Popular Women From The Past: Where They Are Now And What They Are Up To

Pauley Perrette – Age 50

Known for starring on the TV show NCIS, Pauley Perrette has earned a net worth of $22 million. NCIS was a major hit back in the days and has marked its reputation in the action TV series genre. Based on crime, legal action, and investigation, this drama series gave its viewers a feel of what being a police crime investigator feels like. However, Pauley was reported to have left the set of NCIS due to a dog-biting incident that caused her physical harm.

Surprisingly, Pauley is a natural blonde; she would just dye her hair black to suit her character on the show, Abby Sciuto. Her big bank account provides her with enough money to live a life free from any financial investigation or problems with debts. She can also make wise investments with the money to really set her up for life. This probably explains why she still looks young even at 51.