Kirk Douglas – Joined the US Navy

Kirk Douglas reached the milestone age of 100 in the year 2016. His career spans across more than 60 years and includes a military background. Kirk became a Navy lieutenant where he served in World War II. He also became a communications officer in Submarine Warfare. It was in 1944 that Kirk said goodbye to his Navy career and welcomed one in acting and entertainment. Kirk’s son and grandson continue his legacy with incredible talent, investments and industry recognition.

Arnold Schwarzenegger – Served in the Austrian Army

Arnold Schwarzenegger joined the military as this was legally required by the country for all men of a specific age group. While he was in the army, he continued to work out and entered a bodybuilding show without the permission of his commander. He did get punished for that and had to spend one week in prison, but it did spark a new passion for the sport and he soon became recognized for his high rankings in shows such as Mr. Universe. He must have a great financial advisor as he has managed to accumulate a net worth of $400 million.

Anthony Hopkins – Joined the British Army

Anthony Hopkins pursued his degree by studying at the Welsh College of Music and Drama in Cardiff. Some might think that it was straight to the stage for him, but at 15 years of age he joined the military and served there for two whole year! After being discharged, he then moved to London to follow his dream of becoming an actor. With a longstanding career, Anthony Hopkins continues to impress his audiences with his academy nominated performances. We’re sure, his time in the military taught him discipline when it comes to money management, ensuring he will never need personal loans in his life.

Tony Bennett – Served in the Infantry

Tony Bennett, just like a number of other actors on our list, was quite young when he enlisted. He was a mere18 years of age when he joined the US army. It was in 1944 that he joined the 63rd infantry division and spent time in France and Germany. He served his time on the front line in 1945 toward the end of the war. Although Bennett’s entertainment career only took off later in his life, he could still afford his insurance and similar payments. Bennett is best known for his hits: I left My Heart in San Francisco and Because of You.

Jeff Bridges – Joined the US Coast Guard Reserve

Whenever we hear his name, the image of a stoic yet sophisticated actor comes to mind. After all, he has portrayed many such characters during his time in the industry. Having built some incredible investments towards his work in movies, he has also received an academy award in 2009. With an incredible net worth of $70 million, he appeared in popular firms Iron Man and the last Picture Show. Before establishing his Hollywood reputation, however, the actor has had quite the colorful military history. Jeff Bridges comes from a prominent family and served in the US army for 7 years Coast Guard Reserve.

Willie Nelson – Joined the US Air Force

When we think of country music legends, Willie Nelson will always have a spot on the last. Not only has he created some of the most beloved songs from the genre, he is also an icon for many in music—regardless of the style. A man such as him doesn’t come without a colorful history, of course. Did you know that aside from working multiple jobs in his youth, Willie was also enlisted in the military at one point? In 1950, he was enlisted with the US Air Force. Despite a lucrative music career, his finances suffered again, and he had to seek credit advice.

Owen Wilson – New Mexico Military Institute

Owen Wilson is best known for his hilarious comedic roles—his films have been certified as blockbusters as well. From Wedding Crashers and Night at the Museum to his appearance in Meet the Fockers, who would have guessed he possesses a military background. Owen made it his mission to earn a degree and attended the University of Texas, Military Institute. Later he and his brothers decided to pursue their acting careers. Although Wilson is known to have a few lead ladies on his arm, he has become the father of three beautiful children. Owen Wilson is also worth an incredible $40 million.

Drew Carey – Reserve Corp

Who could have imagined that comedian Drew Carrey from Who’s Line is It Anyway would has actually served in the military? His military career started in 1981 and continued for 6 years where he served as a U.S. Marine Corps Reserve. It was at this time that he found a passion for making people laugh. He would perform impromptu stand-up shows while in the military and later visited U.S. military bases in Iraq to lighten up the atmosphere and boost morale. Today, Carrey is laughing all the way to the bank with all the investments created through his celebrity career.

Rachel Washburn – Joined the United States Army

We’ve seen a gun-toting Gal Gadot and know that women are just as capable as men when it comes to the military. But, can you imagine a cheerleader turning away from her glamorous life to serve the country? Rachel Washburn was a popular cheerleader for the Philadelphia Eagles and decided to do her part for her country by pursuing a military career. She spent two tours serving in Afghanistan and achieved a rank of Army Intelligence Officer. Rachel also worked hard to achieve gain her rank as the first lieutenant. Fortunately, Rachel has managed to look after her credit and has maintained much success.

Sunny Anderson – Was a Broadcaster for the Air Force and a Qualified Journalist

Sunny Anderson served as a broadcaster and a journalist for the US Air Force. A job that certainly fit the funny yet insightful hostess. We’re sure she brought a bit of humor into the workplace. It was after she graduated from high school when Sunny decided to join the military and this choice was the beginning of her adventures. During her army days, Sunny would travel across the globe and even earned the title of Senior Airman. In 1997 she was honorably discharged, eventually going on to host her own show. These days, she protects her investments by creating delicious meals on the Food Network.