Celebrities You Never Knew Served in the Military! Some Could Be Recognized as National Heroes

Sam Elliott – Served as a National Guard

Sam Elliott is widely known for his stern reputation and excellent performances in many Western shows. Even today, his performances in various movies is beloved by many, earning him his own Hollywood stood. Before becoming a full-time actor, he was enlisted the army where he became a National Guard in California. While he was not close to filing bankruptcy, this position certainly helped a younger Elliott find a lucrative source of income while also serving his country. After getting discharged, he later starred in Kid and Butch Cassidy. His film accolades include The Hulk, Tombstone, We Were Soldiers and Gettysburg among other big titles.

Clint Eastwood – Acted as a Lifeguard

Everyone knows the iconic Clint Eastwood. Best recognized for his input and appearances in the most prominent Western films, Eastwood also served in the Korean War. No different from a lot of other young man in his generation, the actor was drafted and tasked to provide service to the country, which included acting as a lifeguard. After he was discharged, Clint Eastwood went on to star in a number of other blockbusters—even going on to directing some of the most iconic films during our time. An absolute legend in entertainment. He has certainly created incredible investments in Hollywood.

Tom Selleck – Joined the Infantry

Tom Selleck better known as Magnum PI served in the army for an impressive 6 years. From 1967 to 1973 he became part of the California National Guard in the 160th infantry regiment. Quite a fitting career for the actor! His service didn’t stop after he got honorably discharged from the army, however. Much like a few other veterans on our list, Tom Selleck has taken his investments, as well as many of his experiences to speak out for the Veterans for Vietnam Memorial Fund. He also regularly gives to charities. Needless to say, heroism really runs in the actor’s veins.

Sean Connery – Was in the Royal Navy

Sean Connery is, arguably, the most memorable James Bond to ever grace our screens. With his incredible accent and suave appearance, he commands respect and attention in every role he assumes. But, did you know that this legendary actor was in the Royal Navy at the young age of 16 years old? He served for 3 years but owing to poor health, had to leave the navy and pursue another career path. Working on his health and body, Sean soon became a model and actor. Fortunately, he did not have to start his career with outstanding student loans, a benefit of being in the military.

Bob Barker – Served in the US Navy

CBS’s Bob Barker is the beloved face and host of the popular game show, The Price is Right. Who wouldn’t recognize his voice? Before establishing his career, the presenter and actor was enlisted in the Navy before he pursued entertainment. This was after completing his Economics degree. It was 1943 that saw him become a Naval Aviation Cadet as he continued further studies at Drury College. His time in the military trained him in discipline and enabled him to travel extensively. After his service, Bob found his niche in hosting. His broadcasting and combined military career have contributed to an impressive $70 million net worth.

Pat Sajak – Radio DJ for the Armed Forces

Pat Sajak is a name with associate with broadcast entertainment. His decades long career is not only proof of his talent, but also of how well loved he is by his audience. He might be living a quieter life now, but did you know that he was once enlisted too? He joined the US Armed Forces where he worked as a DJ for the military radio station. He spent a brief period in Vietnam after which he came back home to focus on his entertainment career. Popular as a host on the Wheel of Fortune, he has developed a lucrative career and exceptional credit.

Alan Alda – Was Part of the US Army Reserve

Before establishing his career as an actor, director, and a comedian, Alan Alda graduated with a degree from college and then left for Fort Bening to join the army. It was here that he would spend a few months in training, learning all of the necessary skills needed for the military. After, he continued serving six more months for the US Army Reserve. Once he left the army, Alan pursued his artistic passions and continued to act. To his credit, the actor even won a prestigious award for his performance in the film The Aviator in 2004—proof that hard work really pays off.

Morgan Freeman – Became a Pilot for Fighter Planes

Morgan Freeman is one of those actors who always comes across as “the voice of reason,” and having been chosen to play God in Bruce Almighty, we are certainly not surprised. The actor has never been in the headlines for bankruptcy or celebrity scandals but was a qualified fighter pilot for the U.S. military. It was in 1955 that he joined the U.S Air Force. He became a radar tracking technician. He eventually left the military in 1959 feeling the pressures of sitting in planes that were major targets and went onto follow his dream and passion of becoming an actor.

Robert Fuller – Infantry Management

It was during the Korean War that Robert Fuller joined the US army. This was back in 1953 and Robert was required to serve in the army for 15 months. The actor was part of the 19th infantry and even received recognition for being the top Guard Mounts Soldier, three times in a row! When his army days came to an end, Robert began working on various Western inspired shows on television. His career wasn’t limited to the small screen, however. Fuller would further advance his investments with his big screen debuts including Teenage Thunder and Wagon Train—all quite successful during their run.

Chuck Norris – U.S. Air Force

Chuck Norris is best known for his action moves and his films. While most are familiar with Chuck Norris Memes and his impressive martial arts background, many don’t know that he was in the Military Air Force in 1958 in Korea. It was here that he developed his combat sport skills and earned a prestigious black belt before going home. One of his investments back in 1966 was the Tang Soo Do club in Korea, of which he became a grandmaster. Chuck still plays a major part in giving back to the military community through charitable donations and appearances among vets who have been hospitalized.