The Tattoos Of Your Favorite Celebrities & The Meaning Behind Them

Paris Jackson

Paris Jackson, the second and only child of the late popstar Michael Jackson, emanates beauty and grace in numerous red-carpet events. She is also a well-versed model and actress, who has appeared in Gringo, The Space Between, and Scream. Now 23 years old, she has a lot more tricks hidden up her sleeve. Just last year, she released her first studio album entitled Wilted. The album was preceded by the lead single Let Down.

Aside from these inherent skills, Jackson’s fondness for tattoos is also apparent in her appearance. She has a tattoo of chakras. She claims that these chakras channel energy to her. They are located on the center of her chest and run through the length of her back. Tattoos are a huge commitment, not to mention an investment, but it’s completely worth it for the young actress.