Cameron Diaz | Net Worth: $140 Million

House: $20 Million | Beverly Hills, California

Car: Toyota Prius | $25,000

Cameron Diaz became Hollywood’s darling when she appeared in the hit movie, The Mask. This opened plenty of offers for her to do several romantic comedies like There is Something About Mary, Shrek, and My Best Friend’s Wedding. Through the course of her career, Diaz managed to a whopping $140 million in terms of net worth. However, the actress has decided to retire early from acting and focus on raising her family with her husband, Benji Madden.

The couple used their investment money to splurge on a $20 million property in Beverly Hills. It has seven bedrooms and ten baths plus a spacious yard. This gated property gives them plenty of privacy and enough space to park their respective cars. Although Diaz has an impressive net worth, she still drives her Toyota Prius. This eco-friendly car reflects the actress’ stance when it comes to saving the environment. It is not surprising that she chooses a car that is not that luxurious but contributes to helping the environment.

Celine Dion | Net Worth: $800 Million

House: $1.2 Million | Las Vegas

Car: Maybach 62 | $500,000

The My Heart Will Go On singer, Celine Dion, is one of the highest paid musicians of today and with good reason. She has a stellar career from being a local talent in Canada to becoming an international sensation. Her impressive voice has led her to release several albums that became her source of income for the past few decades. It is not surprising that her net worth today is already at $800 million! The singer-songwriter knows where to put her investments as she has multiple properties to her name.

One of her prized possessions is her Maybach which she bought for a whopping $500,000. This goes well with her private jet as it is an epitome of a lavish lifestyle. It is not a problem since she has been earning a generous amount over the years and can splurge any time she wants. She is currently residing in Las Vegas along with her three children. Her mansion has become her refuge during the ongoing pandemic.

Chris Evans | Net Worth: $80 Million

House: $3.5 Million | Laurel Canyon, California

Car: Audi A8 L |$86,500

Captain America star Chris Evans has certainly come a long way in Hollywood. He appeared as Johnny in the remake of the film, Fantastic Four, including its sequel. Although it was panned by critics, it appears that he wasn’t done with the role of becoming a superhero. He is best known for giving life to Captain America in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which propelled him to the limelight. Aside from his lucrative career, Evans is known for having a good idea when it comes to properties.

The actor put his investment money on a $3.5-million mansion in Laurel Canyon although it seems that the place is currently empty. Aside from that, Evans is also known for his love of cars. His car collection is quite impressive to say the least. His favorite so far is his Audi A8 L, which he is often seen driving around. He is not the only one who enjoys this ride since other stars has one in their garage.

Chris Hemsworth | Net Worth: $130 Million

House: $ 11 Million | Bayron Bay, Australia

Car: Audi R8 | $197,000

Chris Hemsworth is one of the more familiar names in Hollywood. The Australian actor rose to fame for his role as Thor in several MCU movies. Not only that, but he has a long list of box office hits to his name like Extraction, In the Heart of the Sea, and 12 Strong. He is currently married with three children, whom they are raising back in his home country in Australia. The actor has managed to accrue a net worth of $130 million in his active career. For sure, the numbers will go up!

How does Hemsworth use his money? Well, he used it to purchase an $11-million house in Bayron Bay, where he is currently residing. Additionally, he splurged on an Audi R8, which is just one of the cars in his collection. With his income, it seems that he will not take out any personal loan anytime soon. He does seem to be riding the wave of success with his role as Thor. We wonder if what new projects will be coming his way.

Chrissy Teigen & John Legend | Net Worth: $71 Million

House: $17.5 Million | Beverly Hills, California

Car: Tesla Model S | $100, 690

Power couple Chrissy Teigen and John Legend is currently enjoying a luxurious life. This is not surprising as the two has a combined net worth of $71 million. She started out as a model and has transitioned into a TV personality in the hit show, Lip Sync Battle. Her husband is a legend in the music industry with his numerous hit singles and several albums. The pair has been married for some time now and has two children.

The pair recently moved to a new home to support their growing family. They paid $17.5 million for their new mansion in Beverly Hills and it is every bit as impressive as their previous homes. Their investments on real estate has helped them create a jaw-dropping portfolio amounting to more than $50 million. Not only that, but Legend has also acquired his own Tesla Model S car. This is definitely one of the splurges that he will not regret.

Clint Eastwood | Net Worth: $375 Million

House: $9.75 Million | Pebble Beach, California

Car: GMC Typhoon | $29, 970

Clint Eastwood is an icon in Hollywood as he is not only a versatile actor, but he is also an accomplished director. After starring in several Western movies like Pale Rider and The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly, he also became famous for his work in the Dirty Harry franchise. Aside from his signature glare and raspy voice, Eastwood has been working behind the camera as well. In fact, he has directed several box office hits like Million Dollar Baby, Gran Torino, and The Mule, and he is not even done yet!

To his credit, his lucrative career has earned him a whopping $375 million in terms of net worth.Aside from that, Eastwood has several real estate properties to his name, one of which is his mansion in Pebble Beach. Although he has listed it for at least $10 million, he has other properties he has been working on. When asked what kind of car he drives, the actor stated that he is still driving his GMC Typhoon.

Courteney Cox | Net Worth| $150 Million

House: $33 Million | Malibu

Car: BMW Hydrogen 7 |$91,250

Courteney Cox rose to fame for her role in the hit sitcom, FRIENDS, along with co-stars Jennifer Aniston, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc, David Schwimmer, and Matthew Perry. She has also appeared in several films like The Runner, Scream, and Ace Ventura: Pet Detective. Cox’ career has helped her generate an impressive net worth amounting to $150 million. She has been smart with her finances, possibly with the aid of a financial adviser, as she has invested hers in real estate.

One of her biggest splurges is her mansion in Malibu, which cost her more than $30 million. Aside from that, Cox is a big fan of cars and has several in her garage. She knows how to choose well because her collection ranges from luxury to sports car. One of her favorites is her BMW Hydrogen 7, which she bought for more than $90,000. The actress is spending her time in her Malibu home with her family and boyfriend, Johnny McDaid.

David & Victoria Beckham | Net Worth: $450 Million

House: $42, 156 Million | Holland Park, London

Car: Ferrari 360 Spider |$250,000

David and Victoria Beckham are one of the power couples in the sports and entertainment industry. The former football star and former Spice Girls singer have been married for more than a decade now with a brood of children under their care. Although they have left behind their former careers, the two found success as entrepreneurs. David has his own business in the sports industry, while Victoria has her hand in the fashion industry. Both their careers have become lucrative and have helped them achieve a combined net worth of $450 million.

It is not surprising that these two have used their investment money well.The pair has scored several impressive properties not just in the UK, but also in the US. If you are wondering where they are currently residing, you will find them in their $42-million mansion in the UK. This property has enough space for their growing family and their impressive collection of cars too. Both have a penchant for driving around with Porsche so you will find most of them in their garage.

Dax Shepard & Kristen Bell | Net Worth: $40 Million

House: $4.3 Million | Los Angeles

Car: Lincoln Continental | $53, 748

Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell sure know how to have a strong married life in Hollywood. The pair’s meet-cute happened in a dinner party thrown by a mutual friend back in 2007. Though they had some ups and downs at the start, they eventually tied the knot and have been together ever since. Bell is still active as an actress, while Shepard prefers his stint in Top Gear, where he can showcase his love for cars. In fact, he has modified his own 1967 Lincoln Continental! To his credit, he certainly knows his way around cars.

Aside from that, the family is currently enjoying family life in their sweet home in Los Angeles. This is where they have been quarantining together with their child. The good news is that these two never run out of antics, which is probably one of the reasons why they have a strong relationship. They both feature each other in their social media accounts too.

Dwayne Johnson | Net Worth: $400 Million

House: $27.75 Million | Beverly Hills, California

Car: F-150 | $75,000

Dwayne Johnson, or better known as The Rock, has become one of the most popular stars in Hollywood today. He has appeared in several family-friendly movies recently like Moana and Jumanji. But with his massive size, you know that he will appear in action movies like in the Fast and the Furious franchise. Johnson started out as a professional wrestler but his transition to acting has certainly paved the way for him to earn an impressive net worth of $400 million.

To his credit, he earned every single penny as he works hard to achieve his stardom.Where does he splurge all that? For starters, he recently bought a $27-million mansion in Beverly Hills where he is currently living with his family. It is a grandiose property, which should suit this multi-million-dollar earner. Not only that, but he has an extensive collection of cars but his go to ride is his customized F-150.