Despite his salt and pepper hair, George Clooney still has a vast female fan base. Over time, he found his way to the heart of the very beautiful and highly successful lawyer Amal, which left many fans swooning over their picture-perfect love story. The age gap of 17 years between the couple is not a barrier to a blissful relationship. In fact, they have been blessed with twins, and their beautiful appearances are a sight to behold, thanks to great genes from both parents!

It goes without saying that this couple is very affluent, and there have been no instances when they had to obtain title loans or other forms of financial lending to help them establish a family. Of course, with a multi-million net worth combined, George and Amal are set for life! These lovebirds have a long way to go, and as fans, we can’t help but cheer for them, as they are one of Hollywood’s most beloved pairings.