Amazing Celebrity Transformations: See How They Did It?


An actress with 69 years of age put in an appearance an incredible weight loss, as she chastised her momentous role as Miss Patty in Netflix reboot shoe- Gilmore Girls. American actress, singer, and comedian Liz Torres is best known for her appearance in comedy series The John Larroquette Show, where she bagged two Emmy and Golden Award nominations for. Over the next few years, the public’s eye grew wide as Liz underwent massive weight loss, which others called a “miracle”.

Many rumours have circulated about the cause, with some e-news portals citing a gastric bypass surgery which must have cost a ton of investment money. Though, according to some news, she might have adopted keto diet to get rid of her extra fats. Liz is yet to confirm what she truly did to lose the extra pounds, but we couldn’t be happier for the star’s newly found confidence in her physique.


By the time she entered Hairspray for her debut project, Ricki Lake had weighed over 300 pounds. While it wasn’t bothersome at first, soon, her weight affected her career, and she decided to change her lifestyle. Soon she joined a program called the Atkins diet, which cost $100.52 per week. Despite its crazy price, it did the job for Lake, who successfully lost over 100 pounds. Ricki started grappling her weight since very younger age.

After her film “Cry baby” she shed off almost 100 pounds of weight, an at that time she was just 24 years of age, though she re-gained the weight again. Like most did a diet lifestyle change, Lake was vulnerable to weight fluctuations. After her divorce with long-time partner Christian Evans, Lake, unfortunately, regained a few pounds. Today, she continued to do work-out regularly in a bid to curb her weight finally.


Perez Hilton, the famous critic of all things in the Hollywood, got a taste of his own medicine when he shockingly gained some pounds. He was the subject of hate because of his body, and indeed, people were unapologetic with their comments. Hilton didn’t like being at the receiving end. This is because, he soon decided to be healthier. He lost around 70lbs. He started his journey of losing weight in 2008 and by 2012 he succeeded in achieving his goal.

According to him, though he was very heavy, but he never measured his weight, so he is not sure about his actual weight back then. When the press asked him how he slimmed down, he gave credit to a strict diet and exercise routine. Many believed this to be true, but soon enough, the public caught on. After a few years of his drastic weight loss, his body began to show signs of liposuction.


Jonah Hill was no less than determined to lose his excess weight, even if it meant applying for payday loans. Jonah started losing his weight in 2011, though by 2017 he put in on again for the character he had to play in the show of “War Dogs.” That time he gained 40 pounds of weight for that film.

In his bid to become accountable for his physique and overall health, he narrowed down his options to two: A $23,000 gastric sleeve surgery or an extremely strict lifestyle plan. After sitting down and weighing his choices, Hill pushed through with the diet plan over the surgery. With the help of a nutritionist, he recorded a tremendous weight loss. It was, indeed, a good investment for Hill, who is now an inspiration to people who are in a constant battle to get rid of their unwanted fats and achieve their target bodies of dream.


For many of us who dream of finally cutting calories and achieving that model figure, The Biggest Loser is a miracle maker. Indeed, season 15 winner Rachel Frederickson was one of the lucky ones who successfully shed over 150 pounds throughout the season. After her win, she did, however, receive backlash from fans who claimed that she looked “unhealthy.” Months after the finale, Rachel looks much healthier as she gained back 20 pounds.

She gives credit to her incredible fitness plan and diet program, which has helped her achieve not just a slimmer physique, but a healthier body as well. She took low calorie diet and did workouts for almost six to four hours daily. She was a very motivated gentle lady who tried her real best to get rid of the extra weight by keeping her health the priority. Her transformation of weight from 260lbs to straight 105lbs is undoubtedly incredible and hard to believe.


The unstoppable fame of Matthew McConaughey’s grew thanks to his biceps and muscular packs, as his fans went crazy for his supermodelish body. Indeed, to maintain such physique required the right diet, and soon, McConaughey fell short. His extreme weight loss didn’t go unnoticed, as a stick-thin figure replaced his previous lean appearance. While it seemed that this drop in weight was caused by sudden bankruptcy, it was actually very much intentional on McConaughey’s part.

His role in Dallas Buyers Club required him to be much thinner than he was, and with his passion for acting, this wasn’t something he backed down on. He dropped around 50 pounds and he explained his diet chart to Access Hollywood saying that he consumes just 50 ounces fish with a cup of healthy vegetables. Also, he said that he used to do work out daily and releases 1800 calories a day. He continued this for two weeks with a target of losing 4lbs in a week.


When fans first heard her voice on 2002 American Idol, there was no doubt that Kelly Clarkson would come home with the grand prize. Her undeniable talent landed her countless recording projects, and her first-ever album was a huge success for her career. However, a promising journey in the music industry was not enough to make Clarkson truly happy, as she struggled greatly with her weight.

With her incredible credit score, it wasn’t long before Clarkson looked for any possible means to cut a few pounds. From coaching to other physical assistance programs, Clarkson embarked on a journey to a healthier body, which successfully got her almost 40 pounds less. She explained her journey of losing weight by saying that he did not do any work out with the purpose shed weight, but she read a book named “The Plant Paradox”, with the subject of process of cooking food, foods with out any genetically modified element or pesticide. It was focused on organic food only.


The Origliasso sisters grew their fame in an unconventional way – from a famous cyber brawl. Like most 20-year-olds, the siblings struggled with their body image, as they weren’t confident about their weight at all. Despite having an average body size for their age, the two were determined to cut a few pounds to achieve a slimmer figure. Unfortunately, their slender bodies took its toll on their career.

Many assumed they were promoting eating disorder, and fans left because of the rumour. Both of the sisters, had to face a lot of criticism in the past about their unusual low weight throughout their professional career. However, none among them lost hope in themselves and continued their lifestyle by not giving any importance to the criticism they were receiving. They then revealed that their teen physiques were because of genetics and balanced nutrition. Soon, the two successfully rebuilt their reputation, following good credit scores.


Sasha Pieterse is yet another star who has struggled a lot with the weight. She continuously got bullied for two years at various platforms for being so overweight. However, the famous Pretty Little Liars actress only gained weight as a result of polycystic ovarian syndrome- imbalanced hormonal situation that struck around 10% of females. Once she came to know about this medical situation, she became vocal about it and encouraged every sufferer to embrace who they are, regardless of how hard it could be.

Unlike other celebrities who didn’t know which method to take, Pieterse knew the perfect weight loss investment. After exerting a notable degree of determination to her diet and fitness-themed reduction program, she reported a loss of 37lbs out of the 70lbs she gained since being first diagnosed with polycystic ovarian syndrome. She also noticed significant effects after slowly withdrawing her use of chemical stimulants and drugs. In short, it was a win-win for her.


Kathleen Turner is among those middle-aged actresses who did not lose hope in themselves and tried hard to achieve their aura of dreams. In her 30-year career as an actress in the entertainment industry, many didn’t expect Kathleen Turner to have such a dramatic weight gain. She remained unbothered with the sudden change in her body, and it was not until she was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis that she decided to change her current eating habits.

Turner’s investment planning soon involved a strict diet plan, where she started to adopt a routine that altered her current lifestyle. The plans adopted by Kathleen Turner to get rid of extra fats were involving healthy diet and routine of regular workouts. During her entire journey of losing weight, she managed to lose 100 pounds. It was not long before her self-discipline reaped the rewards, and her achieved weight has now brought back her lost confidence.


Snooki is a familiar face for reality TV fans. She was first introduced to media by MTV in their show Is She Really Going Out with Him?, a show that highlighted women who liked to date arrogant men. However, she became famous for appearing on MTV’s Jersey Shore. At the height of the show’s popularity, Snooki was already earning $150,000 per episode. Although she has always been confident on TV and never really had issues with her body, giving birth to her first child caused a massive weight gain.

She knew it was time to pay attention to her health. Since she had been through plastic surgery, many of her fans assumed she would pull out money loans for liposuction or gastric bypass. But for Snooki, it was time to work for what she wanted. Indeed, with a weight loss routine that involved proper diet and exercise, she recorded an incredible 40-pound loss.


American Idol was a stepping stone for many great musicians today, including American singer Lauren Alaina. On the tenth season of the singing competition show, Alaina rose up as the runner-up of that run. True enough, following the success of her debut album Wildflower, she bagged several awards throughout her time in the limelight. Although she weighed just the average, Alaina was always conscious of her physique.

As her music career started to soar and with all the shows and events she had to perform at or make an appearance in, she had to maintain and improve her fitness. She might have even taken precautionary measures, like taking online classes on health. Thanks to her time in Dancing with the Stars, Alaina managed to drop 25 pounds successfully. Today, she graces the concert stage with undeniable, leveled-up confidence in her new body figure, which was much to her fans’ delight. She gracefully put to good use the new groove she has also acquired from being part of the show.


We all know the name Dr. Dre from his incredible contribution to the music industry. The popular rapper-producer had his whole career ahead of him, which was why he wasn’t bothered by his weight. He is an established hip-hop mogul and definitely one of the highest-paid in the music industry. With a net worth of $820 million, no one would care much about your size.

However, at 31 years old, Dr Dre was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes. Before calling the insurance company, he decided it was time to change his lifestyle. With a healthy diet and exercise routine, he successfully lost 50 pounds and lowered his blood pressure. His efforts to take care of his health didn’t stop there, as the now 54-year-old star still remains conscious of how he treats his body. Whatever diet he strictly maintains must keep up as this rapper just keeps looking healthier and better.


When everyone first heard his singing voice, it was undeniable that Sam Smith would reach great heights in the music industry. The English singer and songwriter rose to prominence back in 2012 after the breakout success of his single, Latch. The song peaked at No. 11 in the UK Singles Chart and earned him a feature on Naughty Boy’s no. 1 single in 2013, La La La. Although he weighed a bit more than what many would expect from a celebrity, the singer was eager to lose weight since his day one on the limelight.

Indeed, many of his fans were delightfully surprised to see his drastic weight loss. Thanks to the UK-based nutritional therapist Amelia Freer, she helped him transform Smith by losing almost 50 pounds with her fitness program. To a certain degree, Smith retains his strict fitness and diet lifestyle. After he reached his target weight, he makes sure to embrace healthy living, despite the countless rumors that he underwent gastric sleeve surgery.


They say that taking a break from Hollywood is like suicide for your career, but this wasn’t true for English actor John Bradley-West. However, even with his returning success, West was vulnerable to health carelessness. His frequent breaks from the industry resulted in a surprising weight gain. After he had enough of the negative comments from fans and insurance companies, West got tired of the fat-shamers. It’s been months since the season finale of Game of Thrones, and his fans are excited to see the incredible results of his actions after West hinted at a possible lifestyle change.

Today, he looks much healthier than he used to, although we haven’t received confirmation from the star himself if he indeed underwent a weight loss program. However, there are reports that Bradley-West was seen taking home a vegan starter kit, which must be the reason for his gradual weight loss. He is also reportedly dating an entertainment journalist, which could also be a legit motivation to look good and be fit.


Actor and comedian Kevin James isn’t new to negative comments about his body. In fact, he’s learned to turn a deaf ear to the critics, as he remained unbothered about his weight. However, his role in Here Comes the Boom deserves the credit for turning things around for James. Did you know that he peaked at 290 pounds when he signed-in to star in the film? Though he is still best known for his outstanding performance in his role as Dough Heffernan on the sitcom The King of Queens, even up until today, he conditions himself to prepare for the project.

As part of his prep for he embraced a strict protein-rich diet partnered with intense, regular exercise. Soon, he was in the right shape to play the part. While the lifestyle change was a huge success, James failed to maintain his new weight. It wasn’t long before he gained back the pounds he had initially lost.


If you ask Hollywood stars how they lose weight, most will cite either medical methods or a lifestyle change. For American R&B and gospel singer Kelly Price, it was neither. In 2017, the performer, who has long given us outstanding singing performances, surprised many with her incredible transformation. She keeps her fans and followers updated on her social media posts with her new look and beautiful, new bod.

When asked about her journey, she expressed that she could only thank God for her incredible weight loss. And since, many have seen her as an inspiration to live healthier and as someone to look up to in wanting to achieve an amazing body. With her massive transformation from weighing 300 pounds to a mere 150, it’s safe to say that some divine intervention must have helped. Apart from that, we’re certain that Price’s investments in healthy eating habits and fitness helped her gain back her lost confidence and self-worth.


Timothy Spall is well-known for appearing in popular films like Alice through the Looking Glass and the Harry Potter movies. Because he was constantly seen on the big screen, many didn’t expect his weight gain. Spall attended the Venice Film Festival and his fans almost didn’t recognize the English actor-presenter. Back in 2019, Spall shocked fans at the age of 62 when he was photographed looking drastically slimmer than he first appeared with his drastic weight loss in 2017. As long as it isn’t a health or medical concern, we are happy he’s seriously cut down on food and alcohol.

He was no less than determined to bring back his old shape after he gained a significant amount of weight. His determination to bounce back was undeniable as if he was looking to revive his credit score. He promised to change his lifestyle by eating healthy and cut alcohol. Soon, Spall’s proper diet and exercise combo paid off, and he’s looking healthier than ever.


It was her role in reality show Sister Wives that many of Janelle Brown’s fans noticed a significant increase in her weight. Soon after, she found herself going through countless nutritionists and exercise routines. She brought along her fans in this journey, with consistent updates on her blog. Today, Brown is sporting a healthier physique, and her career is going quite steadily, too. She couples her diet not just with exercise routines but also with yoga. Many health buffs also go for this popular discipline and have reaped benefits from it.

Many of her fans cheer her on as she posts and flaunts more photos of her noticeably new body. It is evident in her Instagram pictures that she looks way happier now. Recognized as one of the New York Times bestselling authors, Brown’s critically-acclaimed works include her book Watch Me Disappear. The journalist is marking her spot in the writing industry, with a financial advisor ready by her side.


It took the psychic medium, Theresa Caputo, quite some time before she finally decided to focus on her health. The star of TLC reality TV show Long Island Medium has struggled with her weight, she put her foot down and swiped her credit cards to hire a personal trainer that focused on proper nutrition and regular exercise. Once she saw the results, she excitedly shared her journey with her fans, who were indeed supportive.

Caputo has always cited her story from an inspirational point of view, the way she has done so in her two books, There’s More to Life Than This: Healing Messages, Remarkable Stories, and Insight About The Other Side from the Long Island Medium and You Can’t Make This Stuff Up: Life Changing Lessons from Heaven. Her weight loss from strictly following her new lifestyle was enough to entice people to do the same. Today, many continue to be inspired by her incredible transformation.


Teresa Giudice is a well-known TV-personality-turned-fitness-competitor, and her career in Hollywood is no ordinary journey. Other than starring in The Real Housewives of New Jersey, she has also written multiple New York Times bestseller cookbooks, which for sure have many awesome and wholesome food recipes. She was also a competitor in Donald Trump’s reality game show, Celebrity Apprentice.

Fans who followed her from day one know the unfortunate story of her jail sentence, where she had to serve for a year. Many of the industry’s supporters, including insurance companies, expected her to finish her term with a slightly bigger body. To everyone’s surprise, Teresa still had her supermodel figure after leaving the cell. Her limited opportunities for a healthy lifestyle in prison didn’t stop Teresa. She consistently worked out and did yoga while maintaining her diet. For her, there was nothing that could hinder her from caring for her body.


Anyone who loves country music loves Miranda Lambert. Her unique voice and undeniable talent in singing made her an iconic singer in the industry. While her career was doing extremely well in saving her from bankruptcy, her personal life was facing tough challenges. After her divorce from long-time partner Blake Shelton, Lambert started to gain noticeable weight. Soon, the singer hired a personal trainer and started watching what she is eating and is also working out.

She says that having a lot of cardio routines and strength training helped her succeed in meeting her goal. During those times, she spent a lot of time in the gym, which totally helped her set her mind on the aim. Not only did she lose weight, but she also gained some needed muscles. However, many see this as her way of coping with the separation. Indeed, it helped ease her mind and successfully made her 25 pounds lighter after the stint.


We have to give credit to English glamour model Jennifer Ellison for being very talented in so many ways. She is an actress with a vibrant TV personality, and she can compete as a dancer and singer. Ellison was part of Brookside, a long-time running soap opera that ran from 1982 until 2003. Back then, she sported her slim 18-year-old figure; however, when she became pregnant with her first baby, she started gaining weight. She too is among the many celebrities who struggled to maintain their weight.

Although she could try countless health routines and fitness online classes, Ellison decided to sign up for a program. Dubbed the “800-calories-per-day Cambridge Diet,” the diet plan is classified as an extremely low-calorie diet, starting from 800 calories that increase in the next days. It definitely wasn’t a joke, but Ellison was up for it. As challenging as her new diet lifestyle was, Ellison’s determination helped her lose an incredible amount of weight. She’s now maintaining her current physique by being more conscious of her lifestyle.


Comedian and game show host Anthony Anderson wasn’t concerned much about his weight. Throughout his career, not only did he star in comedy shows, but he also hosted and judged several cooking shows before he signed on to host celebrity-driven game show, Wall of Fame. His food shows include Eating America with Anthony Anderson and Iron Chef America. They were an easy fit for him as he liked to enjoy his meals and go about his day. However, when he was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes mellitus, it was time to let go of his old habits.

Targetting his vulnerable eating habits, Anderson started a plant-based diet, turning him into a vegan-ish. It wasn’t long before the American comedian, actor, and host saw results. He recorded a 47-pound loss that surprised many of his fans. Anderson did well to include his health in his investment planning as he gained a healthier disposition, both physically and mentally.


Director of Fahrenheit 9/11 and Sicko got tired of being overweight and wanted to be healthy. But adhering to a strict diet-and-exercise lifestyle routine is easier said than done. For most celebrities, this seems like an ineffective way to achieve their target bodies. Thankfully for stars like Academy-Award winning filmmaker and best-selling author Michael Moore, there are other options. With his credit standing, Moore easily signed up for contemporary weight control methods.

It was a $4500 weekly weight loss spa that did the trick for him. After his sessions at the Pritikin Longevity Center and Spa, the transformation was incredible. His weekly expense at the Miami luxury weight loss spa was definitely worth the credit card checkout for Moore, because he got exactly what he paid for. In fact, in just quite a few sessions, he was able to shed off a staggering 70 pounds. We’re certain that soon, more Hollywood stars will follow suit.


Active as he was, many were surprised when American basketball player Charles Barkley suddenly gained a noticeable amount of weight. Everyone expected the NBA’s most dominant power forward of all-time to always be in shape. However, the sudden change in his appearance was a result of his bad fitness culture he adapted to in his later years on the court. He habitually missed training and other warmup sessions, and it affected his physique to a certain degree.

After being told by his doctor about what may happen if he continued his eating habits, the ex-NBA star started rethinking his outlook. Soon, Barkley was back in the game. With straightforward fitness training and a proper nutrition diet by eating a lot of vegetables, he regained back his confidence and health. The former athlete has since retired and is now a basketball analyst for Inside the NBA. Today, he claims to know more about health and nutrition than he did back when he was a pro athlete.


Music icon Britney Spears had her fair share of ups and downs off the spotlight. Her stress resulted in several public scandals due to bad behavior and an evident weight gain of a few pounds, which many of her fans quickly noticed. Spears expressed that this was caused by emotional disturbance and depression – she was battling both at the time. After a while, she went on a search for ways to bring back her slim figure. After some trial and error, she has finally found a program that worked for her.

Spears opted to sign up for a fitness routine without the need for a personal loan. It didn’t take long for the performer to shed the extra pounds. She’s now back to taking better care of her health and updates her followers through her Instagram account. Quite recently, during the recent lockdown, she wowed fans when she posted photos of her improved figure. Her boyfriend Sam Asghari must have influenced her on that.


How I Met Your Mother star Jason Segel was the talk of the town when the show was still airing. One thing to admire about the American actor-comedian is his views on body positivity, where he was always vocal about loving his shape. Despite this, a photo of himself by his assistant made Segel realize that he needed to start making changes to his lifestyle.

Although he still believes in body inclusivity, Segel gave in to a weight-loss routine that focused on proper nutrition and regular fitness. Preparing healthier meals might have resulted in a higher electricity bill, but Jason is looking as good as ever. According to the actor, the new slim figure he sported in his movie The Five-Year Engagement was a result of his finally deciding to do something about his shape. He started to train while on set filming the movie. He was so serious about getting slimmer that he worked out twice a day.


The View co-host Sherri Shepherd remained confident with her body despite the negative comments from the public. She has proven how well and excellently she is able to function and that she can deliver despite her heavy figure. She thought nothing of her weight until she was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. It seemed that she has been in a pre-diabetic state for many years, and she wasn’t aware of it. Soon, instead of swiping her credit cards for a weight-loss program, she opted to go natural.

She finally settled for the good old exercise-plus-healthy-diet combo, Shepherd successfully lost 40 pounds of weight in a short amount of time. Largely owing to her Dancing with the Stars qualifications, she enjoyed training for several weeks. Hence, she continuously shed off more unwanted fats while preparing for her dance performances. Shepherd’s healthy decisions have truly helped her in the long run. She now celebrates her new figure and confidence.


As soon as the world-renowned magician Penn Jillette decided to take a healthier path, he knew he wanted to go all in. Although he could go and sign up for a weight-loss program, it would be bad money management that could have no effect on him. After some time, Jillette made a better choice of going vegan and cutting out processed foods. He also did an extreme form of intermittent fasting. His consistency and determination resulted in over 100 pounds of weight loss.

Indeed, Jillette is here to prove that it’s never too late to start focusing on your health! With his tremendous success in his weight-loss journey, he’d be great advocating it as he did scientific skepticism, atheism, and free-market capitalism. He could opt to write a book about health awareness as well. For sure, it’ll hit high ranks in the New York Times Bestseller list as well.


Birds of a Feather actress Pauline Quirke has been shedding the extra pounds for the past few years. Much like how she earned praises and awards for her performance in her role, she also deserves the attention and praise for her outstanding weight loss. She reportedly lost three stones, credits to her new lifestyle. The 59-year-old star decided to change her lifestyle by cutting out sugar and alcohol from her diet to lose that weight off. She also does more exercise to maintain her new physique.

Quirke started to be health-conscious after suffering a series of health problems, including osteoarthritis. Her doctors also warned her of her drinking habit, consuming a bottle of wine every night, which could put her at high risk of diabetes. After years of enduring the wild lifestyle of Hollywood, Quirke will surely come through the discipline of dieting. Though we don’t see much of her now, we are sure that her performing arts school is doing well in honing the acting skills of the enrolled children and adults.


Award-winning actress Renée Zellweger was elated when she gained a few pounds. With her passion for acting, she knew that she needed to match the character of Bridget Jones in the new projects that were coming. She strived to achieve the weight for the role but quickly worked to cut back the pounds once filming was over. As we all know, Bridget Jones’s Diary is a romantic comedy series, so it’s safe to assume that she has done the trick three times: first for the 2001 film premiere, then in 2004 and in 2016 for Bridget Jones’s Baby.

To bring back her fit body, Zellweger turned to a proper weight loss program, the Zone diet. Her journey involved monitoring each food group she consumes at each meal. However, drastic changes in our bodies, especially changes relating to our weight, often become detrimental to our health. Now, Zellweger is back to her old self but with ten times the career success and investment money.


English award-winning actress Kate Winslet successfully gets back into shape after giving birth to her third son. She said having three children keeps and nursing her baby has been helpful. But aside from that, she also enjoys eating what she wants because she has to eat when she nurses. Otherwise, she will not be able to produce anything to feed her kid. So how does she do it while working? She will pump up the milk in between scenes and send it to her husband and son, who are in a hotel. Truly, a mother will do everything for her child. Give Winslet all the credits she deserves.

However, after giving birth to three children while still nursing one baby, it became challenging for the actress to maintain her weight. Because being a super mom means also taking care of yourself, the Avatar actress sought help from professionals to help her get back in shape. She is currently under The Facial Analysis Diet. Since following the diet, she has lost 50 pounds. Amazing!


Ladies went gaga over singer-songwriter and entertainer Robbie Williams. After he found fame as a member of the pop group Take That, he collected fans because of his attractive physique. Sadly, things went downhill for Williams when he failed to maintain his figure. He started gaining weight, which cost him his charm and his fans. Deciding that he wanted to restart his career, Williams sought professional help. He was advised to adhere to a weight-loss routine that combined a balanced diet, regular exercise, and a bit of mindfulness yoga.

Soon enough, Williams was back in the limelight, with insurance companies dying to work with him. The 46-year-old music artist is currently sporting a fresher and slimmer look. His secret turns out to be his newfound hobby—playing golf. Whew! It looks like all the walking between holes is all worth it. It sure gave him that slimmer physique. He also enjoys another sport he got into —boxing.


If you have seen the movies Less than Perfect and Shedding for the Wedding, you should be familiar with Sara Rue. The actress was struggling with weight issues, so she didn’t waste any time to work with pharmaceutical company Takeda, like a company on the brink of bankruptcy looking for a financial advisor. She quickly adopted a proper weight-loss resolution hinged on the right diet and regular fitness routine. Her efforts yielded the desired results, and her confidence has most definitely skyrocketed as a thrilling result.

You could say she turned her life around in multiple degrees, a remarkable story for her to tell. Now, she has become even more popular for her incredible transformation. Still in her thirties, she was able to lose such a massive amount of weight to get her back into a healthy shape. By shifting to a plant-based diet, she has effectively shed off exactly 50 pounds of unwanted body fat.


Valerie Bertinelli became popular for her role in the movie Hot in Cleveland. Valerie enjoyed the smooth ride of her career until she began to gain some additional pounds. Just like multiple loans can put one’s investments on a keg of gunpowder, weight gain must be checked with timely intervention. In 2007, Valerie became overweight, and this caused some friction in her professional acting career. As crucial as electricity can be, she decided to sign up for a weight loss schedule that combined healthy nutrition and proper exercise.

Currently, she has made significant progress in her physical transformation in varying degrees. She is already at 59 years old, so who could have thought that losing a stunning 50 pounds could still be achieved naturally without the help of formulas? However, the actress showed us it was possible. Her secret lies just in the mere discipline of separating emotions from your eating habits as well as eating right.


Not all companies who need financial support ask for loans. Much like Jimmy Kimmel’s unconventional weight loss journey, he apparently needed an easy way to lose pounds without going under the difficult task of those grueling exercise routines. He lost 25 pounds by taking protein shakes and eating a small dinner instead of having two meals a day. He adopted the 5:2 intermittent fasting plan or Fast Diet, which he has been doing for several years now.

So far, the said program has been the most effective for his body type. The way it goes, the TV host sticks to a strict 2,000-calorie-a-day count. Because of that, he had scheduled his meals. For example, he restricts his diet on Mondays and Tuesdays and eats whatever he wants on two other days. Although his investment paid off, on medical grounds, do not try this at home! This does not work for everyone, and you have to consult a nutritionist to do it. Proper exercise and diet should go hand in hand.


If you closely followed Kelly Osbourne’s life story, you would realize that the celebrity has had enough to deal with. Apart from being overweight, Kelly was also a victim of cyberbullying. After her Lyme disease diagnosis and experiencing seizures, she almost gave up. However, she then decided to adapt the U.K. weight-loss craze, called the mushroom diet or the M-Plan. It has been receiving credits for perfectly losing the extra pounds without losing your curves. The M-Plan follows the method of replacing your lunch or dinner with a mushroom dish for two weeks, resulting in a loss of four to 10 pounds.

But just after celebrating her 36th birthday, she flaunted her astounding 85-pound-slimmer body in her Instagram photos. Thanks to her trip to the doctors, who performed a successful gastric sleeve surgery, resulting in such significant weight loss. According to the reality star, it was a worthy investment as the procedure has helped stir her health in the right direction.


Perhaps as a comedian, Drew Carey saw his weight gain as a joke until he was confirmed with Type 2 diabetes mellitus. Playtime was over when Drew realized he needed to start thinking about an insurance plan to cover for the longevity of his career and personal health for his fans, family and himself. Before his career in stand-up comedy, he used to serve in the U.S. Marine Corps. Since his retirement from the armed forces, he used his innate talent and made a name for himself in the entertainment industry.

Sure, he gained popularity and stardom, but his lavish lifestyle got in the way. He revealed he had to change his whole belief system about dieting. With his 100-pound weight loss, he managed to control his diabetes without medication. He also learned that he had to eat right for the rest of his life and not just for days.


Fergie, the hip-hop star, was caught unaware of her sudden weight gain. Well, she had no choice but to gain weight due to her “bun in the oven.” However, the news of her weight still shocked the world like electricity. With the hip-hop star getting fed up with the rumors and backlash, she decided to follow a 1,600-calorie diet by Carrie Wiatt. Fergie followed the plan with determination and hard work. Within a matter of months, she recorded 17 pounds worth of weight reduction.

The former Black-Eyed Peas singer loves her greens, lean protein, and yogurts. She eats her vegetarian omelet consisting of 6 egg whites with sauce, and it is served with two slices of whole-wheat toast and at least 2 tablespoons of peanut butter. To keep her metabolism going, she eats a little bit every 3 hours. It was a worthy investment, as she was able to keep her diet in check. Her advice to women who wish to follow her diet is to consult first with a nutritionist or dietician as diet plans affect each body type differently.


Jojo’s musical journey started in her early teenage years. When she was 17, she already secured a mega-investment deal with a top recording company. With her vast musical talent, the company understood the value of insurance as Jojo was placed on an HCG diet, injecting herself something that would not make her hungry. It may seem like Jojo has just completely abandoned her music career for seven years, but all those times, she was only honoring a contract she had with her previous record label.

Now that the issue is past her, she finally tells her story and shares the secret to her forced weight loss. This investment plan may not give Jojo the sexiness she deserves, but her credit report is capable of buying her all of that stuff anytime when she cared. And now she’s looking confident as she rocks out to her latest hits and doesn’t give a damn what anyone thinks. Truly inspirational.


Joel Ortiz’s story is similar to repaying a long-standing business loan. After the singer’s career remarkably blossomed in 2014 when he headlined news reports for losing 50 pounds of weight. All of a sudden, the tides began to turn against him, and he gained more and more attention as time went by. For an aspiring rapper, winning the attention of a larger fan base is everything and nothing short of amazing in the music industry.

Typical of the proper diet and regular fitness, his weight loss appeared to have shot the rapper from nothing to being the envy of all and sundry. Had he known that weight loss would have such a significant effect on his career, as small business loans would when used appropriately, he surely would have started his weight loss program a long time ago. Today, his new bod got him feeling like a whole different person, ready and confident for his next projects.


David Styles is a rapper better known for his stage name “Styles P” or “Styles” only. His current muscular body was only a recent development after he shifted to a healthier lifestyle of juicing. His transformation story began when he developed a keen interest in his diet, and fitness. As with every journey, there must be a humble beginning.

Styles decided to adopt a plant-based diet. He gives it credit not only by helping him to lose weight but also for clearing his mind, making him a little balanced. It made him feel a little better for his age, lighter, and more energetic. Though we see him as having a tough demeanor, he is actually a man who practices the green lifestyle. This wellness that he embraced seems to have a holistic effect on him. Not only did it cause him to lose weight, but it has also benefited him with a clearer and more positive outlook.


Teairra Mari was a beautiful sight to behold until alcohol addiction, and poor nutrition made a massive turn against her physical investments that she once cherished. Mari’s weight gain was a massive surprise, and in a bit to recover herself, she embarked on a weight loss program. With her size blowing up to over 200 pounds, the Love & Hip Hop star had so much to work on. Thankfully, for her sake, she decided to get herself on a health and fitness journey and to lose weight.

Today, she looks more stunning than ever with her new figure. Even with the cases she’s been facing, news about her physical transformation still is the bigger and better news. Mari dedicated herself to physical fitness and emotional health. After she lost the extra pounds, she gave up her alcohol intake, making her look more centered and gorgeous. Her health also dramatically improved. Now, she could move forward with a clear head, embracing a new outlook in life.


Bruce Vilanch joined VH1’s Celebrity Fit Club to lose some weight. His decision appeared to have paid off with some reasonable degree of weight loss, but this success wasn’t going to last for long for poor Bruce. His followers may recall that he once lost a stunning 80 pounds of unwanted body fat from the competitive stint. As a contestant in the show, he admitted to having the ultimate motivation he possibly could have by his current disposition of being paid to lose weight. Unfortunately for the six-time Emmy Awardee, he has gained all those fats back.

Regaining his lost weight is the least of his worries. He is now 72 years old, and the famous actor can only do less about weight and a fitness schedule. We are confident, though, that he will bounce back towards his weight-loss journey, but only time will tell. However, he still swims often and tries his best to follow a low-carb diet to keep off those extra pounds.


Like some other mentioned celebrities, Debra Giovanni’s 300-pound weight measurement wasn’t a call for concern at all. However, like companies can be wary of too many loans, the comedian considered to re-evaluate her weight after she became aware of the looming risk of obesity and the possibility of having cardiovascular disease. Consequently, she adopted a weight-loss routine, duly adjusted her daily amount of food intake, and added in some cardio work. Currently, Debra is looking much lighter and healthier, unlike her former self.

The stand-up comedian radiates in her new figure and totally enjoys her new size. She is now flaunting her medium-size look and will probably have a hard time looking down on herself for fun. In the end, Debra’s key decision was the only roof repair need to protect her health from suffering any severe damage. With a whole new version of herself, she was at her prime again last 2019 when she released her comedy album, Lady Jazz.


Rumor has it that the My Mad Fat Diary star Sharon Rooney underwent some degree of weight loss program, but the famous actress asserted her weight wasn’t much of an issue to her. Irrespective of her stance, the popular actress, well known for her role in the My Mad Fat Diary movie, appears to be lighter than her formal self. In her recent appearances, you will see that she looks brighter and more luminous. There is undoubtedly something noticeable and more refreshing about her countenance. Her fans and followers can all shout together that “size” is the ultimate difference.

Indeed, Sharon might have been following a fitness diet or watching online classes to shed those extra pounds. Although she said she is not doing everything to put off those extra pounds, it couldn’t be denied that her weight loss is definitely a good investment for her health. She might not say it outright, but it definitely shows in her figure.


Margo Martindale is an actress who is comfortable on all fronts. Whether on TV, big-screen films, or on-stage acting, there’s not a place where she can’t execute her act. However, despite her talent, one noticeable thing about the award-winning actress is her size. However, unlike John Bradley-West, Margo Martindale was very receptive to her fans’ idea of shedding some extra pounds that shouldn’t even be there. After her nomination in the Emmy Awards, she finally thrilled her supporters, following the news that she will be opting for a strict diet as a weight reduction strategy.

With her consistency, the actress now looks healthier in a body less of 20 pounds. More so, her weight reduction appears to be with the help of a low-calorie diet and added more steps to her routine. Let’s say her money management moves and love for her fans gave her the well-deserved breakthrough. She is a truly remarkable and beloved woman.


Not everyone with a finance degree knows much about investment planning. Surprised? That was the case with George Wendt. Everyone expected him to become at least a moderately alcoholic actor after his appearance in Cheers. Things got worse for him after he struggled with food addiction. His weight started to horribly increase to 338 pounds! However, George wasn’t going without a fight as he worked out a proper nutritional habit by only eating healthy foods. With his enthusiastic attitude, the actor achieved a 75-pound weight loss.

Now that he has lost some weight and is finally out of the supersize category, he pushes himself to lose more. George knew there was still much work to be done. He’s not giving up until he makes his desired investment turnover. Now at 72, his improving weight will work wonders for his health for sure. Besides good health, it could also mean that he’d have more chances to work longer in the TV industry too.


Ranging from hobbies to fitness classes, actor and comedian Eric Stonestreet is a bona fide fitness buff. Due to his early interest in weight reduction, the actor spent more quality time drumming. As he hates jogging, he only opts to do weightlifting. Even though these methods might not have given him the expected results, Stonestreet acknowledged their contribution to his weight loss adventure. More so, as the actor turned 40, he grew more interested in making an investment for further weight loss. He also started eating healthy by adding his intake of vegetables and protein.

His incredible weight loss did not go unnoticed. In fact, it has become one of the show’s crowning glories, alongside the notable weight loss of the lady casts of Modern Family. Thankfully, Stonestreet received the criticisms well and turned them into something good and beneficial for his health. After the sitcom, he starred and appeared in several other TV shows and films.


Like a host of other celebrities, Elle King paid little attention to her weight. The singer-songwriter did not really pay much attention to side comments when it came to her overall wellness. Aside from making it into the music industry, she does pretty well when it comes to acting too. However, following the news of her weight loss in the reality TV series Say Yes to the Dress, she thrilled her fans to varying degrees.

Due to her then-upcoming marriage, the actress underwent a weight loss program to look picture perfect on her special day. Who wouldn’t want to fit in her wedding dress anyway? Part of her strategy was alcohol restriction, which she was moderately addicted to. She lost about 20 pounds following her diet. She’s looking great, all thanks to her inbuilt financial advisor. Looking stunning as ever, King does not consider her weight loss as a success yet as it is considered an ongoing journey.


Amber Portwood’s weight loss story is a very insuring tale. Nothing beats determination and willpower, like working hard to achieve a college degree. Amber started her weight loss journey in 2015 by adopting strict dieting and regular fitness. Eventually, she reached a remarkable 36 pounds difference bringing her weight down from 171 pounds to 135 pounds. Amber was ready to give all the sacrifices into achieving her dream body shape, which is a fantastic outlook to have once you decide on starting your weight-loss journey.

Consequently, she decided to go for surgery. Fortunately, her decision paid off. Currently, Amber looks gorgeous and sexy like a princess in Disneyland. Though there is no news about whether she’ll make a comeback with MTV’s Teen Mom OG, Amber will surely find her way back into the limelight. Going through a lot of challenges surely would not stop her from reaching her goals, especially if she’s leaning towards a better future for her children.


After featuring in the show “Glee,” Ashley Fink’s weight rose to a whopping 300 pounds. No doubt, this excessive weight was putting her at risk of different ailments, especially cardiovascular diseases. After weighing her options, she decided to adopt a strict diet plan. With a vast degree of consistency and hard work, Ashley was able to drop 80 pounds. Now with Ashley’s new-found confidence, she should credit herself for going the extra mile.

Career-wise, most know Fink for her role in Glee, but she does have other films and projects too. Though she does not have much exposure after her last episode on Criminal Minds in 2015, it seems that was the last film project she worked on. Though there are no longer recent updates about Fink, it won’t be long until we’d get to see her on-screen, yet again.


Lady Antebellum’s frontwoman, Hillary Scott, made a huge investment for herself and took a U-turn to follow a strict diet plan and a regular fitness routine. After giving birth, she got back to the gym and started working out to shed off those extra pounds. Of course, she might have also coupled it with a strict diet. Now that she looks slim, it gives her a gorgeous and elegant appearance. Thank goodness that she made that crucial decision, all thanks to her inbuilt financial advisor. We could all use her as a fitting example.

As for her family life, she mentioned during her July 2020 interview that she would love to stay home with her kids (following the lockdown protocols). But doing so will hinder her from growing as an artist and as a person. So she did what she does best. Scott picked up the pieces and started working on an album yet again.


Ever heard the song All About that Bass, Like I’m Gonna Lose You, and Better When I’m Dancin’? Well, these hit songs by Megan Trainor hit the airwaves and were even used in movie soundtracks. Despite her successful musical career, however, she received many negative comments about her weight, which is of course uncalled-for. Trainor was mocked for being plus-sized. Everyone criticized her because of her weight, but no one realized that the fast-rising music star would be able to achieve a turnaround in weight.

Since Trainor started her music career four years ago, she recorded a massive amount of success, which justified each of her investments. However, her weight was still one of her own concerns. Luckily, her fiancée came to her rescue after recommending a proper diet plan and regular exercise routine to her. Currently, Trainor has achieved a significant degree in weight loss, which has won her a lighter appearance.


Queen Latifah has always been an avid lover of curves, and thus, she always imagined what the perfect body shape would be like for her. Consequently, she was wasting no time joining the weight-loss trend. And like using investment money smartly, she got the information and achieved about a ten percent decrease in her body weight. Given the money and the resources that she has, she did put in the hard work too.

Although she gave the whole credit for her weight loss to proper nutrition and exercise, it seems the breast reduction surgery that the popular celebrity underwent played a role or two in her weight loss. However, the beautiful actress now looks healthier than ever. With her healthier body, she also continued to work on film projects. Recently, she managed to land a role in Netflix’s End of the Road.


You can hardly talk about ‘big sizes’ without mentioning John Goodman, but he had little attention for side talks. However, just like money loans have their due, Goodman couldn’t take it any longer after he was titled ‘fat funny man’ of Hollywood. He’s been known to be on the heavy side since, but he did change his outlook when it comes to his health eventually.

Due to these embarrassing names, he knew it was time he embarked on a weight loss program. Consequently, he started working out and backed it up with a proper diet. Hard work does pay off. Imagine having to work out 6 days a week, with only a day to take a rest. Well, it may be difficult, but it’s not impossible at all. He remarkably lost about a whopping 100 pounds, so his plan seemed to work well in his favor.


Perhaps, with the presence of Seth Rogen, John Goodman shouldn’t be the only Hollywood star to be tagged as “fat and funny.” After he featured in NBC’s The Green Hornet, the famous actor was keen about losing some weight. His need for weight loss became more imperative after he was selected to play the role of a superhero. For his recent works, Rogen worked on a project called “An American Pickle.

He decided to employ a personal trainer to help him with his fitness while he adopted a strict diet. He recorded 30 pounds of weight loss, a good score in varying degrees. Currently, Rogen looks slimmer and healthier for his career race. With his new physique, he can definitely take on different roles and shoot more scenes with higher and more vibrant energy. As with the others, weight loss is an ongoing process, which means that he does not intend on slowing down, not one bit.


Nobody knew why Jerry ‘Turtle’ Ferrara decided to be a part of the Flab to Fab train. Just as everyone has a breaking point, Jerry never had much concern for his weight until he noticed he was weighing about 203 pounds. This was bad news for the star considering his 5’7 height. Jerry decided to embark on a weight loss program. He employed a nutritionist and fitness trainer, and within some time, he lost a good 55 pounds.

He did share that working out and shedding extra pounds requires devotion and hard work. It does not happen overnight as self-discipline comes with it too. Currently, he looks lighter and healthier for his height. It’s no doubt that Jerry’s financial advisor is to take some credit for his remarkable success. At the state of where he is now, he’s definitely proof that there are no shortcuts to success, especially when it comes to fitness goals.


No arguments! Kim Kardashian’s curves are one of her prominent physical features. They can grab your attention like an incredible investment deal. However, after she gave birth to two of her kids with renowned rapper, Kanye West, she recorded a high degree of weight gain. Nevertheless, it seemed Kim had a deliberate plan on the ground for this one. Not liking surgical procedures, the star was going all natural this time.

After adopting a good fitness schedule and diet, she quickly regained her gorgeous self and received several credits from her fans and relations. This makes it so much easier to “keep up with the Kardashians,” most especially Kim, with her slender figure. As of the most recent, Kim is still in the works of living a healthy lifestyle, as she and her sisters are all for healthy eating and working out. Aside from being a reality TV star and parenting, Kim is also busy with her business ventures.


This time, although he is a comedian, Zach Galifianakis’s big size was nothing to laugh about. Zach’s scenario was like taking large loans with no plan of repayment. However, the comedian finally put some reasons for his fans to smile after making a tremendous transformation to his weight. For his recent project, he worked on Between Two Ferns: The Movie and The Sunlit Night. He also starred in 2 episodes for Season 4 of Big Mouth. Work-wise, there are no signs of him slowing down. If given a chance to work on various projects, we’re sure he’d definitely give it a go.

Like electricity, his new physical appearance shocked most of his fans as they could barely recognize him. In an interview with the star, he credits his weight loss success to restricted alcohol intake and walking. Currently, he is looking slimmer and healthier to mount the stage for more thrills and not to mention genuine laughter.


Alec Baldwin’s path to weight loss was a more surprising technique. All the famous actor had to do was to cut down his sugar intake and BOOM! He lost about 30 pounds afterward. Although his decision to lower his sugar intake may be influenced by some degree of health care, it was, however, a win-win for him health and fitness-wise. At least he saved himself some money by not spending on surgical procedures and drugs.

It just goes to show that every company will look for cutting edge solutions when faced with a difficult financial decision — a perfect analogy for the perfect weight-loss story. To date, his career is going perfectly well as he has various projects lined up. In 2020, some of his film projects are PIXIE and An Imperfect Murder, which he starred with Sienna Miller. As for additional good news, Baldwin recently welcomed his fifth child.


Being one of the most prominent artists in his time, 50 Cent did make it big and dominated the airways during his time. Not all weight loss routines turn out as planned. 50 Cent embarked on a weight reduction scheme to look lean and mean. However, he ended up losing an enormous amount of weight with an impressive credit report. With all the tough challenges he went through, he did his best to cope and bounce back up. Though it was not an easy journey, he still managed to push for success.

Fortunately, his more extensive weight loss fitted him better for the role as a cancer-stricken football player in the movie Things Fall Apart. After the movie, he merely needed a slight investment to restore him to his usual self. Currently, 50 Cent is looking better than ever, thanks to all the effort he has put into his weight control journey.


No doubt, the American Idol star, Ruben Studdard, rose to fame as he emerged as the flooring winner of the popular show. However, after he was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes, he decided to embark on a weight loss program to look lighter and healthier instead of going through a gastric sleeve surgery.

Consequently, he signed up for a part in The Biggest Loser and worked his way towards losing more weight in a more controlled environment. His perfect investment planning decision garnered him a whopping 100 pounds in weight loss, shocking the world and all the naysayers to various degrees. As if weight loss was not his main goal, Studdard still does his best in losing more pounds and maintaining his ideal weight. He did share that it was not an easy journey, but he’s doing very well in terms of monitoring the pounds he shed. Amazing and unbelievable!


If you followed the famous Reality TV show Jersey Shore in 2009, you would most definitely recognize Ronnie Ortiz and all the things about him. Before the show, Ronnie used to be in real estate. However, his love for the show made him appear once more in 2012. He was looking like someone who finally cleared all his pending loans. He was looking very different compared to how he looked on his debut. He opted for a proper diet to lose weight and coupled it with a hard workout. Ronnie might not have a finance degree, but he certainly managed his investment money and time with remarkable expertise.

Though he and Jenn from Jersey Shore didn’t turn out the way fans wanted them to, he did find his way back into love once again. Jenn and Ronnie share a daughter. Amidst his weight loss journey, his relationship is doing pretty well too. He recently made the headlines as he and his recent partner, Saffire Matos, made their relationship Instagram official.


Getting shortlisted as one of America’s most beautiful singers is an excellent achievement. Jessica Simpson’s constant gorgeous appearances thrilled everyone until 2012 when she gave birth to her daughter Maxwell. She gained weight, causing her natural radiance to disappear. However, getting the right home security system after a burglary is all that matters. Jessica was committed to regaining her much-envied body. She quickly hired a trainer and followed a weight loss program, which saw her lose over 100lbs.

Currently, she has successfully restored her charming beauty to varying degrees as the star is back to rock the mind of her fans once again. It’s been years since her pop-star image slowly diminished, but who would have thought she’d have her glow back? Losing more than 100 pounds, fans were quite surprised at how much she accomplished. Bringing her youthful glow by following a healthy diet and exercise, Simpson does look stunning as ever.


The dancing skills of Kevin Federline weren’t enough to get him fame until he tied the knot with the pop star, Britney Spears. The due eventually had kids, however, like steep floorings, their marriage didn’t turn smooth as they eventually divorced, and Kevin was left to struggle with a remarkable weight gain of about 200lbs. Fortunately, his marital hassle wasn’t a match for his desire to look healthy and fit. He finally decided to join the VH1 Celebrity Fit Club. It was just like acquiring small business loans or home mortgage refinance rates at the right time. Kevin recorded a significant degree of weight loss.

In terms of being a father? Let’s just say he’s handling teenage angst extremely well. It was when his 13-year-old Jayden disclosed their family’s situation in terms of his mother, Britney, and his grandfather’s relationship. Instead of adding fuel to the fire, he just said that “boy will be boys” and that there’s nothing more to it.


Melissa McCarthy was another example on the list of heavyweight comedians in the entertainment industry. She might not have all the flare for a regular workout, but she thinks regular exercise and a strict diet program deserve all the credits for her current state. The comedian’s struggle in her path for weight control; notwithstanding, she seems to be currently doing fine and was able to shed more weight to a greater degree.

Like a working insurance plan taking into effect, she turned her situation around. Which is remarkable for a woman of her stature, Melissa deserves all the credit for her own transformation. Putting in hard work on her weight loss journey, she had medical help in terms of shedding the extra pounds. Though her first attempts were successful, she did mention that the first four months were a tough struggle as she starved herself in order to reach her weight goals.


After featuring in the popular TV show Full House, Candace Cameron’s rise to stardom became inevitable. However, she understood that fame and fitness stood at different cardinals when she embarked on a strict diet to curb her excess weight. She started to adopt a strict dieting plan, and it seemed to do well for her. Of course, she even coupled it with an exercise to make it more effective.

She was able to make a fantastic score without having to do additional exercises with her diet. As the credit report of a moving company, the famous actress looks healthier and in better shape. Shedding her excess pounds was all she needed to look happier and more energetic. In 2019 – 2020, Cameron was named Celebrity Ambassador for The Salvation Army. Outside of her life as a celebrity, her contribution is definitely something worth the recognition as she’s been fighting against hunger and hopelessness.


Despite being overweight, Amber Riley was still a beautiful butterfly, doing her own thing with so much confidence, belting those impossibly hard songs with so much ease and hitting those high notes like their nothing in the popular TV show, Glee. However, following her doctor’s advice, she made up her mind to curb her excess pounds. Late 2020, Riley opened up about her weight loss journey.

She was offered several weight loss methods, such as gastric bypass surgery. Still, as an adept fan of proper money management with an intuitive financial advisor, she decided to opt for the means of proper dieting and regular exercise for her weight control. I guess her decision finally paid off. To date, aside from her music and acting career, she also managed to work on advocacies and movements that focus on empowerment and push for justice and equality. Coming from someone with a huge following, she continually uses her voice for the greater good.


Being one of the most well-known artists in the ’90s, Missy Elliot didn’t care much about her weight, and she even championed for body positivity as long as her music career was skyrocketing, and the credit cards poured in. Not once did she care about her body and about what others had to say about it. While her physique had no effect on her confidence, she was soon vulnerable to many cardiovascular health issues, including the risk of dreaded stroke. Thanks to her doctor’s warning, Elliott set herself up for a fitness journey that anchored on proper nutrition and diet.

Today, Elliott is looking as good as ever. While her weight loss was indeed enough for her fans’ jaws to drop open, Elliot made sure to prioritize her health and take further precautionary measures prior to her diet change. Looking healthier as ever, her weight loss journey was worth the investment as it did make a positive impact among her fans.


Jorge Garcia had always been overweight even during his appearance in Hawaii Five O. He kept on landing different acting jobs, including Deck the Halls, Little Athens, and LOST. But the time came that his weight became an issue in varying degrees. He immediately worked on losing weight and hired a trainer and a dietician to help him create a workout that was perfect for his body.

Jorge replaced his unhealthy foods with veggies and fruits and ensured that his intake of carbs will remain low. He credits his trainer and dietician because, without them, he wouldn’t lose 30 pounds. From the initial weight of 400 pounds, he’s already dropped more than 100. Though it’s already a huge chunk of his weight, he still continually works on shedding a few more. Recently, the actor left Hawaii Five-0, which was an ongoing series, and his exit left his fans a bit sad.


Tyra Banks always championed for body positivity, even as bashers continued to send her hateful messages on her weight. However, after some time, Banks was seen much slimmer. She lost about 30 pounds of weight with the help of a nutritionist. The investments she made helped her land new modeling projects. According to the icon, it was her career that drove her to pay attention to her figure. After she felt that her projects were greatly affected, she started to do her research and change her lifestyle. Now, Banks is back on the runway, serving us looks with her mesmerizing catwalk.

Aside from America’s Next Top Model, Banks also hosted Dancing with the stars. She may have come across some challenges in her career, but she was able to rise above them. There were times when viewers called her out, but she did answer them gracefully, sharing, “Every host messes up. It’s just normal. It’s live TV. If it wasn’t live, there would be no mess-ups.”


In the third series of Britain’s Got Talent, there’s a name the left a mark both in our hearts and mind, and that’s Susan Boyle. Though viewers and judges doubted her at first, she did leave them speechless. She catapulted her fame along with her credit score after giving out an excellent performance on stage that earned her fame, money and respect from her peers. She even delivered an astonishing performance in front of her Majesty multiple times after that.

However, with all the success she had on the table, Susan found herself diagnosed with type-2 diabetes that made her conscious about her overall health status. That’s when she pushed herself, cutting her sugar intake and taking a walk for two miles everyday. The results of her dedication came through as she lost around fifty pounds. Currently in her late 50s, it seems like she found a healthier and livelier version of herself.


Kirstie Alley is an American actress who has always been struggling with her weight. She succeeded in losing pounds that she gained in 2005 but gained them back four years later. In 2009, she weighed 230 pounds after she stopped following her weight-loss program until she decided to keep the weight off for good finally. Alley went on an organic diet, and she showed this weight-loss journey in the reality series Kirstie Alley’s Big Life.

She lost 100 pounds and was able to maintain her weight compared to before. Her health insurance premium probably went down because of her healthy lifestyle. Career wise, she did have recent projects that gave fans a glimpse of the bod she worked hard for. In 2020, she starred in Lifetime’s You Can’t Take My Daughter. When asked what her biggest roadblock was in terms of losing weight, she mentioned that holiday binge-eating was the tough part.


The actress and singer, Chrissy Metz rose to fame with her exceptional performance in NBC’s hit drama, This Is Us. She’s one of the premier actresses in the set and her peers in the industry never failed to notice her passion for her craft. With that said, she earned herself a couple of merits including a nomination for a Primetime Emmy Awards and a pair of Golden Globe Awards.

Even at a younger age, she had struggles with her weight control but that didn’t stop her from working her way towards a healthier version of herself. She began her investment in her health and kicked off with a 2000-calorie diet. She then paired it off with an everyday 20-minute walk and the result, Chrissy lost over 100 pounds in less than five months! She may have lost a significant amount of weight, but Metz is exerting the same effort to maintain the weight she lost, stating that it’s an ongoing process.


Ordinarily, the famous comedian Amy Schumer was in good shape, but she needed to shed some weight following her role in the movie Trainwreck, alongside the infamously skinny Bill Hader. Although Amy revealed that the weight-loss task was a somewhat challenging one, the actress seemed to have benefited from it in the long run. She had to report to the gym regularly for several months before the results started showing up.

Currently, she looks just as dazzling as always. Her investment definitely paid off, credits to the movie, and her instructors. With her new look, she was ready to shock the world like electricity. In terms of building her family with Chef Chris Fischer, she previously shared that she’ll no longer go through IVF as she has a difficult time with the treatment. She may have given up, but who would have thought a miracle would come through? She eventually got pregnant and gave birth to her beautiful son.


Peter Kay is an English comedian, actor, producer, and writer known for his stand-up comedy gigs in the United Kingdom. He first appeared on British television in the 1997 show, New Voices. Success followed Peter from then on out. However, in 2018, Peter suddenly disappeared from the spotlight, prompting fans to speculate about his personal affairs. However, reports later revealed that Peter spent his time away from the spotlight to focus on charity works. But what shocked the fans recently is Peter’s drastic weight loss.

Apparently, the British comedian focused on his health while he was away from the spotlight. He also credits his weight loss to the strict diet he’s following and his lifestyle change. He even went on to say that it took him 15 months to completely master the art of walking away from bread and cheese. Well, we sure do hope that he is well and healthy during this time.


If you know the Australian actress Rebel Wilson, then you probably know her as the beautiful plus-size funny character from movies like Pitch Perfect, The Bachelorette, and Isn’t It Romantic.However, you might not be able to recognize the actress that easily nowadays as she recently decided to change up her looks a tad bit. The actress declared 2020 as her “Year of Health” and intends to lose a few extra pounds in order to achieve the healthiest version of herself.

Her workout routine consists of exercises which involves flipping heavy tires, stair sprinting, and battle ropes. But Rebel doesn’t stop there, she also follows the Mayr Method Diet which promotes healthy digestion through detoxification. But no matter what method Rebel chooses to follow, we can all agree that focusing on self-improvement is definitely a healthy investment. In her recent posts, Rebel is often encouraging fans to follow a healthy lifestyle.


Keely Shaye Smith’s physique in the ’80s was good enough to get insurance for, but she eventually said goodbye to her slim figure after she entered motherhood. Luckily, the journalist remained confident about herself despite the public’s negative comments about her weight. Over the years, Smith has lost a tremendous amount of weight (250lbs approx) without trying, as she seems to have bloomed thanks to her support system naturally.

Her loving husband, Pierce Brosnan, has only good things to say about Keely. He said his wife has the strength that he couldn’t live without to the point that he got weak when she looked at him. To date, she already lost more than 100 pounds, and she has no plans of stopping at all. She may have shed those pounds, but she’s been very open about the hard work she placed to get where she is now. A clean diet and exercise are the way to go.


Starting from the get-go, Gabourey Sidibe made a huge impact on the entertainment scene with her strong performance in her past projects. In her acting debut in the 2009 film Precious, she was a main cast member of the showtime series The Big C, way back from 2010 to 2013. She already earned praises from her peers and even got the Golden Globe and the Academy Award nominations for Best Actress.

Not to mention her win in the Independent Spirit Award for Best Female Lead. She later earned a huge fortune from her projects that keep her away from bankruptcy and free from any future loans. With an effort to control her weight and after she was diagnosed with type-2 diabetes, she underwent laparoscopic bariatric surgery. After a successful operation with a mix of proper diet, she managed to cut down 240 pounds of her scale. She’s now looking fit and healthier with her newfound body.


Chaz Bono is one of the most popular American actors, writers, and entertainment figures of our time. Chaz Bono has gone through a lot of body transformations, but his latest seemed to be more effective, as he even had his name and gender changed legally. He had lost a whopping 60 pounds after he had changed his lifestyle, beginning with the way he ate.

In an interview, he admitted that diets didn’t work for him, so he noticed that he really had to change the way he consumed food. He started to avoid grains and starches, so he only opted for meats, vegetables, and fruits. To keep his diet interesting, he prepared these foods in different ways. He might have also used his credit cards to avail of the delivered-meal plan of Fresh logy, which helped him achieve his initial weight loss. He also cooked a lot of different stuff to feed his appetite.


The year 2013 seemed to be a good year for Jonathan Antonie. Aside from winning the second spot in Britain’s Got Talent; with partner Charlotte, he also managed to battle back from depression and lost four stones of weight. The classically trained tenor revealed his mental and physical health changed when he joined the show. The now-25-year-old singer credits BGT for saving his life. He used to be suicidal and deeply depressed that he was already self-harming.

However, things changed when he started auditioning for the reality singing contest. He signed up for Weight Watchers in 2013 and seriously followed it after a year. The result? He managed to lose four stones, making him 16 stones from his usual weight of 20 stones. After this journey, he pursued a solo career. That investment obviously turned out to be successful, with his successful multiple albums such as Tenore, Together, and Perhaps Love.

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