Salma Hayek – Age 55

If there is one Hollywood actress with whom we would love to trade places, that would be Salma Hayek. For one, Salma has had a good reputation as an actress throughout her career. She was never involved in any scandals or the like, and we admire her for that. Second, she is undeniably beautiful and oozing with sex appeal. Actually, at her age of 55, she still looks as stunning as when she was 30.

Most of all, Salma is blessed with a good marriage and husband. She can be considered as one of the luckiest stars today. She is married to Francois-Henri Pinault, a man with over 20 billion dollars’ worth of investments. How huge is that? She can only spend all her money taking care of her skin and still she won’t be threatened by bankruptcy. This explains why she remains to look stunning in wherever part of the world she goes.