Little People, Big World Cast: Then vs. Now

It’s safe to assume that most of us who watched television remember the TLC hit show Little People, Big World from the mid-2000s. This well-known hit show followed the Roloff family and the day-to-day ramblings of its members. Interestingly, many of its members inherited a dwarf gene that varies in a degree of different varieties.

There’s no doubt that this series was a huge hit among its faithful television audiences. It was certainly a delight to see the Roloff family try to deal with various issues that come their way. Despite the family’s successes, being television stars wasn’t easy for this bunch. They certainly had their fair share of struggles, which gave their life a contrast from their successes. Here is more about the lives of the members of this memorable TV family:

Meet The Roloffs

This popular TLC series focused on the lives of parents Matthew and Amy Roloff. The show also placed their sons and twins, Jeremy and Zach, as well as their daughter Molly under the spotlight. Out of the bunch, it’s Amy and Matthew that have dwarfism, and their son, Zach, inherited the condition as well. However, Jeremy and Molly don’t have the condition, but we’re left to wonder if they inherited some of it to a certain degree.

As one would guess, this combination of people of regular height and little people tends to cause a ton of complications. There’s no doubt that those complications easily lead to unexpected situations, and interestingly, things got stickier in ways that fans wouldn’t have ever guessed.