People Who Became Famous For Their Unique And Interesting Looks

People say beauty comes in all forms and sizes, so whether you have curves or you’re too skinny, there should be no definite rules in defining beauty. In today’s standards, no physical attribute is superior to the other. People have now learned to accept the fact that all of us are created equal, and, as we all know, each one of us has flaws. We’ve learned to lift each other up as a way to celebrate humanity, especially in the aspect of beauty. We’ve also become accustomed to embracing our imperfections.

With that said, it has become a trend to celebrate one’s own uniqueness. The fashion, beauty, and entertainment industries have credited less-than-perfect people as beautiful people. Who would’ve known those with extraordinary appearances could get uber-famous? In this article, you’ll get to know the people who became famous for their unique and interesting looks:

Coraline Jouhier

Coralie Jouhier first thought that her ginger hair and mixed-race appearance would be something that would tear down her career. However, she changed her mindset and used her unique features to her advantage. She started modeling and has credited her mother for teaching her to embrace herself.Jouhier said a lot of clichés about redheads had discouraged her at first.

However, when she and her family relocated to Paris, she started to hear praises about her unique physical appearance, which boosted her confidence. Well, she’s indeed one striking woman, so much so that she could’ve gotten far in the fashion industry. However, Jouhier decided to pursue her true passion and became a chef. Nowadays, she manages her own vegan cafe in Paris.


Anisocoria is a medical condition that is marked by different-sized pupils. Iconic singer David Bowie has this condition, but he has made it one of his trademarks. In fact, the singer had both anisocoria and heterochromia (different eye colors).Anisocoria is a more common condition than heterochromia, and it doesn’t have side effects or other symptoms.

In fact, twenty percent of today’s population has anisocoria to some degree. Anyway, Bowie is proud of his unique features and said it was caused by a minor injury during his teenage years. Well, his exceptional talents in singing and songwriting actually made up for what seemed abnormal in his physical features. It’s undeniable that Bowie is one of today’s most influential music legends.

Ava Clarke

Ava Clarke was born with albinism, a condition that is marked by the absence of pigment. The absence of pigment not only affects the skin and hair but can also affect a person’s eyesight. The degree of the medical condition varies, but in the case of Clarke, she is legally blind. Despite her defects, she doesn’t let her circumstances affect her spirit.

With her mom’s support, Clarke has become a popular Instagram personality with 100,000 followers! Kudos to her mom, who has encouraged her to share her unique beauty with the rest of the world. She also assists her with visual aids every day. On top of that, Clarke was spotted by a modeling agency. Aside from her Instagram followers, the little girl also enjoyed a date with Beyonce!

Bee Melvnin

Don’t you think model Bee Melvnin has a captivating beauty? For a while, people doubted her true ethnicity since dark skin, light-green eyes, and freckles aren’t a combination that we usually see. Still, she admits she hails from Gambia. Well, we think Melvnin doesn’t look like the kind of model we see every day, but her appearance can turn a lot of heads because she’s pretty unique!

Until today, the flooring model stands tall and proud of her physical features. She currently works her way to the top of the modeling world, and we have yet to see more of her in the next few years. Nevertheless, no matter her real ethnic background, the world clearly cannot look away from her gorgeous features.

Bera & Tsotne Ivanishvili

Georgian singer and rapper Bera Ivanishvili, who is notable for his distinct appearance, goes by the stage name Bera. It’s actually impressive that at 27 years old, he has already achieved a flourishing career despite his medical condition. On top of that, unfortunately, he has also received unpleasant comments for his albinism.

Out of four siblings, Bera and his brother, Tsotne, were both born with albinism. However, the singer didn’t let his condition stop him from pursuing his dreams. He also broke barriers when he made investments in his own record label called Georgian Dream. While Bera is the famous brother, there is no shadow of a doubt that Tsotne is also admired because of his being proud of his imperfections.

Cat Eye Syndrome

This young boy from Nepal has instantly become an internet star because of his eyes. People think he looks cute, but most are not aware that he suffers from a medical condition called Cat Eye Syndrome, which is an eye defect that resembles a cat’s eye. In severe cases, it can also cause serious medical issues that affect the kidneys and heart.

The syndrome’s name was catchy and stuck to the common tongue, but it is more complex than it seems. The cat-like eye appearance is caused by Iris Coloboma, a condition that is characterized by a hole in the eye’s iris. Most colobomas cause double vision, decreased visual acuity, and blurred vision. We hope the anonymous boy can have insurance to get his eyes checked.

Cierra Skye

Model Cierra Skye is frequently likened to women found in Renaissance art, and it’s all because of her round face, long, wavy hair, and thin nose. While growing up, she was bullied for her looks, but as she matured, she has learned to embrace her extraordinary appearance. She was discovered as a model at the young age of 14 years old, and her unusual features enabled her a place on the runway flooring.

As a matter of fact, Skye’s physical features have made her a sought-after figure in the fashion scene. She’s a favorite of the popular fashion houses Anna Sui and Marc Jacobs. Apart from modeling, she has many other hobbies. During her spare time, she likes to express her art through writing prose and poetry.

Danielle Kroon

Danielle Kroon’s blue and brown eyes are captivating, don’t you think? Well, her photo isn’t actually edited in photoshop. As we’ve mentioned earlier, heterochromia is a condition that causes different eye colors, and Kroon has this defect. It’s a case that also exists in animals, including cats and dogs.

Kroon was born with this rare health condition, but she has now earned a living from her extraordinary eyes. She was able to carve out a modeling career and gained a huge social media following! Her social media accounts have become uber-popular because she always shares photos of her mesmerizing looks. Well, Kroon is not only busy with modeling, but she’s also busy studying medicine is now close to completing her degree.

Daphne Groeneveld

Daphne Groeneveld has a unique look, which granted her to be named “The Best Dutch Model” back in 2011, only a year after she debuted her modeling career. At the moment, she’s one of the most sought-after models, thanks to her extraordinary appearance. Since she launched her runway flooring career a decade ago, she has worked all around the globe with Elle, Fendi, Calvin Klein, Vogue, Gucci, and Dior, to name a few.

Some magazine editors and fashion experts also consider her as a supermodel, and without a doubt, she’ll reach the ranks of Naomi Campbell, Claudia Schiffer, Tyra Banks, and Heidi Klum in the near future.She is currently the face of the French brand Jean Paul Gaultier and Tom Ford Beauty.

Devon Gallagher

If you take a look at Devon Gallagher’s life so far, it’s easy to see how thousands of people see her as a great inspiration. She has a prosthetic leg, but instead of letting the burden overcome her potential, she has fully blossomed into a person who continuously seizes the day.Gallagher is known to many for her well-documented travels.

She spends her investments going around the world, experiencing the many joys of life. Social media has shared countless precious moments online of her travels with her prosthetic leg. She even uses her disability as a tool to show how far she has gone in the world. The prosthetic leg is typically seen as a chalkboard where she writes the name of the places she visits.