Brigitte Nielsen is a model and actress who’s had success over the years. After establishing a career in modeling, she ventured into acting, appearing in films such as Rocky IV, Creed II, and Beverly Hills Cop II. Eventually, she ventured into B-movies in her later years. In recent years, she made headlines in the industry when she gave birth to a daughter in 2018. While the news may be mundane for most people, what set her apart from others was that she gave birth at the age of 54.

The daughter, named Frida, quickly became the center of media attention after she was born. In response, Nielsen ensured that her kid lived a quiet and normal life — she did occasionally share tidbits about her daughter’s personal life. The birth of Frida led to people questioning why Nielsen got pregnant at such an advanced age, which surely put herself and her insurance at risk. Then again, it seems that she and her daughter are living healthy and happy.