Our Favorite Child Stars Of The Past And The Lives They Lead Now


During the 1990s, Larisa Oleynik was one of the most successful teenagers not only in Hollywood but in the whole country as well. People often called her “one of America’s favorite 15-year-olds” and appeared in many programs that decade. However, she didn’t start her career on screen but as a stage performer first. Currently, she is working on kid- friendly series and owns almost 4$ million as of now in 2020.

She has just turned 39 and its worth mentioning that she has maintained her stature through out the years. Her acting skills remained sharped and everyone admires her choices of roles till now. She also outperformed more than 400 applicants for the role of Alex Mack in the hit television show The Secret World of Alex Mack that ran for almost four years. She later decided to take a short break from Hollywood and pursued a degree at Sarah Lawrence College.