Sean just turned 45 and his writing abilities are proven festinating as he often writes articles on different topics based on his inklings. He has good looks mingled with intellect. The teen-oriented sitcom Clarissa Explains It All produced many great talents in the industry and that’s also the case for the former child actor Sean O’Neal. His most popular television casting was with that sitcom as Sam Anders. He got two Young Artist Award nominations in back to back years and he could probably achieve more if he had continued working in showbusiness.

After the show ended, news surfaced that he was leading a boy band in his hometown in Florida. However, there were no records or singles released that had any affiliation with him. A recent picture resurfaced and to everyone’s satisfaction, he is still good looking, but no information could be digged up regarding his whereabouts. There is very little news about him today but we are certain he’s pretty smart with his investments.