Check Out These Celebrity Cars – This Calls For a Special Kind of Car Insurance!

Clint Eastwood – GMC Typhoon

In a past interview with Jimmy Fallon, Fallon mentioned that a lot of people could picture out the director, producer, and actor Clint Eastwood driving a muscle car, and that sounded to be just about right. However, to everybody’s surprise, Eastwood actually drives a truck that is faster than a Ferrari.

He owns and drives a GMC Typhoon, which is now out of production. The car is an extremely high-performance SUV that was released back in 1992 and came with a 4.3-liter V6 engine. Only 4,697 GMC Typhoons were ever made. It was reported that back in 1992, the truck got 5.6 seconds and ran a ¼ mile in 14.3 seconds. It sounded slow by today’s standards, but back in the 1990s, the truck was credited to be really fast, especially for an SUV. The GMC Typhoon also had a brother, a pick-up version called the Syclone.