Take A Look At The Million-Dollar Homes Of Your Favorite Celebrities

Heidi Klum – $24 Million, Los Angeles

A TV personality and a former Victoria’s Secret model, Heidi Klum currently lives in Los Angeles. She owns a home that measures 12,300 square feet with a classic Italian style located at Bel-Air. Klum’s $8.5 million land has eight bedrooms featuring large windows, nine bathrooms, a gym where she surely works out to keep her look, a wine cellar, a children’s playground, and a lot of other luxurious amenities. With her lavish home, she surely needs homeowner insurance and a good home security system.

Currently, Heidi Klum has a total net worth of $90 million, which she can even grow if she invests it right. With this, she doesn’t have to rely on personal loans, credit cards, and such because she can always pay anything with cash or use the money for a home makeover if she wants to add more amenities to the house. Her house features a great view of Hollywood Hills.