Check Out the Cars and Houses of these Famous Hollywood Celebrities

Adele | Net Worth: $220 Million

House: $58 million | Beverly Hills

Car: Volkswagen Sharan | $188,000

Despite only having four studio albums to her credit, Adele has established herself as the voice of a generation. Her $220-million net worth will climb significantly over the next year or so. Why not? She continues to sell exceptionally well. Her songs dominate the streaming charts, plus she has a new residency on the horizon.Adele is starting the new year right by buying Sylvester Stallone’s Beverly Hills home.

Stallone initially advertised the eight-bedroom, 12-bathroom property for $110 million back in January 2021, then reduced the price to $85 million in May. However, Adele was able to purchase it for $58 million. Aside from homes, she also has a thing with cars. The Volkswagen Sharan is the oldest car in Adele’s garage and is undoubtedly the most expensive ride in her collection. It’s a full-size 7-seater van with plenty of safety and entertainment options, all in an attractive environment. Indeed, Adele is rolling in the deep dough.