Take A Look At The Million-Dollar Homes Of Your Favorite Celebrities


Even if you’re not really into politics, we’re sure that you have still heard about Nancy Pelosi. The United States House of Representatives speaker constantly appears on news headlines that it’s virtually impossible for a person to ignore her presence and influence.Besides being a politician, however, Pelosi is also an avid real estate investor. Sources say that the speaker actually has a $20-million property investment portfolio spread across nine different homes.

One of those homes is this $2.25 million house in San Francisco. Built in 1938, the home features 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, and a wide basement. Its original red brick walls have also been maintained to perfection, boosting its price tag above its original price. The towering property is clearly a beauty to behold, but not much is known about its interior. We can only guess that the inside is as lovely as its exterior. Hopefully, the senator can give us a few glimpses in the future.