to know that he is still doing his thing up until today.


Back in the 90s, Chelsie Padley played Louise Goven in the popular British television show and book adaptation of The Story of Tracy Beaker. The show ran for five seasons and released one film, which probably increased the numbers in Chelsie’s bank account. During her acting career, she enjoyed working out, eating healthy, and being fit. After leaving entertainment, she decided to shift her profession from entertaining to promoting fitness.

Today, Chelsie is a health and wellness or fitness instructor for Herbalife. She can probably get an insurance premium at a lower price for being so fit and living healthily. The career does not only help her keep earning but also aids her in her fitness journey. Her firsthand experiences are a great help to mentor other people lead a better life. As an instructor, she surely applies on herself the philosophies and exercises that she imparts on her mentees.


Julie Chu was an excellent hockey player who played for the United States Women’s Ice Hockey Team and Les Canadiennes. During her athletic career, she wanted to do more for her sport and became an assistant coach for the University of Minnesota hockey team. She did take a break from coaching when she participated in the 2014 Olympics. After stepping off the rink as a professional hockey player, she pursued a career as a full-time ice hockey coach.

Today, she coaches the women’s team at Concordia University. Similar to her profession, we hope there wasn’t much change in her earnings. Of course, the team that she coaches must feel very blessed to have her around to help them become the best they can be. Her professional career must have taught her so much. What’s a perfect way to share what you have than teaching what you know best?


Former American basketball player Shawn Kemp is a six-time NBA all-star player who played 14 seasons for the NBA. After retiring, he didn’t take a completely different path since he still found a profession related to sports. Shawn opened a sports bar in Seattle, which probably didn’t need a business loan with all his earnings from his basketball career. Aside from the bar, he also needs to provide for his seven children. Hopefully, he has enough money since his business eventually closed in 2015. Otherwise, he might need to start looking for a bankruptcy lawyer.

He may have had such a great time as an athlete but after he retired, businesses were not his strong suit. Since he has many children, he might have to step up his game and look for something that he likes to do, so he can continue to provide for them. Of course, the team that she coaches must feel very blessed to have her around to help them become the best they can be. Her professional career must have taught her so much. What’s a perfect way to share what you have than teaching what you know best?


Jeremy Edwards is an actor by day and a construction worker by night. Kidding aside, this man really did work these two jobs at once. He is an English actor and a television host, known for his role as Kurt in Hollyoaks. Jeremy also portrayed Danny Shaughnessy in Holby City and appeared in Dancing on Ice back in 2009. Even with his celebrity status, he still decided to work as a construction worker. He doesn’t need the money but at least he is sure to have an excellent credit score with two jobs. Well, a hard worker like him deserves it!

He must love the job because there is no way he would need a job like this. At the same time, he could want to make the activity double as a fitness journey too. He doesn’t lose either way. He does what he likes and stays healthy, given that he already has the money that he needs.


Tonya Maxene Harding is a competitive ice skater with a controversial story. Her story is well-known since there were multiple documentaries and movies about it, the latest being I, Tonya. Her career is, to a huge degree, filled with controversies and the most prominent one is Nancy Kerrigan’s accident. Along with this event, she was a rule-breaker, which led to the Figure Skating Association giving her a lifetime ban from the rink. Today, she won’t be found in ice skating rinks but in boxing rings.

Tonya is now a professional boxer and is probably earning the same or even more than her previous career. She may have been featured in her movie as a skater but she isn’t on this list because she veered away from being an athlete. She is still in the sports world but in a different field. She loves sports and is athletic through and through.


The former child actor known for his roles in the early 90s is now a renowned lawyer. Charlie Korsmo realized that acting was not his cup of tea and went to MIT where he got his degree in physics and later continued to be a professional lawyer and as a law professor that he practically enjoyed doing. Raised by amazing parents, Korsmo’s love for acting is superficial and not deep-rooted that he opted to leave his fame and rising net worth to have a formal education.

It is best to consider that he invested his investment money in a proper venture with the help of his parents or probably a financial advisor. Charlie Korsmo being a lawyer will amass his wealth through another source, his attorney’s fees. He will not appear in television sitcoms and interviews rather he will appear in every court hearing he is bound to do.


Gary Dourdan was once a very famous American based actor who was best known as Warrick Brown from the hit show, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. His character made him famous all over the country. It was the peak period of his career. However, after his time in the TV series, the 52-year-old star’s career didn’t really improve. Things drastically turned terrible for Gary as he had a string of run-ins with the law. He got arrested for possession of illegal substance, not only this but he also had issues about domestic incidents. Lately, he even filed for bankruptcy in the year 2012.

However, Gary Dourdan is redeeming himself once again as he is attending auditions to clean up his name in Hollywood. He also proved that he is not just a television actor as he took the stage for the theatrical version of the 2011 movie, Two Can Play that Game, with Vivica A. Fox. He is also a talented singer, doing some live performances over the years. We hope his career to be back on track so that his fans can enjoy his amazing performances again. Till then it would be better if he take advice from a good financial advisor so that he don’t need to struggle again with bankruptcy crisis.


After playing the roles of Jessie Spano in Saved by the Bell and Nomi Malone in the 1995 Paul Verhoeven film Showgirls, Elizabeth Berkley now runs a self-help program, advising young girls who need help. In 2006, the 46-year-old actress launched “Ask-Elizabeth,” a website where disenfranchised teen girls could ask her questions about life. She also started live workshops to help young ladies with the problems they might be facing.

Elizabeth Berkley helps others based on the troubles she experiences. She even released a compilation book with the same title as her website that contains answers to the questions most girls have today. This way, she is not only helpful but also personal with her fans and the new generation. She interacts with them and takes on a tone that is friendly, approachable, and more present for them. Her advocacy will surely take her to great heights financially and emotionally.


When we hear movie stars retiring for the family, it’s usually to become a full-time mom. One of the exceptions is Canadian actor Rick Moranis, known for his role in Ghostbusters and Spaceballs. He was also a comedian, screenwriter, producer, musician, and a songwriter. With multiple careers in the entertainment industry, it’s a shame he had to leave during the peak of his profession. Unfortunately, his wife passed away, so he decided to become a full-time dad to take care of his two lovely children.

Hopefully, he has insurance and has enough investment money to provide and to raise his kids. On top of that, we also hope that he is emotionally and physically fit to be there for his kids as he will be taking on the role of both parents this time. We hope the family heals together and grows together too. It’s a heartwarming step on Moranis’ part for choosing to be with his kids during the trying time.

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