JIMMY CARTER – $167,000

If you’re a former president of the United States, people would most likely expect you to reside in a lavish property years after leaving the infamous White House. That’s not the case with former POTUS Jimmy Carter, though! Instead of buying himself a massive mansion like his peers, the former US president decided to go down the modest route and reside in this $167,000 home in Georgia.

The home is obviously not as grand as the other properties on this list, but it might just hold the most sentimental value. According to sources, the home located in Plains, Georgia, was built by the former president himself. With its wide spacious porch, brick-tile foundations, and black roofing. Inside, you’ll find two bedrooms and a few living areas spread out across the home. While it’s not half as extravagant as the other presidential homes on this list, it sure is one of the most genuine.