Amazing Celebrity Transformations: See How They Did It?


By the time she entered Hairspray for her debut project, Ricki Lake had weighed over 300 pounds. While it wasn’t bothersome at first, soon, her weight affected her career, and she decided to change her lifestyle. Soon she joined a program called the Atkins diet, which cost $100.52 per week. Despite its crazy price, it did the job for Lake, who successfully lost over 100 pounds. Ricki started grappling with her weight at a very younger age.

After her film “Cry baby” she shed off almost 100 pounds of weight, and at that time she was just 24 years of age, though she regained the weight again. Like most did a diet lifestyle change, Lake was vulnerable to weight fluctuations. After her divorce from long-time partner Christian Evans, Lake, unfortunately, regained a few pounds. Today, she continued to do work-out regularly in a bid to curb her weight finally.