Amazing Celebrity Transformations: See How They Did It?


Jorge Garcia had always been overweight even during his appearance in Hawaii Five O. He kept on landing different acting jobs, including Deck the Halls, Little Athens, and LOST. But the time came that his weight became an issue in varying degrees. He immediately worked on losing weight and hired a trainer and a dietician to help him create a workout that was perfect for his body.

Jorge replaced his unhealthy foods with veggies and fruits and ensured that his intake of carbs will remain low. He credits his trainer and dietician because, without them, he wouldn’t lose 30 pounds. From the initial weight of 400 pounds, he’s already dropped more than 100. Though it’s already a huge chunk of his weight, he still continually works on shedding a few more. Recently, the actor left Hawaii Five-0, which was an ongoing series, and his exit left his fans a bit sad.