This woman has the American flag painted on her body to show her patriotism and devotion to her country. The 50 stars represent the 50 states, while the 13 stripes represent the 13 original colonies. The flag in its current form was created on July 4, 1960, when Hawaii became a part of the United States.

In 1986, President Reagan gave meaning to the colors of the flag, saying in a speech that white stood for pure intentions, red for courage, and blue for vigilance and justice. He said that these were the qualities that Americans valued in the human spirit.


Before superhero fans claim that Spiderwoman doesn’t exist, they should first look at the comics. Spiderwoman does exist in the comics, and the name is used by several women in the Marvel Comics universe. The first Spiderwoman was Jessica Drew, a woman who is injected with a serum of spider blood by her father to save her life.

Julia Carpenter has also been Spiderwoman, while Gwen Stacey did justice to the role in another universe. Given the popularity of the “Spider-Man” comics, the creators were worried that someone might steal their idea and create a Spiderwoman. So they decided to protect their interests by creating Spiderwoman themselves.


In the biblical stories, Eve ate the forbidden fruit after being tempted by Satan in the form of a snake. This resulted in her and Adam being expelled from paradise. This painting depicts this scenario with a snake drawn across the woman’s body and legs as she reaches for the apple on her chest.

The event has long been depicted in art, for example, in the painting “The Fall” by Peter Paul Reubens. There are paintings in the catacombs of Marcellinus and Peter in Rome. It inspired John Milton to write an epic poem and Mark Twain to write his humorous diaries.


The inspiration for this artwork came from the character Jade from the “Mortal Combat” video game series. Jade is an assassin and spy with a remarkable ability to fight. She uses accessories such as Razor-Rangs (razor boomerangs) and staffs to get an advantage in her fights. The character’s famous moves include Deadly Butterfly, Delia’s Dance and Divine Forces.

In the video games she is a friend of Princess Kitana, who serves as a general of the Edenic army. She is also the lover of Kotal Kahn and has a sassy, self-confident personality, although she is very dangerous for her enemies. In any case, we don’t want to mess with her.


Roxy, an avid Instagrammer, has undergone a makeover to transform herself into Enchantress, an evil sorceress from the DC comics. The villainess uses June Moone’s body to carry out her evil intentions. Her powers include telekinesis, teleportation, energy projection and necromancy.

However, this look is based on her portrayal by Cara Delevingne in the movie “Suicide Squad”. Roxy asked bodypainter Jose Guajardo to help design this look. In her post, she praised Guajardo for the transformation, writing that he did a fantastic job despite not liking the character himself. She also thanks @jonnyknowsphotos, who took great photos of her in the look.


It looks like koi carp are a very popular choice for body art. The fish that are now proudly and happily bred in Japan probably date back to the early 19th century. At that time, koi carp began to be bred for prizes. The fish can be orange, white, yellow, brown and even blue.

It is known that these cold water fish can reach a great age. While the general life expectancy for koi fish is around 50 years, some have lived up to 200 years. One of them is Hanako, a koi that is said to have been 226 years old when analyzed in 1974.


Sports fans of most sports around the world are known to eagerly support their teams and favorite athletes. At soccer games, for example, men have rushed onto the field and been followed by security guards just so they can hug their favorite player. Others set their alarm clocks at the most unusual times just to see their team play in a different time zone.

These two ladies have the jerseys of their favorite sports teams painted on their bodies. Although they support different teams – as their different colored jerseys show – we are happy to see that they can still hug each other with love. The look is topped off with sports gloves in their hands.


When you paint a piece of art, it is recommended to frame it. However, if the artwork is across your body, this becomes difficult. This woman has found a way around this problem by lying behind a frame to accentuate the ship on her belly. What makes this image so interesting is that the sails of the ship are butterflies.

Perhaps the butterflies in the painting represent the beauty in this art. Butterflies go through a cycle where they first form a caterpillar and then a hardened cocoon from which a butterfly develops. This has led to butterflies often being used as a symbol of rebirth and change.


This woman probably had a lot of fun dressing up as Mystique from “X-Men”. The mutant can transform her body into the shape of any other person. Jennifer Lawrence, who played the character in the X-Men movies, doesn’t share the enthusiasm about dressing up for this role so much.

She had to spend four hours a day just putting on the prosthetic body parts needed for the role, not to mention the roughly eight hours it took just to do all the body makeup. Fortunately for Lawrence, the preparation time for her role in the next installment of the film was reduced to three hours.


With this intricate and colorful work all over her body, it looks like this woman could be a forest fairy. She could fit well in a fantasy movie, maybe even in the settings of Narnia. Fairies and elves are interpreted differently in different cultures. In many places, they are considered beautiful beings that sustain life and the planet.

They have even become known as tooth fairies for children, taking fancy baby teeth to leave money. On the other hand, in many Eastern cultures fairies are mythological creatures who try to trick men and seduce them. Their curses are powerful, and the stories about them are passed on as a warning not to trust strangers.