Check Out the Cars and Houses of these Famous Hollywood Celebrities

Super rich celebrities take numerous shapes, from TV stars to film bigwigs to entertainment entrepreneurs. Still, they’re all connected by staggering quantities of money that the rest of us can’t begin to imagine. Celebrities have figured out that if you want to make more money, you have to add more value to your assets.

So, once celebrities have earned a large sum of money, what do they do with it? Most of them put money into investments, while others spend it all. Huge houses, a larger-than-life image, an affluent lifestyle, and much more are all part of the celebrity lifestyle. Their cars are frequently the flashiest and the most expensive. They range from the fastest to the most expensive, revealing much about them. They even own one or many mansions, raising the status competition to new heights. Some are luxurious, while others are outrageously pricey. Some have a vast estate with a tennis court, a private beach, 12 bedrooms, and an in-house movie theater. So, we’re going car and mansion-stalking with these A-listers, who have it down to a science when it comes to buying marvelous things.

Adele | Net Worth: $220 Million

House: $58 million | Beverly Hills

Car: Volkswagen Sharan | $188,000

Despite only having four studio albums to her credit, Adele has established herself as the voice of a generation. Her $220-million net worth will climb significantly over the next year or so. Why not? She continues to sell exceptionally well. Her songs dominate the streaming charts, plus she has a new residency on the horizon.Adele is starting the new year right by buying Sylvester Stallone’s Beverly Hills home.

Stallone initially advertised the eight-bedroom, 12-bathroom property for $110 million back in January 2021, then reduced the price to $85 million in May. However, Adele was able to purchase it for $58 million. Aside from homes, she also has a thing with cars. The Volkswagen Sharan is the oldest car in Adele’s garage and is undoubtedly the most expensive ride in her collection. It’s a full-size 7-seater van with plenty of safety and entertainment options, all in an attractive environment. Indeed, Adele is rolling in the deep dough.

Angelina Jolie | Net Worth: $120 Million

House: $24.5 million | Los Feliz

Car: 2013 Lexus LS 460 F | $90,000

Angelina Jolie is undeniably one accomplished and highest-paid performer globally for at least two decades. There aren’t many actors with net worths in the nine figures, but she is undoubtedly one of the wealthiest in the industry. Her net worth is now at $120 million, but that figure may easily climb as she continues to say yes to additional films.With that number in mind, she can purchase some stunning homes she sets her eyes on.

It includes her most recent purchase, an attractive and well-appointed estate in Los Angeles. She owns the ‘DeMille’ estate, with an imposing main house, a charming pool house, and a guesthouse/studio set amongst sweeping landscapes with views to the Griffith Observatory. Jolie purchased it for a record price of $24.5 million back in 2017. Given her degree, one would expect her car collection to be remarkable. Her LS 460 F is reportedly one of Jolie’s favorite vehicles. It is one of the star’s more subtle cars, with a price tag of $90,000.

Anne Hathaway | Net Worth: $80 Million

House: Undisclosed | California

Car: Audi R8 Spyder | $160,000

Anne Hathaway is well-known for her classic beauty, and eccentric characters in films such as The Princess Diaries and The Devil Wears Prada. She has, however, had several notable parts in films and television shows throughout the years. Hathaway’s estimated net is now at $80 Million. Her career on the big screen has provided her with most of her investment money. So, what does she spend it on?

Hathaway and her husband Adam Shulman live in California with their boys. The beautiful property has wooden décor throughout with the Swiss chalet theme and an outside living room with fantastic mountain views. Moreover, the actress also has a collection of insane cars. The Audi R8 Spyder is one of two supercars in her garage, and it belongs to the luxury supercar sector. This car features a silver touch dual-tone paint and an open sunroof. This Audi baby comes with an expensive price tag of $160,000.

Ashton Kutcher & Mila Kunis | Net Worth: $275 Million

House: Undisclosed | Los Angeles

Car: Ferrari California | $198,000

When a Hollywood heartthrob marries a famous darling, the result is a powerful combination. Take a look at the lives of Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis, one of the most attractive couples in Hollywood. Their fairytale romance is even sweeter because they met on the set of That ’70s Show when they were teenagers. They live in a custom-built Beverly Hills mansion, have a garage full of flashy cars, and have an investment portfolio full of the world’s biggest companies.

Few couples can claim to have created their dream home from the ground up. They spared no expense in erecting a home together. They dubbed it KuKu Farms and hired famed architect Howard Backen. There was sure to be a passion for cars there, and they aren’t hesitant to show it. They have been spotted in various vehicles and continue to add new and exciting vehicles to their collection. For quite some time, the couple has been riding their Ferrari California around the streets of Hollywood, and we can only assume that they do so when they want to have some serious fun.

Bella Hadid | Net Worth: $25 Million

House: $6.1 Million | New York

Car: Rolls Royce Phantom Drophead Coupe | $550,000

Bella Hadid emerged out of nowhere and joined her elder sister on the runway. Soon enough, she rose to the stardom of the modeling world and quickly earned her name. With a net worth of $25 million, she soon became one of the highest-paid models of her generation.Hadid paid $6.1 million for her New York penthouse back in December 2019. The penthouse has a private terrace, hardwood flooring, and a floating staircase.

The two-bedroom, two-bathroom loft apartment is 2,180 square feet and lies in the heart of Soho. Of course, with an impressive resume under her name comes a list of impressive cars, and what better way to start the list than with a Rolls Royce. When it’s a rare one, it’s much better, and her limited edition Rolls Royce Phantom Drophead Coupe costs more than $544,000, with specific variants potentially worth millions.

Beyoncé | Net Worth: Est $500 Million

House: $88 Million | Bel Air

Car: Rolls Royce Silver Cloud | $1 Million

Beyoncé has invaded every imaginable sector of popular culture in just 32 years (yes, she is now 40!). As a result, Queen B now reigns atop a throne of wealth. She has amassed a net worth between $420 million and $500 million through her lucrative career.The Carter family now lives in an $88-million mega-mansion in Bel Air. The ultra-modern hillside residence includes eight bedrooms, 11 bathrooms, and bulletproof windows, among other features.

The property is a smart house with all the most up-to-date technology amenities for safety and convenience. The couple chose to put down almost $30 million in cash, leaving them with a $52.8 million mortgage. Aside from singing, Beyoncé enjoys cruising around town in beautiful cars. Her Rolls Royce, especially a vintage Rolls Royce, screams “happy birthday.” Jay-Z gave her the vintage automobile, a beautiful shade of blue, for her 25th birthday. The 1959 Rolls Royce Silver Cloud II is excellent and worth $1 million.

Bill Gates | Net Worth: $138 Million

House: $63 Million | Medina, WA

Car: Porsche 911 | Undisclosed Amount

Bill Gates has placed the “bill” in “billionaire” for decades. For years, the computer giant reigned as the world’s wealthiest person. Over the years, Gates’ fortune has grown, thanks in part to the excellent performance of Microsoft shares.We wouldn’t be surprised that one of the world’s wealthiest people also owns a highly lavish residence. Gates’ house is their most expensive and well-known investment.

They call it Xanadu 2.0 because it resembles Charles Kane’s home, Xanadu. This 66,000-square-foot mansion in Medina sits on the crest of a hill that has a beautiful view of Lake Washington. Some of the world’s most desired and expensive cars are inside his garage. The Porsche 911, his favorite car, was first released to the public back in 1964 by Porsche AG of Stuttgart, Germany. Soon enough, the 911 became one of the most famous sports cars in modern history. Gates’ luxurious lifestyle is indeed awe-inspiring.

Brad Pitt | Net Worth: $300 Million

House: $1.7 Million | Los Feliz

Car: Tesla Model S | $119,000

Brad Pitt has the good fortune to land some of the best roles in a row. He would have had a much higher net worth if he hadn’t turned down so many legendary credits throughout his career. Pitt even turned down the role of Neo in The Matrix, which would have paid him nearly his entire $300 million fortune. However, he’ll continue to be one of the world’s highest-paid actors, leaving us all wondering, what does he spend his millions on?

Pitt is among a group of actors with sizable real estate holdings. His primary residence is a sprawling estate in the Los Feliz neighborhood of Los Angeles. He first purchased a home there for $1.7 million back in 1994 and has since brought up neighboring houses to create one massive estate. The compound has 80,000 square feet of living area and five individual houses, and, like any self-respecting celebrity, Pitt has a beautiful collection of automobiles. He got two Tesla Model S cars, one black and one gray.

Bradley Cooper | Net Worth: $100 Million

House: $4.8 Million | Pacific Palisades

Car: Mercedes Benz G Wagon | $200,000

Bradley Cooper’s prominent degree is not surprising given his long history as a well-known celebrity in Hollywood. His involvement in The Hangover, A Star Is Born, and Marvel films have significantly impacted this. He’s also amassed a sizable fortune via behind-the-scenes work, all contributing to his $100-million net worth.Cooper may live in a lovely Manhattan mansion, but he is a bicoastal actor. He recently bought a new property in the Pacific Palisades district for $4.8 million.

His new home is a gorgeous four-bedroom with a total area of roughly 4,400 square feet and plenty of vegetation. It should be a fantastic summer retreat from his Manhattan penthouse. A Hollywood star like Cooper, as one might think, has a sizable car collection. He has a black 2004 Mercedes Benz G53 AMG in his garage that costs upwards of $200,000. It is a far cry from what the Toyota Prius signifies, but it is a must-have for Hollywood celebrities.

Britney Spears | Net Worth: $70 Million

House: $7.4 Million | Hollywood Hills

Car: Maserati Gran Turismo | Est $200,000

You’d have to be living under a rock if you didn’t know who Britney Spears was. Given her credits, she was previously dubbed “the world’s most powerful star” by Forbes. Thus, a current net worth of $70 million may seem low compared to her illustrious career.If you’re like Spears, a 21-acre villa in Thousand Oaks is what you need.

After a long and successful residency in Las Vegas, the pop queen recently rewarded herself with a well-deserved, brand-new home, which she paid $7.4 million for. It’s like a magnificent slice of heaven in the center of Los Angeles. Aside from her penchant for homes, she also loves collecting luxury cars. Her Maserati Gran Turismo, which she has been driving around in, is maybe her most fantastic car. She paid nearly $200,000 for the Italian luxury automobile in July 2015.