Famous Out and Proud LGBTQ Couples We Love

Sarah Paulson & Holland Taylor

Sarah Paulson and Holland Taylor’s love story is not your typical one. At face value,can’t miss their age difference. Paulson is 47 years old and Taylor is at a wise age of 79 years old. For those unfamiliar,these two are two of Hollywood’s brightest stars. They are award-winning actresses,and they have been married since 2015.This lovely couple allegedly met at a party,and at that time,Paulson was dating someone else,actress Cherry Jones.

However,she did share with The New York Times that Taylor was one the most exquisite beauty she had ever seen. They would later meet again through their work,but their relationship would spark up due to their DMs,over at Twitter. They decided to take their relationship to another degree and finally went out on a dinner date. To this day,they frequently share their love for one another on social media,specifically in their Instagram posts.