Celebrities Who Now Work Normal Jobs


Gary Dourdan was once a very famous American based actor who was best known as Warrick Brown from the hit show, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. His character made him famous all over the country. It was the peak period of his career. However, after his time in the TV series, the 52-year-old star’s career didn’t really improve. Things drastically turned terrible for Gary as he had a string of run-ins with the law. He got arrested for possession of illegal substance, not only this but he also had issues about domestic incidents. Lately, he even filed for bankruptcy in the year 2012.

However, Gary Dourdan is redeeming himself once again as he is attending auditions to clean up his name in Hollywood. He also proved that he is not just a television actor as he took the stage for the theatrical version of the 2011 movie, Two Can Play that Game, with Vivica A. Fox. He is also a talented singer, doing some live performances over the years. We hope his career to be back on track so that his fans can enjoy his amazing performances again. Till then it would be better if he take advice from a good financial advisor so that he don’t need to struggle again with bankruptcy crisis.