This woman uses her body as a canvas to depict the scenic beauty of the desert and has painted on sand dunes and an oasis. You can see camels walking towards the body of water. Camels are a common means of transportation in the desert. Thus, they are an essential part of the life of the Bedouin nomads.

Camels store their fat in their humps, which allows them to efficiently regulate the temperature in their bodies. This allows them not only to survive scorching temperatures, but also to adapt to the cold nights. According to studies, their size allows them to avoid dunes. They can carry a weight of up to 300 pounds.


This image again shows a scenic beauty, but this time it is the opposite of a hot, sandy desert. It is a cold, icy habitat. While many people use the term desert for a hot place, thinking of a place with dunes and pyramids, it can also be used for a colder place.

By definition, a desert is a dry, arid area with sparse vegetation. There are several cold deserts around the world, such as the Katpana Desert in Skardu, Pakistan. Another famous cold desert is the Gobi Desert, the sixth largest desert in the world, which stretches across China and Mongolia.


This painter’s homage to nature includes a dragonfly and a gray crowned crane painted on her body. The dragonfly is a predatory insect and an agile flyer. It has often been depicted in art and as a human fashion accessory. In countries like Japan and China, they are eaten for their healing properties. In Japan, they are also considered a symbol of courage and good luck.

The Gray Crowned Crane is the national bird of Uganda. It is one of the two crane species (the other being the black-crowned crane) that can roost in trees. It is considered endangered; its population varies between 58,000 and 77,000 individuals.


These ladies are dressed as members of the Avengers, the superhero group made famous by the Marvel comics. Although these characters are originally men in the comics, it’s nice to see a different version of them for a change. From left to right: Thor, the god of thunder, with his trusty hammer Mjolnir.

Next to Thor is Hulk (although there is also She-Hulk), a scientist with mutated DNA that transforms him into a giant, terrifying monster. Then there’s Captain America in blue, a super soldier from World War II. And at the end is Ironman, who can only be described as a genius, billionaire, playboy and philanthropist.


The thought of galaxies with their many planets is spooky. Does life await us on them? Perhaps this thought inspired this homage to the odyssey of space. For this creation, special UV paint was used, sprayed over the body to create the tiny details. Later, the artist could paint on the other, more intricate colors.

A black light is used to finally bring this creation to life. Under black light, the UV color glows and thus becomes visible in the dark. The black light emits UV light that is absorbed by the fluorescent particles. The particles then reflect it back so that they appear to glow.


We’d love some tips from this woman, because we already find it difficult to create the same look twice on each eye; once again, the liner isn’t even enough and the shadow doesn’t have the same depth. This woman is a real makeup artist, because she even extended her look to four pairs of eyes.

She seems impressed with her skills herself as she takes a scrutinizing selfie. There is a saying that eyes are sisters, not twins. It’s meant to teach people that it’s okay if an eye look isn’t exactly the same on both eyes.


This person has painted the world map on his body, and we wonder what map he was inspired by. The map most commonly used in the Western world is extremely misleading. It is based on the European cartographer Mercator, who developed his projections in the 16th century. The problem with it is that it does not show the countries and land masses in the correct proportions.

On many of these maps, Africa is depicted as much smaller than it is, which many consider racist. The Gall-Peters projection from the 1970s, on the other hand, is a much more realistic representation of our globe. We still find this work of art very impressive.


We love that the woman used a cap to hide her head and an accessory to imitate the antennae while dressing up as a butterfly. However, if this cosplayer wanted to be more accurate, she should know that there are no pink butterflies in nature. Butterflies can have a pink hue, but that is mainly because of the iridescence.

For example, people often confuse the elephant moth with a pink butterfly. Nevertheless, there are butterflies in nature in many other beautiful colors, such as the Blue Morpho butterfly with sapphire wings and the Scarlet Peacock from South America with reddish wings.


Dain Yoon is a classically trained painter who decided that the best way to show the world her talents was to use her own body as a canvas. While many painters, such as Van Gogh, gained fame through the artful use of color and others through painting on large frames, Yoon has shown her skills in unconventional ways.

She chose her tragus and the skin surrounding it to paint a very small optical illusion of another face. It’s a wonder to see how much detail she was able to create in such a small area, considering that almost every eyebrow hair is a separate stroke.


This is another creation by Dain Yoon, and this time she took inspiration from the interior of her house. The structure in her house are small black tiles, next to which she poses and paints herself to look like an extension and part of the wall. Of course, since she hides part of her face, she can’t completely camouflage herself with the interior design.

Yoon has a towel wrapped around her head and body and is probably getting ready for a shower. With the amount of body paint she uses every day, she must retreat to the bathroom at the end of the day to wash it off.